History of Pakistan #08 | Who is responsible for Dhaka Fall? | Faisal Warraich

General Yahya compelled President Ayub Khan to resign in March, 1969 And became Chief Martial law Administrator Now General Yahya was President, Chief of Army Staff and Chief Martial law Administrator at the same time as he knew all the reasons of Ayub downfall Therefore, instead of fights with politicians, he removed all sanctions on political parties General Yahya abrogated Ayub’s disputed constitution Yahya held 1970s elections in December 1970 these were first general election of Pakistan history, with one man one vote principle They are called the most transparent elections in Pakistan’s history But the result of these transparent elections was very terrible In these election Shaikh Mujeeb of Bengal clean sweeped in east Pakistan with 160 seats But his political party failed to bag a single seat in west Pakistan On the other side Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto bagged 81 seats in West Pakistan But in East Pakistan, he could not win even a single seat Pakistan has clearly divided into two parts whole East Pakistan was with Shaikh Mujib and constitutionally he was new ruler of Pakistan General Yahya’s responsibility was to transfer power to him For this , Yahya called on the National Assembly meeting in Dhaka on 1 February 1971 It was a historic event that Pakistan was getting elected leadership from East Pakistan But Bhutto refused to attend the meeting Not only refused but threatened that “anyone going to attend this meeting, i will break his legs” Bhutto has objections on six points of Sheikh Mujib Bhutto used to think that Sheikh Mujib’s six points were anti united Pakistan But political experts have opinion that in spite of all objections, Bhutto should have attended the meeting Bhutto pressurized Yahya to postpone national assembly meeting and Yahya postponed this meeting this postponement enraged the people of East Pakistan Bengali took this as that the elite of western Pakistan does not want to transfer power to eastern wing this started Civil disobedience movement in East Pakistan India, which was seeking any opportunity, started an armed rebellion with the help of Mukti Bahni Mukti Bahni’s armed groups started attacking Pak Army and supporters of west Pakistan This was the last chance, where Pakistan can be saved If at this time national assembly session held and power transferred to the winner of election Then may be the history of Pakistan take a different route although It was not so simple now But instead of availing this opportunity General Yahya missed it And started military operation to crush the insurgency It is a historical fact that all the political parties, including Bhutto, supported this military action Pak Army crushed Mukti Bahni’s rebellion in 9 months But this military action created insurmountable gulf of hatred On the other hand, India attacked East Pakistan, seeing the conspiracy failing Pak army was encircled by each and every side Geography was against us, Pak arm was far a 1000 miles from center, and enemy had occupied supply line Pak army has lost its supply lines And the land of East Pakistan was no longer ours, The defeat was written on the wall Despite all this, Pak Army fought bravely Thousands of young soldiers martyred, but it was a lost war That can be stretched but not won And that’s what happened Pakistan had to face the most embarrassing defeat of its history And 90000 Pakistani soldiers became prisoners of India Dhaka fell and now west Pakistan was remaining Pakistan although it is difficult to pinpoint an individual for this debacle as hundreds of reasons were there behind this but if we are to name a single man who can save Pakistan, but not saved, it was General Yahya because as president and commander in chief Yahya was duty bound to transfer power to election winner But he did not do this But it does not mean that east Pakistan debacle was the sole responsibility of Yahya . Because time nurtures events in years … even not come sudden fall of Dhaka proved the fall of Yahya as well General Yahya transferred power to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto by a simple writing a paper Bhutto became the head of Chief Martial Law Administrator and head of constitution assembly He took over the power and issued house arrest for General Yahya General Yahya spend remaining years in house arrest, mostly After one year of death of Bhutto, this important character of dhaka debacle collapsed on the other side newly established country Bangladesh faced military coup one after the other Even four years after separation, Sheikh Mujib was killed by young military officers So, within ten years, all three major characters of Dhaka debacle died A commission was setup to examine this tragedy The Chief Justice of Pakistan from Bengal, Justice Hamood-u-Rehman, was the head of this commission This Commission prepared a detailed report on the Dhaka debacle who were responsible of this tragedy? were also defined in this report And factors were also determined This report was completed in Bhutto’s era But report not published due to political consideration and never published even to this day Some parts of it were published in India, but it was never publicly appeared in Pakistan The story of Pakistan is on What pressure did Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto exerted on India for returning POWs? How did General Zia ul Haq succeed in imposing another martial law? to know this, watch next episode and subscribe Dekho Suno Jano If you like this video, than do comment, like and share, so that we continue this series and make it even more better

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  • It was not the Atrocities meted to East Pakistanis ,( Bangladesh) of the West Pakistanis Politicians and generals that mattered ,but it was the Silence of West Pakistanis that Mattered. .

