History of Russia Part 2

In 1612, Russia was in a state of anarchy.
They called it ‘The Time of Troubles’. The people were terrorised by war, famine and
plague. Up to a third of them perished. Foreign troops occupied Moscow, Smolensk and Novgorod. But then, Russia fought back. Prince Pozharsky and a merchant, Kuzma Minin,
led the Russian militia to Moscow, and threw out the Polish garrison. Since 2005, this event has been commemorated
every 4th November, as Russian National Unity Day. The Russian assembly, the Zemsky Sobor, realised
the country had to unite behind a new ruler, and elected a 16 year old noble, Mikhail Romanov,
as the next Tsar. His dynasty would rule Russia for the next
300 years. Tsar Mikhail exchanged territory for peace,
winning Russia much-needed breathing-space. His son, Tsar Alexei, implemented a new legal
code, the Sobornoye Ulozheniye. It turned all Russian peasants, 80% of the population,
into serfs – effectively, slaves – their status inherited by their children, and with
no freedom to travel or choose their master. It was a system that dominated Russian rural
life for the next 200 years. The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch
Nikon, imposed religious reforms that split the church between Reformers and ‘Old Believers’.
It’s a schism that continues to this day. Ukrainian Cossacks, rebelling against the
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, recognised Tsar Alexei as overlord in exchange for his
military support. It led to the Thirteen Years War between Russia
and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Russia emerged victorious, reclaiming Smolensk and
taking control of eastern Ukraine. A revolt against Tsarist government, led by
a renegade Cossack, Stenka Razin, brought anarchy to southern Russia. It was finally
suppressed: Razin was brought to Moscow and executed by quartering. The sickly but highly-educated Feodor III
passed many reforms. He abolished mestnichestvo, the system that had awarded government posts
according to nobility rather than merit, and symbolically burned the ancient books of rank. But Feodor died aged just 19. His sister Sofia
became Princess Regent, ruling on behalf of her younger brothers, the joint Tsars Ivan
V and Peter I. After centuries of conflict, Russia and the
Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth signed a Treaty of Eternal Peace. Russia then joined ‘the
Holy League’ in its war against the Ottoman Empire. Sofia’s reign also saw the first treaty between
Russia and China, establishing the frontier between the two states. At age 17, Peter I seized power from his half-sister,
Sofia. Peter became the first Russian ruler to travel
abroad. He toured Europe with his ‘Grand Embassy’, seeking allies for Russia’s war against Turkey,
and learning the latest developments in science and shipbuilding. The war against Turkey was successfully concluded
by the Treaty of Constantinople: Russia gained Azov from Turkey’s ally, the Crimean Khanate,
and with it, a foothold on the Black Sea. Peter made many reforms, seeking to turn Russia
into a modern, European state. He demanded Russian nobles dress and behave like Europeans.
He made those who refused to shave pay a beard tax. Peter built the first Russian navy; reformed
the army and government; and promoted industry, trade and education. In the Great Northern War, Russia, Poland-Lithuania
and Denmark took on the dominant power in the Baltic, Sweden. The war began badly for Russia, with a disastrous
defeat to Charles XII of Sweden at Narva. But Russia won a second battle of Narva… Before crushing Charles XII’s army at the
Battle of Poltava. On the Baltic coast, Peter completed construction
of a new capital, St.Petersburg. The building of what would become Russia’s second largest
city among coastal marshes was a remarkable achievement, though it cost the lives of many
thousands of serfs. The Great Northern War ended with the Treaty
of Nystad: Russia’s gains at Sweden’s expense made it the new, dominant Baltic power. Four years before his death, Peter was declared
‘Peter the Great, Father of His Country, Emperor of All the Russias’. Peter was succeeded by his wife Catherine;
then his grandson Peter II, who died of smallpox aged just 14. Empress Anna Ioannovna, daughter of Peter
the Great’s half-brother Ivan V, was famed for her decadence and the influence of her
German lover, Ernst Biron. During Anna’s reign, Vitus Bering, a Danish
explorer in Russian service, led the first expedition to chart the coast of Alaska. He
also discovered the Aleutian Islands, and later gave his name to the sea that separates
Russia and America. After Anna’s death, her infant grand-nephew,
Ivan VI, was deposed by Peter the Great’s daughter, Elizabeth. Ivan VI spent his entire life in captivity,
until aged 23, he was murdered by his guards during a failed rescue attempt. Elizabeth, meanwhile, was famed for her vanity,
extravagance, and many young lovers. But she was also capable of decisive leadership:
in alliance with France and Austria, Elizabeth led Russia into the Seven Years War against
Frederick the Great of Prussia. The Russian army inflicted a crushing defeat
on Frederick at the Battle of Kunersdorf, but failed to exploit its victory. Meanwhile in St.Petersburg, the Winter Palace
was completed at vast expense. It would remain the monarch’s official residence, right up
until the Russian Revolution of 1917. Peter III was Peter the Great’s grandson by
his elder daughter Anna Petrovna, who’d died as a consequence of childbirth. Raised in Denmark, Peter spoke hardly any
Russian, and greatly admired Russia’s enemy, Frederick the Great – so he had Russia swap
sides in the Seven Years War, saving Frederick from almost certain defeat. Peter’s actions angered many army officers.
And he’d always been despised by his German wife, Catherine. Together they deposed Peter III, who died
a week later in suspicious circumstances. His wife Catherine became Empress of Russia.
Her reign would be remembered as one of Russia’s most glorious…

