The strange thing about love is that even though we experienced it in a deeply personal and apparently instinctive way, it has a history. In other words people around the world haven’t always fallen in love the way they do now. The point of rehearsing a few of the telling moments in love’s history is to remind ourselves that there are different ways of arranging relationships depending on what a given society happens to believe in. Love is a cultural invention, and we are not at the end of its evolution. We may in fact be still only at the early stages of the history of love; we’re still learning what we need and how we might get more successful at love the Euphrates Mary’s ship to the
princess of the neighboring Kingdom of young had far from being the outcome of
love this marriage like that of many between powerful people in the ancient
world is purely transactional mari occupies a critical position in the
trade routes between Syria and Mesopotamia and marrying ship to will
allow them real in to expand his wealth and power Henry Lin’s attitude to marriage
continues with his children he marries off eight of his daughters two rulers of
neighboring cities forcing each of his new son in laws to sign a document
pledging themselves to him the people of mari are in effect saying
that what gives a marriage meaning isn’t how much the couple happened to love one
another but whether it’s beneficial in terms of trade connections and wore this
is so alien to us it’s worth reflecting on just how much
we nowadays refuse to entertain at least in public any practical considerations when Mary
feelings are meant to be our only load starts and yet for thousands of years
until only a minute ago on the historical clock it was unambiguously
meant to be only about land power and money the notion that you should love your
spouse would have seemed plain laughable this may have created a collective
trauma we’re still in flight from. France, 1147AD. Jaufré Rudel, the Prince of Blaye set sail for Tripoli in modern-day
northern Lebanon he has off to see the Countess of
Tripoli with whom he has fallen deeply in love rudel is one of the earliest known
troubadours or skilled court poets who rise to prominence in southern France in
the 12th century and write poetry on one subject exclusively love rudel has
written many poems in honor of the countess and want to write some more in
her presence but Rudy’s idea of love is very particular and at that time
dramatically new it’s love that’s utterly divorce from practical
considerations that doesn’t involve children money dynasties or even any
kind of reciprocation the troubadour poets never tried to have sex with the
objects of their love their focuses exclusively on what we would call the
infatuation or more colloquially the crush side of love rudel has fallen in love with the
countess without ever having set eyes on her pining away for his lady from hundreds
of miles away he composes and sets to music many songs
expressing grief and joy unfortunately he falls ill on route to
his lady and has to be stretched into Tripoli whether counters hears about him
and visit him in his chamber rudel recovers momentarily before dying finally at peace very chase Lee in her
arms the troubadours took love very seriously
only they didn’t see it is linked to marriage romantic love is something you fell for
someone you were never going to do household chores with and that may be
the secret of its intensity this kind of love was spared too much contact with
daily life rudel could imagine how lovely the
Countess of Tripoli was without ever having to dispute with her about the
right place to hang a tapestry will get frustrated if she didn’t particularly
want to do a special embarrassing thing for him in bed that love could remain
pristine the troubadours show us a historical moment when the idea of love
was not tied to the notion of moving in together or to the intertwining of two
practical economic and social lives using the same toilet Sharon utility
bills and trying to go on camping holidays with your partner’s friends versailles france fourteenth of
september’s 1745 at six o’clock in the evening in a move engineered and planned for
weeks general 28 price on a 23 year old beauty from Paris, rouged, powdered and
wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress enters the cabinet de conseils, approaches
can do with the fifteenth and curtsies three times. This simple gesture makes it
official. Jeanne-Antoinette is the King’s maitresse déclaré, or chief mistress and from now on
she will be known as madame de pompadour and resided court with the King the king
has by this point been married for 20 years but marriage doesn’t mean fidelity. You marry for reasons of State and you have mistresses on the side no one gets upset that’s just what
happens with the 15th has several mistresses including 14 year-old Mary
Louise Oh Murphy who is painted in a famous semi pornographic painting by
force where she at Versailles in the 18th century there was an acceptance of
the imperfect fit between marriage and love it was understood that they would
always be attention between the two marriage was for children practicality and continuity love was for
excitement drama and sex one should never try to blend the two
rather than be under hand or deceitful like many people are today the King of France simply split love for
marriage and without shame or guilt made his romantic attachments and organized
and public part of his life with his wife gretna green Scotland first of January
1812 a couple has just got married in a secret ceremony John Lampton the first Earl of Durham
who is portion has land and responsibilities and Harriet the
illegitimate daughter of the Earl of john daly who has no money and little
social status but is very pretty are now man and wife their families are furious and have
tried desperately to stop the wedding but the couple are modern which means
that they believe that in marriage love should come first and practical
considerations second they’ve gone to Gretna Green a village
just inside Scotland to escape english law and they are examples of a new
philosophy of Romanticism which privileges feeling over reason and
impulse over tradition romanticism transforms love the old
system of marrying for political or economic advantage Stoli crumbles around the world the
village of Gretna Green become synonymous with illicit marriages and
John and Harriet are among hundreds of English couples in the late eighteenth
and nineteenth centuries to reload their the public appetite for stories of
romantic descent is such that the local priest publishers some best-selling
memoirs of his time they’re full of daring coach right across the border and
the wrath of one consulted fathers who reached the runaway children just too
late gretna green becomes an important place
because there’s a growing belief that marriage should be the consequence of
love and that if two people love each other that alone is what matters in come the
standing of the wider family career and how the parents and/or might get on
seems irrelevant and more than that they begin to be cast not as wise serious
matters which really ought to be taken into account but as things that could only seem
