History of France Documentary

The Northwestern country of the continent
of Europe is République Française. It is one of the historically
and culturally signification nations of the world all
until now as France. République Française
played quite a key role in the international affairs
since centuries now. République Française, had
colonies all over the globe just like how the sun never setting
empire of the British had once. Pyrenees and Alps are
boundaries that fortify France. Atlantic Ocean and the
Mediterranean seas are the other boundaries for
République Française. It was the linguistic bridge
that connected the northern and the southern part of
the continent as a whole. Agricultural empire of France is
the backbone of world economy. France is a person. While England is an empire, and Germany
is regarded as a nation, people call France to be a person for its
importance given to the commons. Imposing unity out of the blues
is not possible in any nation. It has to be spontaneous just like
how it was and it is now in France. République Française, was engaged in
long term disputes with many other fellow nations of Europe and even
with the United States of America. Western end of the great Eurasian
landmass is République Française. Low lying plains, and massifs
with mountain blocks make up for most part of
République Française. Monarchy in crisis Prelude to the revolution in
France, the involvement of France in the American Revolution proved
to be a costlier indulgence. It was the extravagant spending
from King Louis XVI who ruled the country from 1754 till 1793
that triggered the outburst. The outburst was the French revolution. French revolution Modern European history and
the watershed moment of that, is the French revolution
that began in 1789. The revolution ended by 1790s later on. It was the ascent of
Napoleon that brought in massive changes to the
autocrats domination. Razing and redesigning of the landscape
of France was done by their politicians precisely to meet the interests of the
commons, as a democratic French republic. In alienable right, and the concept
of sovereignty were the basic beliefs of both the American revolutions and
the French revolutions eventually. Enlighten principle shed
light on the vitalities to fulfill the interests of the
commons, needy and insane. Even thought, the revolution did not
achieve its all goals, the chaotic blood bath has to come to an end and that
is how the revolution came to an end. This revolution played a pivotal
role in shaping up the modern nations today including
Iceland, Greenland and Ukraine. Beginning of the French nation
and French-Iceland connections Early settlers to the Iceland
were people from France. It was in 874 AD. They found it to be a preeminent option. The first settler at that
time was Ingólfur Arnarson. He got settled in Reykjavík. Most of the settlers from France at
that time were, the small rulers. Where is Iceland- land of
hot and cold surprises? One of the sparsely populated islands in
the northern Atlantic region of globe, which is so popular across the world for
many hot springs there, is Iceland. The number of volcanoes and the geysers
out here in Iceland makes it to be one significant landmark, for the explorers to
dig for more details about the locality. As there are massive amounts of molten
lava underneath the surface of earth here, it becomes easier for the locals to pump
hot water out to heat the buildings. Since 1944 Iceland has becomes one
independent nation on its own. As of today, Iceland is one of the most
prosperous economies of the world. Apart from that the
global warming threat because of the human
inhabitation will also add fuel to the fire to have a serious influence
on the weather conditions of the island. Some of these tourists
are regular enough too, to come and enjoy their
stay in Iceland where the cost of living is not as dearer as it is
in many other parts of Europe or Americas. Immigrants from Norway and Sweden are more
here compared to other parts of Europe. Yet, the population out
here is sparse to not to be competent enough in
the world wide rankings. Medieval Europe and timeline The affluence enjoyed by the
locals here earlier was just because of the prosperous
fishing industry out here. Later on, with the banking system
collapse by around 2008, economic model of the nation of Iceland
was proven to be vulnerable. The glaciers that anyone sees in Iceland
cannot be compared to something what anyone see in Tibet or China or
any other part of the world as such. It is one entirely different something
that can astound the tourists. Bitter cold water and the
frozen lakes in Iceland, make life difficult in the
winter seasons in special. It is why the population
in this part of the world is too meager compared to
the tropical countries. Adapting to live in this
environ can be a big challenge for those who are not used to
it, right from their birth. When anyone looks through
the global map to zero in on where is
