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  • I appreciate the speed of the information conveyed. This is the first time I feel I have gained a grasp of the history. Clear and to the point. Well done. Thank you.

  • I think the Hebrides have floated away in your map

  • You rock. Nicely loaded with rich info. Thank you.

  • I would love your videos but you talk entirely too fast.

  • The great invention, england
    ?What nation they are

  • As an American I can wholeheartedly say that England is THE MOST influential country, empire, civilization in human history.

    "The first was like a lion, and had eagle’s wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man’s heart was given to it. (Daniel 7: 2-4)"

    You gave us these great United States. We will not forget where we came from.

  • England Lives and Marches On.

  • As a Documantary should be, just giving the information, clear, true, understandable

  • Thank you for this video! You do talk fast & I had to rewind a few times but I guess that’s how you crammed so much info into this course.

  • I like the fact that because you spoke so freakin fast and did away with full stops I managed to watch this 53 minute video in only half an hour.

  • Boring AF yawn 😏

  • Just to add english in welsh is saesnwg (sis nag or says neg). To add to the saxish point

  • Omg, can you please stop murdering the name of one of the greatest women in british history?

    It is pronounced ‘Bow-der-see-ya’

  • Thank you Uthred, son of Uthred, for winning wars with Alfred in the 9th Century. You may not have been in the chronicles, but we know of your bravery and leadership.

  • The dutch and very bad weather beat the Armada. The english where bankrubt. The english had no money for cannonballs also the english had oldfashioned weaponary and oldfashioned ships. The english needed the modern very ritch dutch to beat the armada…. The english lies and propaganda where so big that every time a brit had been on a dutch ship the dutch cleanend their ship. Another word for being a liar is being a Brit. The dutch where so sick of english lies they finally took over england. Finaly the family of oranje could be king. The Dutch didn't want a King because they where a republic. The dutch created bank of england so the english could pay back the huge depts they had with the dutch. The dutch reformed the english and made them a modern nation. English propaganda will tell you otherwise.

  • The English perfected History as propaganda. It was Elizabeth who was the agressor , funding terrorisim and piracy against Spain. You are just reporting English propaganda, poor history from you.

  • GB is a beloved country

  • 47:08 Denmark-Noway 😀

  • So when did the aliens make Stonehenge?

  • You know, I'm American myself but I thought of something. "We know American history but what about the country who originally owned us?" Sound legit enough?

  • History : The Virgin Queen

    the 10th doctor: profusely sweating

  • england is a rat infested shitHolE' and soon to be uninhabitable in ww3' @/@]/]/ religion  occult tantras meditation yoga spiritual wisdom rituals mantras mythologyphilosophy does not come from whites.

  • Very good. I didn't know my neighboring state was named after a virgin. Very informative but I will need to view it many more times.

  • I have to say after years of study…England has fucked up our history more than any people on the nthe planet. I defy anyone to have a reasonable argument

  • I learned it from my history classes and tv I don't only use one source for my information ,I am angry with america we might have a German, Celtic culture raid Belgium included

  • England is hystory. Sold out to Muslims

  • You forgot the most important: Theresa May’s resignation! How you dare!

  • Two corrections… 1 the people of Albion were not reffered as ''celts''.2 Kingdom of England included Wales and the colonies,and before them, lothian area of Caledonia.

  • Man, this was my first choice video! i cant complain dude AMAZING video +1 sub i cant believe i found you a whole year after this video i should have found you before anyways thanks so much 🙂

  • could you please speak a little faster?

  • I find it interesting that england made a deal with the devil inorder to rule the world. England is pure evil

  • Britain Is Big Britain and Little Britain both islands. Ireland is Little Britain. The UK is the Area of Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. England is just the English portion. Toss in the Isle of man if you like.

  • The battle of mons Vaticanus aka Vatican mount

  • Tamil la poduga pa

  • i'm english and i didn't know how cool our history is

  • England alone has so much history and hell that’s just England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland have so much history in there own it’s like a couple of centuries in of itself.

  • You should have put time dates in this video

  • " writing things down is bad for the memory" it's hard to disagree with that, give it to the Druids

  • No one in the uk says 'I'm British' none…

  • Anyone remember that documentary with guy who was ‘all things Scotland’ and SO proud. He had a genetics test and had ZERO ancestry in Scotland. That’s 99% of people in this comments section flying the flag of Saint George and claiming their u dying origins and patriotism. What a bunch of complete wankers.

  • Hiya, there is no such thing as Celtic. It was a word invented around 1750. By an English man. It was done for political reasons. Have a look into it chaps. And by the way, I am an English man, it was not a good thing to do!

  • 26:49 there is a skip in the video here. Who is Mathilda's son? I don't think it was still referring to Henry, was it?