relevant to County father’s snobbish arms and dried up conventional people
with no care for the happiness of a couple mostly when we want to do
something we take advice if we can from people who’ve done it before gretna green stands for a remarkable
shift in thinking around relationships which is still powerful today the
assumption that people who have already had marriages are likely to be very poor
advisors and guides to the young love is understood to be an enthusiasm not as kill London England 1813 Readers of Jane Austen’s latest
novel are on the edge of their seats as Fitzwilliam Darcy stumbles his way
through a proposal to Elizabeth Bennet his offer of marriage promises to fix
all her problems not only is he handsome but he’s rich
and Elizabeth family with for unmarried daughters to support badly needs all the
cash they can get but Elizabeth says no Darcy for all his
gifts is also arrogant and a snob pride and prejudice may suggest women marry
for money but Elizabeth actions reveal a new and some first of belief rapidly
gaining currency in English society that they should love the man they betrothed
themselves – it’s an idea Austin support strongly 11 years earlier
she had herself rejected a proposal of marriage claiming anything is to be
preferred or injured rather than marrying without affection in her
greatest novel however things turn out for the best eventually after many twists and turns
and despite her lack of standing and money Elizabeth and Darcy Mary what continues
to strike readers today is that Jane Austen is deeply concerned about romance
and about money to marry only for money is she argues a disaster but equally she
holds that to marry only for love is a terrible folly to in Austin’s eyes a
good marriage requires warmth and tenderness of heart and strong practical
worldly managerial competence and from this austin draws the conclusion that
few people are actually that well suited for marriage she’s unsurprised that many marriages
are a little hollow or a little grim Austen’s novels to pick numerous
unsatisfactory relationships and only a few very happy ones in the early years
of the 19th century Jane Austen is defining the wise ideal
of modern love she sees marriage as a hybrid enterprise in some respects it’s
like running a small business or organizing a village fete if you don’t keep track of the practical
details and don’t have quite an efficient turn for administration things
are going to go badly wrong but at the same time marriage is a profoundly complex
emotional encounter and to thrive in it one needs emotional maturity affection playfulness and warmth through
her novels Jane Austen is trying to present the
reader with an education in a truly classical way she believes we can do a
few things well if we leave our performance to nature luck and chance happy relationship depends on the
maturity of both parties in Pride and Prejudice with Elizabeth Bennet and
Darcy have to be improved he has to lose his pride and she has to
shed her prejudice if they’re to be capable of living well
together love is something we need to learn london 24th of november 1859
it’s the day Charles Darwin publishes the origin of species there is a huge initial resistance but
eventually much of the world is convinced by his arguments human beings are descended from the
primates and that means that we’ve inherited not just the skeletal
structure but also a lot of their drives and basic psychology Darwin’s detractors are aghast at the
implied humiliation but that’s consolation and Darwin –
because he suggests that our inability to live up to our ideals is not wholly
our own fault we are anytime half apes and apes to aim
for faithful life long passionate egalitarians relationships is to attempt
to pull off something hugely difficult starting from a very unpromising base no wonder we often fail without
particularly intending to Darwin rushes in a strategic and useful pessimism
about relationships rather than being for instance essentially monogamous he implies that human beings might by
nature at least be predisposed to as many apes are polygamy opportunistic sex
and the dumping of one made for another on the basis of nothing more than their
breathing potential signal by such unedifying and unspiritual
characteristics as how big their breasts are aquatic park san francisco United
States August 1965 Jefferson Poland wearing a flower behind his ear strips
off his swimming trunks and weights naked into the sea Poland is one of the world’s first
hippies he wears his hair long and rejects the sophistication of modern
life for a romantic notion of getting back to a natural state of grace behind
him and three other protesters braving the icy cold ocean water is a cheering
crowd of beatniks and anarchists who hold up signs and charge the phrase sex
is clean, law is obscene in front of a hastily assembled group of reporters this event is one of many organized by
groups advocating free love in the nineteen sixties in America they argue
that society’s rules against nudity same-sex relationships and sex before
marriage for all forms of sexual repression soon monogamy itself is being
questioned in an enlightened world they argue sexually liberated men and women
should just give up on marriage along with it jealousy adultery and
divorce it’s a beautiful deeply romantic idea of what love could be and it
eventually collapses into a disaster belgium 2015 the country achieved a
notorious distinction it is the nation with the highest rate
of divorce in the developed world and astonishing 71 percent of couples will
split up here a newspaper in the country asks why and
the answer comes back clearly initial expectations were not met other
countries are not far behind in the UK the divorce rate is forty-two percent in
the US fifty three percent in Hungary sixty-seven percent and in Portugal
sixty-eight percent part of the reason lies in the disappointment people feel
with what had apparently been promised to them by the freewheeling nineteen
sixties and before that by 19th century romanticism the dream of love survives
but it disappoints constantly at dinner tables around the world otherwise intelligent people complain
that they simply can’t understand strange and tricky subject of love the
future hope for love lies in the notion of sacrifice that is in accepting that
we won’t get everything we want from love relationships or marriage we’re trying to do something highly
ambitious in our modern ideals of relationships unite sex affection the
raising of a family a career and adequate material security we will by necessity fail to get all of
these the idea of sacrifice though helps us if we consider getting half of what
we really want and need might still be quite a lot in comparison with what it
would be like if we avoided relationships all together clearly solitary life can work out
really well for a few people but mostly we hate living alone the question should not be so much
whether relationships live up to our ideal hopes of mutual happiness but
whether they are better if only a little than not having relationships at all the future of love needs us to get
interested in ambivalence that is in the capacity to keep on thinking that
something is quite good even while we’re painfully conscious of its many and striking day-to-day imperfections.