  • Indra Gandhi zulfiqar Ali Bhutto ki sauteeli bhateeji thi jawahar lal nehru ki maan se Nehru ke baap ke marnay ke baad sir shahnawaz Bhutto ne shadi kar li thi don,t forget!

  • On foujio ma mara nana or gow wala be tha

  • Bro what about 25 March 1971… Pakistan army "operation search lite" killing mittion. U just hide that history… Shame on your Channel…

  • Great video and information keep up the gd work …

  • India and Bangladesh ..brother.s ..Love from Bangladesh

  • we are idiots to be racist towards our Bengal brother if we were still united we would be top 10 Economy in the world, racism ruined us we should be ashamed

  • bhutto Tera bera garak Ho

  • Q k bhutto s ka zimadar tha

  • Bhai report publish is lia nahi ki gai keo k zimadar is hisy sy hi thy sb

  • Zimadar bhutto aur yahya thy tareekh na kbi b kahi b is hadsy ka zimadar shaikh mujeeb ko nahi sabit kiya

  • Simple saboot shahiya to aj k halat dekh lo pakistan k sb smj jao gy

  • you got so much wrong speech…

  • you got so much wrong speech…

  • this story has alot of blunders the fight was not about the west and east it was between the comunism sponcered socialism vs West Pakistan's capitalism. its was not about the someones rights many leaders were in Pakistan were even bengalis This war was between the socialists and capitalist's the Awami league ppp and comunist party of Pakistan were against the ayub khan but then the fight of socialists and capitalist was turned into a fight between the socialists means the ppp and awami league and the soviets supported the Pakistani comunists and socialists since the independence of Pakistan the first failled coup against the Laiqat Ali khan was by Gen Akbar khan lal salam faiz ahmed faiz and after the fall of dhakha the fight between socialists and capitalist started agian between mukthi bahni's right hand Major Zai ur rehman the defector of Pakistan army Maj zai ur rehman killed the bangla babu and and even molana bhashani the man in favor of Islamic socialism was even killed and the Maj zai was a capitalist he took charge and made bangladesh national party.

  • Stop telling lie….India released 90000 pakistani on the basic of genneva convention not because of any peessure from pak

  • Kash imran khan oss waqat prime minister hota bajaye Bhutto ke

  • Sutia…… Bhansod

  • آپ نے کچھ حقائق گڈ مڈ کر دیے ہیں۔ جو تلخ ہونے کے باوجود بہرحال حقائق ہیں۔ 25 مارچ 1971 میں شروع ہونے والے فوجی آپریشن سرچ لائٹ کے نتیجے میں لاکھوں بنگالیوں کا بے دریغ قتل عام کیا گیا۔ لاکھوں بنگالی عورتوں کی عصمت دری کی گئی۔ اس ریپ کے نتیجے میں دو لاکھ عورتیں حاملہ ہوئیں۔ کہا جاتا ہے صرف آپریشن کی پہلی رات ہی دو لاکھ بنگالیوں کو قتل کیا گیا