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  • Beard tax lol

  • In fact Polish prince, Wladyslaw IV Waza was elected by russian nobles (boyars) as Russian Tzar and he ruled Russia 1610-1613.
    If he had converted to orthodox, probably Poland-Lithuania (Rzeczpospolita) would have ruled Russia next hundred years.

    BTW during history only 3 times Moscow has been captured by others: Mongols, Poles, French.

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  • The Greatest country in the world until 1917, then it was good too though, but after 1991 it is a piece of shit which one has nothing of production or brands nowadays. Only military power… Sorry for mistakes (I'm from Russia)

  • Actually, thre serfs could change their master at will. However, there were rules about that, such as that a peasant could leave only at a certain time of the year. As time passed this window became smaller and smaller, ultimately becoming a single day. And even that was removed by Catherine II.

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  • Peter I was the Georgian king's Heraclus I 's( Nazaralikhan) son

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  • All the Ukraine/Russia discussion is a shame. Ukraine's border was formed from parts of Romania, Poland, Austro-Hungary and Russian territory. It was formed under the USSR and be glad it was, it's a great country. Why there is so much animosity between the two peoples is also a shame. Apart from the Western part of Ukraine who thought differently during WW2 and wanted to side with Hitler and presently think the EU is the way to go (not) the cultures are very similar and I firmly believe they should be together, rather than kissing the ass of the US Government who have no genuine interest and are using them. The consequences of this are dire and it's a shame, as Ukraine doesn't deserve this. The Ukraine government decided this and one of the reasons for sure is because of a Russophobia and many people (in the West mainly) who still have the mindset that Russia is still Stalinism mentality. A great pity and I genuinely hope they will steer a path to a better understanding with Russia before the country is ruined by the CIA/US Government agenda.

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  • CZAR, CSAR, TSAR, or TZAR is still CAESAR !!!! Around 500 AD, a local Russian ruler claimed that he was descended from the brother of Octavian Octavius (AKA Augustus Caesar).What brother ?? Augustus had a sister,Octavia. He ordered the people to call him Csar. Kaiser in German.

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    But as i see ths info is missing even on English version of Wikipedia.

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    Absolutely different approach to nobles , that had right to buy people , but they were responsible for their wellbeing, and nobles were under command of tzar
    – it’s very different from real slaves at the west. Lenin was the first to gave women’s rights , USSR gave freedom to homosexuals by Lenin decree, only after his death Stalin , Georgian origin , reinstated ,, as a criminal offence . Education and other were very exaggerated, as first Romanov was cuisine of the Ivan the Terrible , that directly connected to Roman Empire ,or Byzantine consequently they had Black Sea , only after Turks destroying Byzantine, before west didn’t even don’t know how to wash themselves!