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    Destroy your reputation.
    Be notorious.”

    “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

    “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”

    “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”

    “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

    “Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”

    “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I'll meet you there."

    “In your light I learn how to love. In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest where no-one sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art.”

    “The minute I heard my first love story,
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  • This is a horrible interpretation of the history of love. Selective historical moments which only marginally address the actual utility of the concept of love. It begins with an assumption of love being tied to sexual attraction without establishing the utility of the attraction in the first place. Broad assumptions with anecdotal suppositions made alongside obscure stories combined with irrelevant facts. How is this good? Really disappointed. I guess I shouldn't be.

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    It is a biological necessity stemming from the fact that humans have to give birth to premature babies (big head, small pelvic opening) – and it keeps the mother and father connected until the baby grows enough to fend for itself.

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  • One of the latest evolutionary cognitive studies. Asperger's, so things like love can be challenging to understand. Perhaps a character flaw in many other cultures. That's too bad, love has been used as a weapon so often that many see it best as something either avoided or tightly managed.

    Hell, love is confusing. It's believed that even Queen Elizabeth married her own country (debatable, but a pretty thought to some. Her sister, Mary, she didn't feel much love. Bloody Mary, quite contrary and for good reasons.)

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    Subsequently, people get divorced, go their own separate way, find someone else, “fall in love” again, and it feels oh so right. This is because, once again, the new romance has no responsibility. It has the illusion of being “true love”. You’re raising and co-parenting your biological kids apart from the romance.

    Why is the divorce rate for second marriages even higher? Because, after “falling in love” again, and getting remarried, you once again add responsibility to the mix, as well as prior baggage. This crumbles the illusion of “true love”.

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    1 transactional love.
    2 love for love sake.
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    5 love as a feeling over reason.
    6 love is romance and money.
    7 love as an opportunistic sex.
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