History of Russia Part 1

For thousands of years, the lands known today
as Russia and Ukraine were inhabited by nomadic tribes and mysterious Bronze Age cultures. The only record they left were their graves.
In the great open grasslands of the south, the steppe, they buried their chieftains beneath
huge mounds called kurgans. The Ancient Greek historian Herodotus called
these people ‘Scythians’. Their lands were overrun by the same nomadic
warriors who brought down the Roman Empire. The land was then settled by Slavs. They shared
some language and culture, but were divided into many different tribes. Vikings from Scandinavia, known in the east
as Varangians, rowed up Russia’s long rivers on daring raids and trading expeditions. According to legend, the East Slavs asked
a Varangian chief named Rurik to be their prince and unite the tribes. He accepted and
made his capital at Novgorod. His dynasty, the Rurikids, would rule Russia for 700 years.
His people called themselves the Rus, and gave their name to the land. Rurik’s successor, Oleg, captured Kiev, making
it the capital of a new state, Kievan Rus. A century later, seeking closer ties with
the Byzantine Empire to the south, Vladimir the Great adopted their religion, and converted
to Orthodox Christianity. He is still venerated today as the man who
brought Christianity to Ukraine and Russia. Yaroslav the Wise codified laws and conquered
new lands. His reign marked the golden age of Kievan Rus. It was amongst the most sophisticated
and powerful states in Europe. But after Yaroslav’s death his sons fought
amongst themselves. Kievan Rus disintegrated into a patchwork of feuding princedoms…
just as a deadly new threat emerged from the east. The Mongols under Genghis Khan had overrun
much of Asia. Now they launched a great raid across the Caucasus Mountains, and defeated
the Kievan princes at the Battle of the Kalka River, but then withdrew. 14 years later, the Mongols returned. A gigantic
army led by Batu Khan overran the land. Cities that resisted were burnt, their people slaughtered. The city of Novgorod was spared because it
submitted to the Mongols. Its prince, Alexander Nevsky, then saved the city again, defeating
the Teutonic Knights at the Battle of the Ice, fought above a frozen lake. He remains one of Russia’s most revered heroes. The Mongols ruled the land as conquerors.
Their new empire was called the Golden Horde, ruled by a Khan from his new capital at Sarai. The Rus princes were his vassals. They were
forced to pay tribute or suffer devastating reprisal raids. They called their oppressors
‘Tatars’ – they lived under ‘the Tatar yoke’. Alexander Nevsky’s son, Daniel, founded the
Grand Principality of Moscow, which quickly grew in power. Under the great Uzbeg Khan, the Tatars converted
to Islam. A rising power, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania,
defeated the Tatars at the Battle of Blue Waters, and conquered Kiev. 18 years later, Dmitri Donskoi, Grand Prince
of Moscow, also defeated the Tartars… at the great Battle of Kulikovo Field. After years of infighting, the Golden Horde
now began to disintegrate into rival khanates. Constantinople, capital and last outpost of
the once-great Byzantine Empire, fell to the Turkish Ottoman Empire. Some hailed Moscow as the ‘Third Rome’, the
seat of Orthodox Christian faith, now Rome and Constantinople had fallen. Meanwhile, the Grand Princes of Moscow continued
to expand their power, annexing Novgorod, and forging the first Russian state. At the Ugra River, Ivan III of Moscow faced
down the Tatar army and forced it to retreat. Russia had finally cast off the ‘Tatar yoke’. Under Grand Prince Vasili III, Moscow continued
to grow in size and power. His son, Ivan IV, was crowned the first Tsar
of Russia. He would be remembered as Ivan the Terrible. Ivan conquered Tatar lands in Kazan and Astrakahan,
but was defeated in the Livonian War by Sweden and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Ivan’s modernising reforms gave way to a reign
of terror and mass executions, fuelled by his violent paranoia. Russia was still vulnerable. Raiders from
the Crimean Khanate were able to burn Moscow itself. But the next year Russian forces routed
the Tatars at Molodi, just south of the city. Cossacks now lived on the open steppe, a lawless
region between three warring states. They were skilled horsemen who lived freely, and
were often recruited by Russia and Poland to fight as mercenaries. Ivan the Terrible’s own son, the Tsarevich,
fell victim to one of his father’s violent rages – bludgeoned to death with the royal
sceptre. The Cossack adventurer Yermak Timofeyevich
led the Russian conquest of Siberia, defeating Tatars and subjugating indigenous tribes. In the north, Archangelsk was founded, for
the time being Russia’s only sea-port linking it to western Europe, though it was icebound
in winter. Ivan the Terrible was succeeded by his son
Feodor I, who died childless. It was the end of the Rurikid dynasty. Ivan’s advisor Boris
Godunov became Tsar. But after his sudden death, his widow and teenage son were brutally
murdered, and the throne seized by an impostor claiming to be Ivan the Terrible’s son. He
too was soon murdered. Russia slid into anarchy, the so-called ‘Time
of Troubles’. Rebels and foreign armies laid waste to the land, and the population was
decimated by famine and plague. Polish troops occupied Moscow; Swedish troops
seized Novgorod. The Russian state seemed on the verge of extinction. If you liked this video, why not visit Epic
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  • Rostov erroneously indicated northwest of Vladimir