Iceland most of the times anyone will not be able to strike any big
difference with the neighboring nations. Arctic and the Antarctic
zones of the globe mostly constitute ice lands of
much kind just like this. Inhabitation of human kind in these
zones is not possible completely yet. In fact, accessing to these dangerous
parts of the world is not yet completely possible in spite of the technological
advancements of the massive kind. Royals and the Jacobins End of the nobles, and the
royals was versioned earlier by the rebel leaders hiding in
Iceland on exile from France. Contours here, were not easy, though. Exploring earth is not easy though. Yet, a long way to go, when anyone
count on major part of the ocean and the land masses of the material
earth as such, for the human kind. At least Iceland is completely within our
reach, so make the most out of it, by paying a visit to this part of the world,
to enjoy your holidays completely. Interesting stats about
the population of Iceland From around hundred thousand
people in the 1060s, in all these five decades
and more time, the current population of
Iceland has come up to only four hundred thousand
people approximately. 328170 is the overall population
to be precise with the numbers. Interestingly, the male and female
ratio here is just about fifty-fifty. The point to note here is that this
number is just after the inclusion of the immigrants to Iceland in
all these fifty years’ time span. An activity rate that is reported
to be in the order of about 82.4% with just about half of the
population in the labour class, the country’s economic growth
could be at stake over a period of time if anything
materialistic is not done soon. The landscape has not come
to lot of changes since millions of years now to be
feared by anyone as such. Yet, the population growth is not quite
significant by any means though. Population of Iceland could be
something surprising to other major parts of the world, like
China and India in special. Yes, with such a big land mass
to rank eighteenth in the whole world, Iceland has some meager
amount of population of its own. In spite of the huge
land mass available here for natural vegetation
and other resources, no one comes forward to migrate to this part
of the world for safety reasons as yet. It is because of the too many volcanoes that
is still alive and expected to be alive for so many millions of years to come,
that are seen in action now in Iceland’s. It is why anyone can be able to
heat the commercial properties with just hot water pumped from beneath
the earth’s surface here in Iceland. Vikings in France Vikings attack was one of the major threats
to not only France but also for the major parts of north Western Europe for more than
400 years between 8th and the 12th century. They were hiding in Iceland in particular. They attacked coastal areas of France
in particular repeatedly but harshly. One of the most sparsely
populated countries of the world in spite of the very big land
mass out here is Iceland. Population here believes in elves still. They are a cosmopolitan race from
diverse parts of Europe in special. The early inhabitants to this part of
the world were from Norway and Ireland and hence anyone can see the descendants
from that origin in essential. Yet, if anyone digs
into the roots of the origin anyone will end
up finding nowhere as it is past so many generations
now since the find of the wonderland in
the 9th century B.C. Regardless of the sparse
population of Iceland one thing that anyone
should not forget about is nothing but the
glowing economy that the nation was enjoying all
until the recent 2008. It was just after that the
economic collapse has led to the downfall of
the nation big time. Otherwise, the major source of
income for the Iceland government was just the fishing industry and
the tourism industry in special. Tourists from all around the world are
interested in visiting Iceland for the so many natural attractions out
there and the wonderful monuments of the manmade
kind here as well. Anyone can get to know some of
the rarest cultures that are uncommon to the other traditions
of the world, here in Iceland. Rebuttal from French army Even though the Vikings attacks from
Iceland and Norway were surprising and speedy enough to be a real menace,
the rebuttal for steady and solid. Strong defense was there with the
Charlemagne armies at that point of time. They never went out of their
boundaries to attack, though. That eased of the Vikings to
rest and attack from Iceland. Iceland is located in the
eastern side of Greenland. Anyone can find it to be just next to
the southern tip of the Arctic Circle. It is one of the prominent
landmarks that are situated in the
confluence of two oceans. Yes, the arctic and the ant arctic
oceans surround the Iceland. It is just about 820 km from Scotland in
Europe and farther from NYC, America, as the distance will stretch out to about
Four thousand odd kilometers by air route. It is the eighteenth largest nation in the