  • History of England by Jeff Goldblum.

  • For someone who comes to online history presentations with a sense of trepidation, born of the crass inaccuracies and/or prejudice that they seem prone to contain, this is really very creditable. I hope people learn from it – not least all of those many English people who are utterly clueless as to the correct nomenclature and geography of their own country; and that's before we get on to its past. By the way, too, would people please learn how to write basic English properly: 'Its' is possessive pronoun, and as such does NOT have an apostrophe any more than 'his' or 'hers' – clear? Good.

  • Ironic that Romans being such depraved thugs were “disgusted” by human pagan sacrifices. I suppose hypocrisy is a human disease.

    Ps isn’t it funny that an American can make an almost absolute accurate mini doc about Britain and the BBC won’t. It’s a funny old world ain’t it!

  • I am a descendent of Geoffrey and Matilda through the Plantagenet line a few different times.

  • 52:08

  • Great video !!!!!!!!

  • Should will invade Italy 🇮🇹

  • Edward the black prince of england

  • Awesome video! Just one question, you missed the key (and most well known) line from Henry II ill fated words preceding Becket’s murder: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?”.
    Was that intentional?

  • 6:26 whoever drew that picture obviously hadn't seen an elephant before either.

  • Props for the people that can watch a vid longer than 15min💪

  • You need to brush up on your Irish pronunciation. Samhain..pronounced sown or sow-in. Sasana is pronounced in this case just as it's spelled. No need for the sh sound you gave it.

  • frenchie bastards

  • 4:00 The idea that the Britians defeated Caesar in 54 BC is 100% WRONG!!! Caeser CRUSHED the Britians.

  • Monotone speaker boring to listen to

  • Good video, but please work on your diction in order to achieve a clearer speech. Sometimes I find it difficult to discern your owrds.

  • Interesting topic but the monotone voice of the narrator made this video .………Boring

  • Documentary of France pleaseeee

  • God Save The Queen. Alright, I already did. YOUR GOD!!?!! I am "Interim God". I do not recall being 'The Maker of The Universe'. My name for that position would be Deitic God. My way of saying it and my way of spelling it. I would like to believe that Deitic God is in 'The Heavens' waiting for everyone to elevate into his Kingdom after death. I do not know this for certain. Who does? I have my beliefs regarding procedural Heaven; the possibility of several Kingdoms and celestial bodies waiting for us to join them. Because of this lack of possible communication, I do not know if Deitic God will ever communicate with anyone here on Earth. I envisioned Final Heaven which overrides All even our own possible maker. In My Final Heavens Plan, Deitic God would be the most likely to become Final God. Once My Final Heavens Plan becomes final there will be no commands to be given, such as, 'And Then The Winds Came And Formed The…'. All things and non-things will be final and Final God will be within his images and his own worlds on the outside of "My Of Heaven" The Final Resting Place of all identities qualifying for it. I will be in my own "Memory Cell" along with all other identities in theirs made anew and final from My High Power: The Final Ideology of Eternal Goodness. My word is as good as that of Final Gods. Since there will be no commands needed, the commands and mandations that I have set forth in current day are ABSOLUTE and MUST be followed to the best of ones ability. This is why I have labeled myself "Interim God". I mailed a very important letter to Mr. Nathaniel Jacob Rothschild regarding The 13 Families of Wealth and The Royal Family of England. I advised them that all political systems in this world are officially defunct. I own all systems that are not in tandem to My High Power. I advised them to simply coast and retain all that they have accrued in procedural financial endeavors but only if they follow My High Power and qualify to have unlimited cash and possibly credit. I have determined that all but the demonic are to have unlimited cash and all that qualify are to have unlimited credit. It must be done this way, the categories of cash and credit. I have several comments to videos on YouTube regarding this subject. My partial explanation here is not the complete reasoning. I have deemed a decision regarding The King James Bible. I originally posed a question of Blasphemy to The Royal Family regarding the 'management' of The King James Bible. Apparently, the story behind the word alteration of the King James Bible to that of preceding writings suggested that any alteration of it's wordings would bring about 'The Wrath of God' to the perpetrator. That means, it would have come down upon King James. The current Royal Family has 'managed' the income from The King James Bible. Deitic God has not communicated with anyone about the changes of wording, which were performed by Templars from 'The 1600's'. All The Royal Family had to say is that God himself would have come to them and apply his wrath. He, as of yet, has not. Therefore, there is no direct act of spiritual Blasphemy, but instead, only human plagiarism. The Royal Family would not have to carry their own crosses. They do have to relinquish the profits from Their King James Bible to me, Interim God. I would have my unlimited cash and credit and most likely so would all qualifying, including The Royal Family, the money would be moot yet would still need to be relinquished. That is how I, "Interim God", Saved The Queen.

