History of Las Vegas “Server” Recap – Explained as a Video Game

In today’s Las Vegas build patch 2020, it’s the home server for over 2,600,000 players, and it’s said to be one of the easiest maps to farm for EXP and in-game currency. Las Vegas is currently one of the fastest-growing servers in the USA region, due to its entertainment value and an abundance of character building
resources that are much harder to come by in most other maps. Today, we’ll quickly recap on the development history and how this Server came to be… So the Devs started working on this map about 115 in-game years ago so it’s a relatively new project compared to most. It started with a few wandering players that stumbled upon a random desert in patch 1844 and claimed it, but soon left due to high in-game temps damaging their HP. The first pivotal steps were taken during patch build 1905.15.05. When it was initially meant to be a bonus level
railroad stop in the middle of a player player transport route starting from the Los Angeles Server to the Salt Lake City Server. However, to the Devs surprise. There were a few hundred players who decided to build town in the middle of nowhere,
in the desert, in 140 degrees in game temps my guy! Due to high demand, the Devs decided to co-create the town with the players by providing additional resources and
storylines for them to explore. This kept the players engaged and soon became the impetus to how this server was able to create its own unique culture and
establishment in a super fast pace compared to most previous builds. During Patch Build 1929.08.01 as we all know, the Devs decided to implement “The Great Depression” story expansion to the USA region. Many players all over the USA region were out of a role, they needed to find new ways
to farm for in-game currency. So many of them decided to transfer to Las Vegas
help build something cool. The admins promise great currency building
potential and more EXP than your character has room! 21,000 players took the challenge and farmed super hard. After completion, the
whole USA region took notice. Including several outside regions such as Asia, and
Europe. the results were mostly favorable. Every
in-game year ever since at least 250,000. players from all over would temp
transfer (Tourist) to Las Vegas and Marvel on the players achievements. That number has grown by at least 10% after each patch update. Shortly after that, the Admins decided to set in-game gambling turnt. on 100 percent, which made Las Vegas the only server in the USA Region to have this setting’ entirely on. Fast forward to Patch Build 1939.01.09, the Devs released a super ambitious PvP story expansion globally which was
called WW2. It lasted for quite a bit until the players got worn out. When WW2
ended, it resulted in a positive boom within the in-game economics. The server
then got extra bombarded with Temp-Transferred (Tourist) players more than ever before. So the Admins had act fast. Lucky for them certain key players took notice of this
golden opportunity. A guild known as the Mobsters started
creeping their way into the server and plan to capitalize on it. These players
were a near perfect fit for this newfound environment, especially since
they’ve been running private in-game gambling clubs long beforehand. Some
would call them hacks, but really they just found loopholes in the rules set by
most server admins, while wearing nice suits and stuff… Patch 1950 and beyond… All of these players made a killing… Their stats got buff higher than they ever
thought possible and eventually turned Las Vegas into one of the top most
entertaining servers there ever was. However, many players in the server got
their stats nerfed due to radiation from atomic bomb testing. Sunday’s,
holidays, vacation time, we must be ready, every day, all the time, to do the right thing if the atomic bomb explodes. This family knows what to do, just as
your own family should. They know that even a thin cloth helps protect them.
Even a newspaper can save you from a bad burn. But yeah, the bombs then scare anyone from establishing. Themselves, this includes several of the most notable players. From patch 1967 til now. Those players that I just mentioned eventually took what was working for the Mobsters
and improved upon it by 10 times, without the need to take out other players… which they were notorious for… Now Las Vegas is a PvP battle ground
between high status players of who could build the best and most profitable ****
and it’s also one of the greatest Maps to ever explore. So what’s next? Like and Subscribe! You might be wondering what’s EXPR…. I hope. Experience Reality is a aspiring web channel which seeks to analyze the simulation to
determine the best current map builds and how to enjoy them. Expect two videos
per month. There’s potentially limitless opportunities for exploration in this
simulation we are more than willing to provide a walkthrough for anything you
encounter. We are your strategy guide…. Ultimately, the goal is to get our
audience interested in exploration and travel from a simulation or gamers
perspective. The Devs put an incredible amount of work and years to create this
experience for us, and yet it goes underappreciated. There are infinite
possibilities and new storylines to unfold in this game we call life… let’s
explore it together! Baby…

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