world, when anyone counts on the area. If anyone is to visit Iceland from London
or Paris or anywhere from Copenhagen or nearby places in Europe, then it can take
anyone a good three hours journey by flight. Yes, it is not in your proximity for sure. Imagine then how it could have been
possible for the first permanent settler to this part of the world,
right from Norway, in the year 874. Carnarvon resided here in the
present day renowned Reykjavik. All the way from Norway,
the permanent settler paved way for big communities
to emerge later on. Occupants from Ireland as well as from
Norway potentially increased over a period of time as they saw potential
for agricultural lands in Iceland. There are plenty of areas
of interest if anyone closely looks into the
details of the Iceland map. Volcanoes, natural hot
springs, waterfalls, and lighthouses constitute
most part of the map. National parks and the national
reserves are in plenty as of today. As anyone can see in the map,
Iceland is about 603 miles when anyone travels from
Norway along the sea route. Topography of Iceland and the pretty much
jagged coastline is what that is considered to be one of the most spectacular kinds out
of all the other specialties of this place. It is a quite clear and buoyant
environment out here in Iceland. Anyone can reach Iceland from
the other way around too. There is a round trip flight
from Chicago to Iceland which will not cost anyone
more than five bills. Keflavik international Airport is where
anyone will have to gain access into the country if anyone is coming from
most parts of the European countries. Most of the North American countries
have direct flights to Iceland too. How about a trip rounding the
whole of the Iceland or island? Yes, it is an island at
any given day as anyone could have made out
from the Iceland map. It is just a ring road that spans
to a distance of about 831 miles or so at the most, which can cover the
circumference of the whole Iceland. If anyone is travelling in that route,
anyone can come across a lot of waterfalls, glaciers and geysers
before anyone complete your journey. Black sand beaches, hot springs, live volcanoes that spit lava and
so on, many beautiful natural scenic vistas are just part
and parcel of this landscape. In fact, quirkiness is the
absolute beauty here to count on. As one would easily guess it to be, this
is bitter cold part of the globe where anyone need to be completely equipped
to face the sharp minus degree wind and mostly drizzling kind of climatic
conditions all throughout the year. Movable and immovable
glaciers here that are found to be melting all the
while in certain degrees are the major reasons that
influence the climatic conditions here in this
part of the World. Iceland weather is also affected badly
by the frequent eruption in the volcanoes as the island is filled with
full of volcanoes, springs, waterfalls, and many interesting best natural
scenic vistas of all the kind. Eruptions from the
volcanoes, the dust and the fumes as well as the
smoke can have a great influence in the air
conditions and hence influence the climate prevailing
in Iceland as well. Seasonal variations can just
be approximate predictions here as it is prone to
change big time every year. Iceland weather can’t stay constant
as it is of one unwavering nature. 15th century France Charles VII dominated in the 15th
century France along with Louis XI. They have better control during those
days with the neighboring empires too. They had Iceland under their
control and Norway too. Yet, their indulging in foreign
affairs were detrimental to the powerful army they
had at that point of time. Indulging and intervening
in foreign affairs, like the American
revolutions or the portages colonization’s, Spanish
imperialism, or Iceland internal affairs, led to medieval
age decline in France. CFC is the standards of the climatic
conditions here in Iceland. It means oceanic coldest climatic
conditions of the severe kind. North Atlantic current
passes through the Iceland. This is responsible for
the temperate climatic conditions which are not quite
common for an island in this particular latitude
while being situated close to the southern part of
the Arctic hemisphere. French Riviera It is comparable to Iceland palace. On top of that there is one more reason that
subsides the bitter cold conditions and makes it to be a reasonable climate to bare
for the dwellers in this part of the world, and it is nothing but the armiger current. It is why the islands overall temperature
is found to be of the modest kind to live. Still if anyone closely observes
the climatic conditions out there in Iceland, the weather
is found to be highly variable. Anyone can see the aurora borealis
most often during the winter nights. At the same time anyone
can see the sun in the midnight too during the
summer seasons when anyone is residing in the island of grimsey
or somewhere close to the northern coast. Sacré-Cœur, Paris It is one of the major attractions