  • Well that was sure was a lot of invading I'm not sure what dam people are English a smorgasbord I guess… you dam European's gotta stop this empire crap

  • The Romans did not bring roads to England. The roads were already there, built by the Celts.

  • I want to beat with a belt the guy who put subtitles on this

  • Wgat an awfulll vouce!! I can not ludten it ..pittty

  • HOU.IS.ENGLAN.🤢👽👽👾👾👽👾👽👾

  • London feels like a different country compared to most cities in England

  • This video while very good, is like flipping through a deck of cards. So much material covered in a short time. Interesting but dizzying.

  • What about the City of London (An archaic corporation) and the Duchy of Cornwall (owned by the Duke, Eldest son of Monarch), they are not constitutionally part of the country of England or ruled by the crown or subject to British law. They existed long before the Romans came, before the magna carta was signed and England was created

  • That voice. If you were my tutor in college I would have fallen asleep

  • A slight, sliiiiight bone to pick… Cornwall was never conquered by the Romans and remained celtic…

  • I used to rulleeeee theee worrrrldddd…..

  • 2000 years ago Jesus walked in Glastonbury England

  • Correction, the bog man you have pictured was found in Denmark in 1950 and has been dated from about 500 BC. At least that's what his driver's license says.

  • Why are the Borders so bad?

  • Nice video. But where’s uthred son of uthred?

  • Asterix has a druid – and he is in Gaul..!

  • England was first unified as a state in 927ad

  • You should have mentioned the Gauls were Celtic too and they also had druids

  • Great video, didn't know much about English History.

  • To be fair any one was free game for sacrifice, in fact kings who reigned during a famine or a military failure, often sacrificed them selves through a de-throning ritual that ended with them being sacrificed. I believe the Irish big man was one such case if I remember correctly.

  • All was going well until 12:23…. they were joined primarily by the Jews.

    Well…… shit.

  • It amazes me how John stayed in power….
    All his power came from his military. The only reason anyone obeyed him was because his military would enforce.
    What would happen if his seargents simply said….. No.
    All his power would dissolve instantly.

    What if one of his body guards just stabbed him in the neck? Poof. Gone.

    All the kings power was simply an illusion. It's crazy more of these kings weren't turned on by their own soldiers. Sdiers who were forced to fight ridiculous wars.
    Why did they remain loyal?
    Probably ecause the church fooled everyone into obedience with tales of hell and punishment in the afterlife.


  • well shit you just spoiled the last kingdom for me…

  • This is very much history by Anglo-Saxons for Anglo-Saxons. Cumbria was also part of this fringe the Anglo-Saxons referred to as Wales (a word that actually means Roman in old English, not ‘foreigner’ as is attested here. Also the mountainous regions of modern day Wales didn’t come under Roman control, therefore it’s rather a stretch to paint the whole place as though it were.

    The Germanic tribes offloaded onto Britain on various fronts. The first of these invasion battles was at Catterick in what is now the north of England. The Hengest and Horsa narrative hired as mercenaries to fight the Picts is regarded as a dark ages fantasy nowadays. Although there probably were Anglo-Saxon trading posts in Kent from quite early on.

  • What do you mean Keltic not Celtic? They were not primitive either. Celtic forever.


  • Why France's maps are always wrong ?

  • England conquered most of the world. Now the muslims are conquering you. Show some pride in your culture! The mayor of London is a fucking Muslim!

  • 20:38 Harold Bluetooth?

  • Cant believe we have only had 1 gay king and he was one of the worst monarchs lol

  • I'm from a town in Lincolnshire called Gainsborough, it was briefly the capital of England as sweyn forkbeard and cnut took their seat here, in fact we have two pubs next to each other named after each leader though one has been sadly turned into a wetherspoons

  • 23:12 England: "We will not be seeing any more vikings from now on. Thank god." Normandy: "You sure about that?"

  • Fascinating! loved it

  • Thanks for a brief synopsis of English history. I took History of England back in 1984 and found it's structure very confusing. I was a poor student at the time I must admit. While I am certain there are many facets of English history you had to minimize due to the format and time required, this was entertaining and informative. I wish I had seen this back in school a few times. If only to gain a perspective from which to ask intelligent questions. Well done sir and I look forward to your future work on other countries.

  • When we say "converted to Christianity", we actually mean Catholicism, correct?

  • I would take actual history over any phantastical mini-series, any day.

  • Shit hole

  • fuck on this disgusting nation. i utterly hate this nation and their pursue to invade and destroy everything that is superior to their discusting retarded culture(which is solely based on war). even their language is so simplistic that it perfectly suits their retarded mindset.

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