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what’s up fish tank people
fishtanktv.com dustin’s fish tank it’s Sunday you know what that means oh yeah
it’s species Sunday I want you guys to see how I’m rolling here see how I’m
rocking the baby on the chest is the only way she’s quiet and for those of
you don’t have kids yet a little piece of inside of you dies when you have your
child strapped you in a little man’s ear or whatever the hell this thing is baby
born species sunday today folks if you had to guess what it was about your pool
today’s species sunday is about goldfish and i want to talk about goldfish
because obviously mine is doing well he is doing better he’s not out of the
woods yet I’m not trying to rush it he’s probably gonna spend basically the rest
of the season in this pond here doing what he’s doing but I’ve been loading
the sucker up with duck weed I’ve been watching him kind of nibble at it hills
niblet saw him and spit it out and then he’ll nibble a little swallow some but
for the most part he is straight chillin I want you guys to see him eating just
to show you it’s crazy dude’s got a bigger mouth than I gave him credit for
he’s sucking it in there so really really really enjoying the goldfish
let’s talk about goldfish well first of all these were the first type of fish I
ever kept so near and dear to my heart any beginners out there you know start
with the basic common goldfish raise them off they’re hearty they can handle
some abuse and they’re good I was a history major in college so I want to
just kind of drop some science on y’all about goldfish as we watch my dude here
eat goldfish have been kept and this is raw obviously because this is
chronologically this is dated history but check it out since the year and from
the Chun Dynasty in 22 and then here – 65 – 419
the gold first gold coloration of goldfish were recorded in the Tang
Dynasty in the year 1600 – 907 goldfish were raised in captivity out in ponds
and Buddhist monasteries goldfish you know probably established them so they
kept them out in ponds and they kind of bred them for the traits I’m gonna skip
a few things Nang Dynasty 1100 goldfish raised and domestic ponds white and red
colorations developed okay so they’re breeding for these traits
1590 the red cap is developed 59 to globalize 1596 scales melt meted
scales calico coloration keeping a fancy goldfish this is now this is once done
by the aristocracy and now it’s done by everyone I want to just think about that
for a second here in the year 1596 goldfish became like kept all throughout
like widespread you know like they are now not just the elites in China so very
cool there I’m gonna skip down 16:11 goldfish our first imported in
Europe into Portugal they’re important to Japan a few years before that they’re
first bred in Holland in 1728 and just to skip on to some of the like the
morphs like the Celestials where 1870 goldfish first came to America in 1874
Iran doesn’t Tiger heads were bred in 1893 or at least recorded pom pom she
bumpkins pearl scales all developed into paint around 1900 and 1910 they curled
up for fun I don’t know if that means in the early 1900s comets and veil tails so
and then oh and then 1934 Bristol developed a standard for sure bumpkin
she bumpkins are those white ones with the blue so a little bit of history you
can check that out on the Bristol – aquarius org that’s where I got that
resource from pretty pretty sweet if I do say so myself giving a little respect
to the ancestry of this bad boy right here and I want to talk about that
though on a higher level for this species look at him just mounted like
these fish obviously we’re kept and very well cared for I mean let’s think about
this they bred for specific traits a and then B once they got the they bred first
to be crazy a and then be kept breeding them I mean this fish if you think about
the morphology of this it has bubble eyes it’s bright gold it’s got black
eyes on the top like someone actually bred this fish to be you know the way it
is and repeatedly it wasn’t like the first one came out with like popped out
eyes you know and went over and over and over again so from the year like 1592
what was that c19 my notes here yeah 15 1592 they’ve
been breeding for those so just shows you know like really really great fish
keepers back in the day doing a lot of cool stuff you know I mean I like to
think that I can make them a little mark by breeding where you kids won’t have
you but um yeah it just shows a up dude as far as keeping goldfish the really
Hardy they prefer cold water I’d never use a heater don’t use a heater they’re
veggie heaters for the most part of that you can feed him about anything I was
reading the people feed them Coco’s goldfish ko ko is goldfish has a really
good resource it’s a very outdated looking page but it’s very very
informative as far as keeping them with plants you can keep them with onion
plants you can keep them with anubius for have some java fern that’s about it
kind of think of them is the same way with cichlids only they’re not quite as
of violence so real pumps about the way this guy is eating gonna continue the
salt treatment actually need to go get some more salt i got i and i salt mean
that has iodine in it so you need to use non-iodized so i need to go get some
more that if you guys are looking to save a couple bucks you wanna check that
out so yeah my dudes eating goldfish are sweet you know and i mean really like on
a higher level like think about the fact that like goldfish it
first of all goldfish shaders buzz off but um you know goldfish were like how
many many aquarium techniques have been your created perfected i mean they were
breeding for these specific traits you know if you’ve ever seen just a
straight-up carp I mean these are ancestors of them so you know it’s
pretty wild to think about how how much care went into him and I’ve said before
in other videos I’d love to just have a big pond or right you can so what have
you so I’m gonna try to load this stupid video this is actually being done with
the flip I appreciate everyone’s feedback on there and yeah I got more
going on but that’s your species Sunday though shout out to the goldfish people
you got goldfish sent me a link to some sweet Oh
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fish tank tv.com driftwood video coming up as long as this one loads heat up
dude you’re hero you’re a star they’ve been breeding you
guys since 70 or 1593 good job

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