  • Russia is not Russ! Russia – the heiress of the Golden Horde! 
    Moscow Russia is Ulus of Jochi or a Golden Horde. Ivan the Terrible destroyed The Great Novgorod republic killing mostly all population. Kyiv is 400 years older Novgorod the Great. Novgorod republic invited and expelled prince by peoples open voting no matter it was vikings or prince Alexander a Yaroslav's son. Slavonic Rus was situated on the territory of contemporary Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Poland and European part of contemporary Russia.
    read books or listen to real historians

  • At last some history about the biggest country in size at least in the whole world !!!!

  • Since Yaroslav period showed fake history. Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Suzdal there were Finn-Hungary speaking territory. So even Alexander Nevsky was a brother of Sartak, sun of Batu Han. Since Mongolian period and till Petr 1 died all Moskovia was under Tartarian management even Petr 1 was in charge to pay Krym Tartarian as vassal. All history of Russia is fake cos was re-wrote after German Queen of Petr 1 has started to manage Russia. Just looks at the traveling of Wilhelm von Rubruk to the Mongolia-Tartarian Batu Han where was explained that Moscow was not settled yet that time but was created by Mengu Timor Han in 1273 year only

  • Brilliant channel. Thank you.

  • Russians apears in 17th sentury after Peter #1 named country known as "Moskovia" into "Russia", that was the Greek for "rus". For many long years all the Europian maps held the name of the country as "moskow", or "tartar" (hell). And Ukraine was known as "Ukraine – Rus".

  • Galytsia was polygon for creation (under the control of the Austro-Hungarian secret police) the Galician nationalist ideology. After revolution with bolsheviks help, this criminal ideology was expanded to Malaya Rus with 1) replacing true sense of Ukraine by perverted meaning in the context of the Galician ideology 2) replacing the term Small Russia (Malorossija) by term Ukraine with falsely twisted Galitsian meaning. This led to formation of pseudonation "Ukrainians" and split of Russian people into artificial halves along the borders of administrative structures created by the bolshevicks. Thats why galitsians are the main criminals and invaders on the territory of Ukraine (or more correctly – Small Russia)

  • 6:40
    This is a questionable episode of russian history. There is no clear evidence, that Ivan killed his son, you should name other versions, when you are talking about this topic.

  • It's not Russia history … It's Ruthland history… Russia history start with the Muscovite principality. Kiev Russia Ukrainian history…

  • Your video is theory, not true. Dislike for desinformation.

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  • That's not true, I as a Slav I know that half of the facts are stuff and nonsense, we were always a free people do not believe, check the facts, and when we were baptized it was a mistake.. Бред бредовый)

  • The history of Russia shown by the Russians. They want that's how they perceived them in the west. Typical Soviet propaganda. They might as well have told Russian fairy tales about their country…