  • جنرل ایوب کے دس سالہ اقتدار میں مشرقی پاکستانیوں میں پہلی بار احساس محرومی آخری حدوں کو پہنچا۔ 1965 کے صدارتی انتخابات میں مسلم لیگ کی محترمہ فاطمہ جناح آپوزیشن کی متفقہ امیدوار تھیں۔ شیخ مجیب نے بنگال میں انکی بھرپور مہم چلائی وہ خود ڈھاکہ شہر میں فاطمہ جناح کے پولنگ ایجنٹ بنے۔ مشرقی پاکستان کے بنگالیوں نے فاطمہ جناح کو ووٹ دئے اور وہ وہاں سے جیت گئیں۔ تاہم مغربی پاکستان میں جنرل ایوب نے بد ترین دھاندلی کروائی اور قائد کی بہن مادر ملت بری طرح الیکشن ہار گئیں۔ کہتے ہیں مادر ملت کی یہ ہار دراصل متحدہ پاکستان کی ہار تھی۔ اب شیخ مجیب اور مشرقی پاکستان کے عوام مایوس ہوچکے تھے انھوں نے پہلی سوچنا شروع کر دیا کہ مغربی پاکستان کی طاقتور فوج اور اشرافیہ ہمیں اپنی کالونی کی طرح چلا رہے ہیں۔ اور یہ کہ بنگال 1947 میں انگریزوں کی غلامی سے نکل کر مغربی پاکستان کی غلامی میں چلا گیا ہے۔
    اس کے بعد ہی پھر 1966 میں شیخ مجیب نے چھ نقاط پیش کیے۔ جو کہ دراصل پاکستان کو ایک فیڈریشن بنانے کی تجویز تھی اور مطالبہ کیا گیا تھا کہ 23 مارچ 1940 کی قرارداد کی روشنی میں پاکستان کو فیڈریشن بنایا جائے جو کہ دو ریپبلکس پہ مشتمل ہو یعنی کہ مشرقی پاکستان اور مغربی پاکستان۔ اس وقت پاکستان کے مسائل کا یہ بہترین حل تھا جسے ہمارے لالچی، ناسمجھ اور دور اندیشی کی کمی رکھنے والے فوجی اور سیاسی قائدین نے گنوا دیا اور پاکستان ٹوٹ گیا۔ 71 کے بعد سے آج تک ہم دنیا میں ذلیل ہو رہے ہیں

  • Tnx bhai
    Im khan from bangladash sylhet
    Pakistani ne bowt na insafi kiya hamri sath😭😭😭❤️

  • Did you people notice one thing??
    The people who were included to break Pakistan got what?They were killed badly in their own Countries……
    Ok I will make you learn.
    Indra Gandhi 👉 Assassinated
    Bhutto 👉Hanged and his children were also killed
    Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman👉shot with family
    ALLAH already punished them and ALLAH knows what will happen with them in Akhirat.
    They killed many innocent people who didn't even know about it.
    Quaideazam said:"There is no power on Earth that can undo Pakistan"
    ALLAH is helping Pakistan and he will.
    INSHAALLAH india will be destroyed soon because india wants to destroy my beloved Pakistan 🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰
    (Dushman Tera mou kaala)

  • Mr dekho suno jano their is somr5 ome thing called Geneva Convention. Who knows better than you. Have you forget recent Balacot strike . You have to return our pilot honourably.

  • Although its true that West Pakistani ashrafia did not treat Bengalis as brothers/sisters but at the same time, its not Bhutto or Mujeeb you can blame for separation. It was Pakistan's military that was ruling Pakistan and controlling the people of Dhaka by force. So brother, your story is very weak

  • Sorry bangli tm suchy Hu..

  • bhutto ne bht bari gaddari ka muzahira kia

  • Greatttt

  • Madarchodo itna torture karoge to Bengali gaand hi maarenge na

  • Mukti bahini was nothing other than the common peoples of Bangladesh united against (na)pak army. It was (na)pak army who started mass murdering and ethnic cleansing of people who has Bengali origin. Then mukti bahini was formed, a small part of them were trained by India and muktibahini beat so called best pak army. I always thank india for their help, and always curse pakistan. I spit on your grave bloody napaki. You committed genocide and mass-raping upon us and Allah will never forgive you. pakistan will go to hell Inshallah.

  • جنرل یحییٰ خان تم پہ لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت لعنت

  • بھٹو اقتدار کا بھوکا تھا

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  • Bhutto k laalach ne pakistan ko tarwa dya

  • Sir I m continuously watching your episode, I am watching your side story to know, what was actually happened between india and pakistan during this 70 year's, I m only disagree with your statement about dhaka fall . I request you to read this side story too about dhaka fall. Please. Thanks for valuable knowledge.

