History of Internet in India in Hindi

Inro Music Before starting our video if you have not yet subscribe our channel then subscribe to it so you never miss any update from our channel. Nowadays without internet no one can think of thier life Nowadays, most of the work is done from internet and this has made life much easier Hours of work have started in minutes we can talk to any person sitting thousands of kilometer away History of Internet in India is started with the advent of a educational institute {ARNET} But that network was only provide to educational and research institute On 14 August 1995 the first public internet network was made available to the public. By a company named VSNL {Videsh Sanchaar Nigam Limited} Internet Service known as Gateway Internet Service Access provided a speed of 9.6 kbt/s For people the price was 10709 Rs for 250 hours. India is 3rd in the world in terms of using Internet it was told that by october 2013 there were 200 million internet users in India and its number is increasing There are more than 142 internet service providers in India providing broadband and narrowband internet facilities If you like our video please like it,share it,comment on it and don’t forget to subscribe our channel Thanks For Watching Our Video

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