in the capital city for France. Winter is actually mild here
in this part of the Europe compared to its latitudinal
positioning on earth. 32 degrees Fahrenheit or zero degrees
Celsius in winter are quite common. There are the highlands where
anyone can experience a bit worse climatic conditions to the tune
of minus degree of 10 to 25 too. So far Iceland weather
has gone to the worst of about -39 degree
Celsius at the most. Tourists to this part of the world
come prepared to take it, and accept the smell of the water with
sculpture aroma, frequent rains, and reddish sunsets, smoky dusts in
certain parts of the island, and so on. Especially if anyone is to take
the round trip of the whole island which spans around the
circumference of the Iceland, anyone can experience
whole lot of wonders on your way during this
850 mile odd journey. There is plenty to capture on
your way, so don’t miss your video cameras to shoot some
rarest scenes of nature too. End of French revolution –
Rise of Napoleon the Great National convention
happened in France in 1795. First ever bicameral legislature put
forth an end to the reign of terror. Five member directories took
charge from the executive powers. Jacobins and the royalists
who agitated against the changes were put to silence
by the army and forces. Young and the most successful leader took
over, and he was Napoleon Bonaparte. Changes came in his rule. Changes in economy, social life
style, and eradication of poverty, seeds of industrialization and many
more changes came in successively. Much of the European
content was dominated by France under napoleons
era which ended in 1821. Eiffel Tower is one of the wrought iron
lattice towers of Europe that was designed to perfection in 1889 commemorating the centenary
celebrations of the French revolution. Musée d’Orsay Certain essential landmarks are of
tourist’s interests here, like the Louvre and the Sainte-Chapelle or the
Centre Georges Pompidou and so forth. Champs-Élysées is world famous too. The design of Gustav Eiffel
was chosen unanimously, when there were more
than 700 applicants. Similarly, there are so many populace places
today here like Notre Dame de Paris as well as the Arc de Triomphe or the Palace
of Versailles and the diverse destinations. Pamper yourselves in excess at a
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the reason for so many spas out here. There are more than hundred
spas in this part of the world. History of spas in France dates back
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always been limited in the past. That may be the reason
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largest European countries. It is larger than even France if anyone
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in the whole of Europe. Its population is
about 51 million approximately according
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the aftermath changes kindled the interests of
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accessories that comes along with the purchase of
those French violins. Anyone could pick and choose the
models and configuration what anyone need to purchase and then
anyone could place your order. Nowadays online ordering facilities
are available for anyone to get it all done very easily
and faster ways as well. Anyone could pay them through
online money transaction modes. French products are having a special
welcome from the international consumer’s society today for the immense
emphasis made on the quality aspects. Buyers can get them
shipped directly to your dwelling place by paying
a few extra bucks. Some of those standard brands do provide
anyone offer in the shipping facilities based on the respective areas of the
globe upon which anyone are residing. Buying French violins from
violin makers is a great idea to do so instead of buying
it from the violin shops. For this anyone will have to travel
deep inside to small hamlets to find some wonderful pieces of French
violins at pretty affordable prices. France today is completely
independent devoid of any hassles. To social and economical
conditions are good enough to live prosperous for the local
residents in France today. French language is sufficiently
discreet from Latin. With that said, one can understand the
independent language that is unique, might date back to very many number of
years even before the history of Latin. French history hence dates
back to 2000 years or more. The early oaths of Strasbourg are a
classical example to prove a point there. French revolution against
the monarchy, the French influence in the American
war of independence, and the infamous king Louis XVI, make up
most part of the history of French events. The two Louis rulers led the country
to almost a state of bankruptcy. Napoleon is the big man who brought in the
revolutionary changes to acclaim throne, but under the big democratic republic of
France with monarch reversed once for all.

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