  • Ukranians (except west ukranians) are Russians of Small Russia. Russians of both Russias – Small and Greater – are ethnically one nation, divided due to random circumstanses and ethnically wrong communist inner division of USSR, made by revolutionary Jews after Civil war. Before bolshevicks administrative system of USSR there was no such nation as Ukranians/ since 10 century was only Russians of Small, White and Greater Russia.. Like in Poland exists Small (Lessier) and greater Poland, but one nation – Poles.
    Also Rus' and Russia are modifications of ONE name, which differs from each other like France and Francia. Rus' is endonym for Russia (Rus +Greek-Latin suffix "-ia")/ Last variant is official greek orthodox literation of self-name Rus' . Such terms as "Kievan" Rus were artificially invented for needs of historians classifications in 19 century. Instead Kievan Rus' since 14-15 centuries used Malaya Rus (Small Russia) as well as for Vladimir-Suzdal or Moscow Russia used term Velikaya Rus (Greater Russia)/ Ukraine is not Kievan Rus' or Small Russia/ Its just border territory (krai, kraina, ukraina) where lived Zaporozhian Cossacks (=ukranians). Btw to call the Russians of Small Russia as "Ukranians" =Zaporozhians is the same nonsense as to call the rest Russians as "Don Cossacks"

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  • Ivan IV had Not killed his son. It is myth which became popular due to the famous picture

  • It's not true. The Russians accept the Orthodox Church from Ohrid Macedonian church, not Bissantion

  • History of Russia in three. Ruled by inbred so called blue bloods who robbed the country and cared nothing for the people. Then run by so called socialists who robbed the country and hated and murdered the people. Now run by a right wing murderer who has robbed the country and kills off any opposition. Poor Russians. Never had a chance.

  • Rus are the Serbs

  • Kurgan Culture is Turkic Nation a Tradition. Russia old and southeast region places old Turkish people lived there still The Turks live in there but to be Russian Slavic nation so assimilated. I'm a Turk so they dont accept my historical information because its very dangerous for them also for Europeans. The world's Biggest countries founder the Turks you can see every Russian Steppes,Middle Asia,Anatolia,East Europe,Balkans also in China our origin is from in Altai mountain with Siberia-Baikal Lake-Irkutsk like this place. I'm a historian searcher and all the Turks dont have got the same face and skin options because they lived in all of the countries and the georgraphy can change their faces.

  • If timur didnt defeat golden horde, now russia wouldnt exist

  • Has any nation ever been able to endure suffering like the Russians?

  • Age of Empires in 8 minutes

  • Oh, man, is not Russia! This is a Kievan Rus. Kievan Rus ≠ Russia. Make no more mistakes please. P.S Hello from Belarus.

  • Why are we told so many lies about Russia their like 2nd to the Jews as the most hated white race amongst the Whites it baffles me

  • Novgorod > Kiev


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  • Bull shit !!!! Since the year 2005, Russians are celebrating a BRAND NEW so-called "Day of Unity" ???? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, …….. ))))) Their new "tsar", former head of the KGB, comrade Putin, had to give them quickly … something to "celebrate" … just because of the memorial day of the starting of Bolshevik revolution in the year of 1917 (October=November) just …… vaporized and instantly had vanished, together with the theoretical collapse of the Soviet Union (CCCP). So …. Putin just made it up instantly for the "proud nation", just a BRAND NEW "statutory "holiday" !!!!! The stat holiday ….. which was NEVER existed before, during the whole past history of Imperial Russia or Soviet Union !!!! Comrade PUTIN just made it up for political reason !!!!

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  • Sounds like Skyrim lore

  • So tatars are basically Mongols and russians are basically Vikings 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • amazing!!, voice + presentation = 10/10

  • So basically Russia's origin and founding fathers are really the Scandinavians and Germans?

  • Modern German is a Roman invention while modern Russian language is a Greek invention.
    Russia 2qs inhabitants were of BaltoSlavic ane FinoUrgic backround.Unitl the Kievan Russ migrated to Kiev.Much like the Anglo Saxons who escaped Charlemagne and migrated to Celtic Belritissh islands.94 Frankins that k8grqted into Gaulic French

  • There are two versions of this part of history: 1:43.

  • A funny commentator even knows where Moscow is. And where is Mongolia today it is impossible to drive so far without equipment?

  • Смесь истории, пропаганды и выдумки. Ну хоть так.

  • We still in Persian language, call Russians "rus" 😀

  • This is basically a summary of the Russian history as it has been told at Soviet/Russian schools. Some parts of it, especially about Alexander Nevski, can be questioned. Still, it s a worthy overview for a beginner.