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  • Sweden and Poland got what they deserved in WW2 for invading Russia first, indeed. The Germanic tribes were not given Europe. The Germans and French, British, etc, stole Europe. Greece gave birth to Europe and raised Europe. The Romans looted Europe and copied everything Greek. Even the United States call themselves western civilization. But, their not. The only real Europe & western country is Greece, indeed.

  • Sweden and Poland got what they deserved in WW2 for invading Russia first, indeed. The Germanic tribes were not given Europe. The Germans and French, British, etc, stole Europe. Greece gave birth to Europe and raised Europe. The Romans looted Europe and copied everything Greek. Even the United States call themselves western civilization. But, their not. The only real Europe & western country is Greece, indeed.

  • Sweden and Poland got what they deserved in WW2 for invading Russia first, indeed. The Germanic tribes were not given Europe. The Germans and French, British, etc, stole Europe. Greece gave birth to Europe and raised Europe. The Romans looted Europe and copied everything Greek. Even the United States call themselves western civilization. But, their not. The only real Europe & western country is Greece, indeed.

  • Sweden and Poland got what they deserved in WW2 for invading Russia first, indeed. The Germanic tribes were not given Europe. The Germans and French, British, etc, stole Europe. Greece gave birth to Europe and raised Europe. The Romans looted Europe and copied everything Greek. Even the United States call themselves western civilization. But, their not. The only real Europe & western country is Greece, indeed.

    There will be no Olympic and Panathenaic, there will not be greener and blue, there will not be poor and rich. There will be only GREEK and disbelieving … And you will simply choose which part you will get … The day is near sister .. I wish you, keep your mind clean and your body trained…

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    I did not see the name of my country there, i did not see the Lands that we used to have by our great Khans and Tsars…
    To the guy who made the video Please tell me where you got that information from and why the F you did not mention anything about the 1st and 2nd Bulgarian Empire also about the alphabet that we have to Russia and other slavic states and that we gave to Russia oldbulgarian orthodox christianity….

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  • Ukranians (except west ukranians) are Russians of Small Russia. Russians of both Russias – Small and Greater – are ethnically one nation, divided due to random circumstanses and ethnically wrong communist inner division of USSR, made by revolutionary Jews after Civil war. Before bolshevicks administrative system of USSR there was no such nation as Ukranians/ since 10 century was only Russians of Small, White and Greater Russia.. Like in Poland exists Small (Lessier) and greater Poland, but one nation – Poles.
    Also Rus' and Russia are modifications of ONE name, which differs from each other like France and Francia. Rus' is endonym for Russia (Rus +Greek-Latin suffix "-ia")/ Last variant is official greek orthodox literation of self-name Rus' . Such terms as "Kievan" Rus were artificially invented for needs of historians classifications in 19 century. Instead Kievan Rus' since 14-15 centuries used Malaya Rus (Small Russia) as well as for Vladimir-Suzdal or Moscow Russia used term Velikaya Rus (Greater Russia)/ Ukraine is not Kievan Rus' or Small Russia/ Its just border territory (krai, kraina, ukraina) where lived Zaporozhian Cossacks (=ukranians). Btw to call the Russians of Small Russia as "Ukranians" =Zaporozhians is the same nonsense as to call the rest Russians as "Don Cossacks"

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  • Bull shit !!!! Since the year 2005, Russians are celebrating a BRAND NEW so-called "Russian National Unity Dat" ???? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, …….. ))))) Their new "tsar", former head of the KGB, comrade Putin, had to give them quickly … something to "celebrate" … just because the memorial day of the starting of Bolshevik revolution in the year of 1917 (October=November) just …… vaporized and instantly had vanished, together with the theoretical collapse of the Soviet Union (CCCP). So …. Putin just made it up instantly for the "proud nation", just a BRAND NEW "statutory "holiday" !!!!! The stat holiday ….. which was NEVER existed before, during the whole past history of Imperial Russia or the Soviet Union !!!! Comrade PUTIN just made it up for political reason, and made it fast !!!!

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