  • شیخ مجیب کے 6 نکات غلط تھے

  • Such a one-sided documentary. Not a single mentioned about Pakistani military massacre against unarmed Bengali civilians. History is history now. Still, after 40 years a large number of Bangladeshi hates Pakistan.

  • 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 🇵🇰

  • Bhutto sab ko apni saja mil gayi thi.greedy leader of Pakistan.

  • Irony 🤣🤣… Bhutto forced Indira Gandhi to free POWs…. lol…. Winners write history…not loosers….

  • No mention of massacre of 25th march night?? Shame brother!! 😑

  • mulk torny waly
    1. GENERAL Yahya khan shrabi
    2. Mujib ghaddar
    3. Bhutto Lalchi

  • Watan nhi lauda bhosdike gand mar ke bhej dua zbrdsti Bangladesh ko kbza jmae hue the

  • Why do you always talk about 1971? The result "Bangladesh" is not all about 1970/1971 election nor any Indian intervention as you always say. It's about 24 years of suppressing 70 million Bengalis by the West Pakistani leaders. Treating them as a second class citizen, questioning their capability on serving the military/civil service, etc. unfortunately, you wanted us to be like you. But we were different in terms of anything except for the religion. Blaming India is just self condolence. Always remember "If you are weak inside and your enemy knows it, surely he is going to take full advantage of it".

  • Either you are misinformed or you are biased, india never attacked east pakistan first. I agree they were supporting the mukti bahini, but it was pakistan who openedcthe western font with pre emptive strikes by PAF on our airbases, then battle of longewala took place which led to the broke out of all iut war betwen india and pakistan. And subsequent surrender of 93000 pak soilders and independece of east pakistan all inside 13 days.
    You also are forgetting about gen. Tikka khan who was responsible for widespread human rights violation.
    Its a good series but keep the facts straight.

  • ادھر تم ادھر ہم کا نعرہ کس نے لگایا کا ذکر نہ کر کے اسکو آپ کی جانبداری کہیں یا کیا کہیں ۔…۔؟

  • W0w What a new history

  • Jo bangali awam gatal hoi lakhon ki tadad me ??? On ka zimadar kon tha ya q nahi batya wahn lakhon gareeb awam galt hoi os pay ap nay roshni q nahi dali woh humre bhai thy

  • জয় বাংলা 🇧🇩

  • Bhutto broke our Pakistan

  • Start sy ly kr aj tk ppp pakistan k nasour bna huwa ha

  • unfortunately, your story doesnt speak about true history. Mukti didnt attack pak military; it was the other way round. The brutality and war crimes commited by the Pakistani Military forced the local population to create armed response. Of course, India did help us- with or without their own agenda- but the west pakistani military didnt treat the people of east pakistan as their own. Nevertheless, today, after almost 5 decades, see where these two countries are in terms of their economy, livelihood and all other human development index! even bangladeshi Taka is more than double worth pakistani rupee. We are tigers endbof the day.

  • The way your whole History is based on the foundation of lies the same ways is your "tareekhi ilm" shown in this video.

    Just to make it clear and to the newer generation of Pakistan, India NEVER started the war of 1971,

    "it was On the evening of 3 December, at the Pakistani Air force launched surprise pre-emptive strikes on eleven airfields in north-western India, including Agra, which was 300 miles (480 km) from the border."

    The war started in the western front not in Bangladesh and was started by Pakistan itself. And yes regarding the question of India' s involvement in Bangladesh, it was just a 'moral support' , yes, you got that right baby! the same one that Pakistan has been giving in Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Bhutto aur us ka baap Shahnawaz Bhutto yeh khandani boot polishye hain jo iqtidar ke liye jute chatte rahe hain.