  • This is not real history, there are a lot fake so called facts

  • Do not use rusia word, we are ruski , they are bastard's

  • And it was no russia, was Moscow's kingd m

  • Freedom was so close to eastern Europe, so close! Every time I play Poland in EU4, I exterminated Russia at my first opportunity.

  • This is wrong histori. Author is great liar. Reed a real books. Don’t see a shit. (Sorry for my English )

  • That’s why
    We Afghan called Russian

  • Mongols are the best conquerors

  • Moscow pay criem tatar 17 centuri! Kazakh kill Ermak! Ermak not russian his turks! Kalke war fake because Mamay not Khan, and he want get power Golden Horde, ukraine and turks ( tatars) Mamay Army vs russian and turks ( tatar) Khan Tohtamish

  • This is the fake history. russia not a rus! Moscow Kingdom was renamed by Petro I at 1721 in RUSsia because he believed that great history and heir of Kievan Rus was better that small kingdom without history.
    Rus not a russia and was never not involved to the Kievan rus!

  • Excellent job.

  • Ruriki vlast 700

  • Spoiler: Russia survived and defeated everyone).

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  • >doesnt mention the uralic peoples

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  • The western elite intellectuals don't want rest of us esp Europeans to learn history of East Europe and Russia coz that would put an end to their propaganda of how Immigrants are poor lambs, how multiculturalism is good etc. Eastern Europe and Russia stood to Islamist expansion hence are averse to muslim immigrants and they also know how native converts to islam turn against their nations. Besides "multiculture" I'm these areas resulted in long civil wars which can be only lessen with a common nationalist identity which rich western leftists don't want. Also leftist propanganda won't mention communists themselves put minorities in tight control eg- Soviet union, Cambodia, China etc. Filthy rich leftists and media with their minions are trying to destroy nations while living in their walled gated communities and they will flee to safer countries when any trouble comes to their doors. The rest of us have to deal with shit.

  • Россия это прекрасная страна . Нужно приехать в Москву и увидеть Россию

  • 0:00–3:00 Its a history of Kievan Rus (Ukraine) not a Russia (Muscovy).

  • >988

  • What a full of crap is this.The information you are spreading is not true.Not the Byzantines gave their religion as a orthodox.Bulgarians did,because the Bizantines refused when asked.Alphabet,religion is all spread by Bulgarians.Three of the Russian pathriarhs are Bulgarians send by Preslav orthodox school.What a stupid information.Bet it right guys.

  • It is a very high level overview missing quite a few important details.. which makes it rather incomplete and misleading. A good attempt but can't really fit history of Russia in 15 min video..

  • Про какую украину тут речь?

  • this is confederate garbage

  • Communism is just little part of our history. Did you knew that, stupid Yankees?

  • Polish Moscow-i liked a lot 1610

  • Kievan rus.🤦🤦🤦 Alternative story.
    M. A. Maksimovich in his work “Where the Russian Land Comes from” (1837). One of the first to use this term.

  • Funny how history works out

    Back then strength and violence reigned. Now it is intelligence, money, and connections.

    Yet is brutal violence amy less relevant? Is it not still more relevant than anything else?

    I wish our society could merge these ways of thought. I like how we are now but sometimss some people need a strong punch in the nose.

    That will never happen because it is all subjective but the premise would make a good movie.

    All modern technology and etiquette but social acceptance of low-level, "justified" violence.

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  • It Was Turkish Origin the Golden Horde !!!

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    Me: Ight I’m learning Russian instead
    School: Am I a joke to you?
    Me: Yes

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  • Rus' is Ukraine and Belarus. Russia is Muscovy and Horde.

  • Rus' is 1000 years old historical Orthodox Kievan and Moscow Russia/ Ukraine is a postcomminust shit, pseudo-nation on the base Galitsian (Transcarpathian) radical nazi, created in 20 century by Jewish soviet revolutionaries sush as Lenin,Trotsky &Sverdlov and Galitsian terrorists and war criminals such as Bandera.

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  • If they build mounds you know what they looked like 👳🏾‍♂️

  • The tartars has more of an imprint on this world than we know.

  • Educated people had known that Ivan the Terrible was terrible only for enemies of the state, but for peoples of Russia he was a Ivan the Great!

  • The tartas became muslim or were obligated to become muslims ?

  • Tzar means Cesar.


  • Rus is the Arabic name for russians

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