  • Good nice


  • Agar aaj Bangladesh Pakistan ky pass hota to aaj Jo Pakistan my dehshath gardi hai aisy zeyada dehshath gardi hoti ..waja ye k WO hisa hamary Pakistan say boahat dour ta India raw ky jasos hamary Pakistan my Bangladeshi id card ky zary athy ham onko Bangladeshi samaj ty lekin haqiqat may Indian raw hoty .jesy kalboshan jadev Irani or Pakistani passport holder tha

  • 1971 ke Jo ghalath hamsy hothi aaj WO ghalathi India karny jaraha hai yad rako meri bath aaj 2019.10 August hai Kashmir bany ga Pakistan

  • No bro Pakistan army attacked in BANGLADESH many peoples killed that time they was sleep don't say fake but still we love Pakistan as a Muslim we are one nation

  • Aj ham agar neculer power hen to wo Bhutto ki waja se se he

  • Bhutto was hanged by the same Paki army he had promoted. This is KARMA that all his sons and daughter were killed as well by the same army.

  • See the final destination of pakistan breakers.

  • You r ill-informed. Read good books.

  • Bhutto Pakistan ka ghadar h. Pakistan toorny wala Bhutto apny sharamnak anjam ko pohucha… shukar Alhumdulillah

  • If both Pakistan and Bangladesh were still together we would've been a Powerful country.but Pakistanis were madrachod since the beginning

  • Few Corrections:

    1. You did not mention about one of the worst possible Genocides of human kind on 25 March 1971 led by Pak Army named as "Operation Searchlight".
    2. You did not mention about the 26 March 1971 declaration of Independent Bangladesh and the declaration of Independence War of Bangladesh.
    3. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arrested on 26 March 1971 which you did not mentioned and he was in jail till the independence of Bangladesh.
    4. Mukti Bahini/ Mukti Fauj whatever you say were formed after the 26 March independence declaration followed by the Operation Searchlight & genocide. But the way you narrated it seems that Mukti bahini was formed earlier and so after that Pak Army were deployed. Absolutely wrong. Pak Army deployed on 25 March 1971. Mukti bahini was formed later on. Moreover, India joined the war and deployed their forces on the December of 1971. Even, Till the May-June 1971 people undergo military training on various camps located in the border areas of India–Bangladesh.

  • Bhutoo k peche kiss ka hath tha wohi hath aaj Imran Yahodi Niazi k peche hai….✌️✌️✌️

  • sorry boss it's not complete 1% fact only

  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto responsible for Bangladesh divided if he not tear off contract mujeeb ur rehman but Bhutto say no he threat Bangladeshi people

  • As usual biased pakistani video

  • Our Gen 1950 to 2019 USA Dog's only,

  • Sir I like the way you explain…

  • hamari badqismati hy keh aj tak koi leader nahi milla bhuto yahya are responceble for bangladesh sepration

  • یہ رپورٹ جھوٹ پہ مبنی ہے۔ اس میں بھٹو کے کردار چھپا دیا گیآ ہے۔ مجیب الرحمٰن کی گرفتاری و رہائی اور اس کے بعد بھٹو کو جلسہ جسں میں بھٹو نے کھلا اعلان گالیوں کے ساتھ کیا اور کہا کہ
    سوور کے بچوں نہیں چاھییے ھمیں تمہارا ساتھ تم ادھر ھم ادھر اور آسکے بعد ملک الگ ھوا اس ویڈیو میں آور بہت سے حقائق پر پردہ ڈالنے کی کوشش کی گئی ہے

  • Is ka mtlb hy start se hi ye siasat dan Pakistan ka berra gharak krny mn lagy hen
    Jb Mashraki Pakistan election jeet gya tha to hakoomat un ko de deni chaiye thi

  • bohat mukhtasar hai … Bhutto ka period aik qist main mukamal nahi kya ja sakta…77 se 2018 tak..aik bhi barra leader nahi aaya..na hi watan ke liye koi qabil e zikar kaam hua

  • Beta ghabrao mat ab agla video tumhe Baluchistan k alag hone Ka banana padega

  • What about 1971 26th March Night Terrible Killings? You didn't mention that. thousands of innocent people killed by Pakistani army, Thousands of women Raped by Pakistani Army at Dhaka & this is the start of war between Mukti Bahini & Pakistan Army.

  • Kya baat hai saale logon Ko bebakuf Bana raha

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