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Hello everyone Ruchiyoto here and welcome
to another episode on the history behind My Little Pony characters, a series where I talk
about the lore and origins on fictional characters. You already know the rest, so with that being
said, let’s begin on the history of Discord. Discord is a mythical creature known to Equestria,
and is said to represent the spirit of chaos. He was also the antagonist for the season
two premiere, accordingly to Princess Celestia, Discord once ruled Equestria causing nothing
but unhappiness for his amusement. Assuming Discord’s existence came known to
be, appearing right after the Tree of Harmony that was planted by the Pillars. Princess Celestia and her sister Princess
Luna casted a spell turning Discord into stone imprisoning him. But after the two sisters lost connection
to the elements, the spell was broken leaving Discord to break free. Making a return to create an everlasting chaos. Then Discord was imprisoned once more this
time by the main six where he then becomes a reformed villain later in season three as
Princess Celestia predicted. While it’s unclear how Discord came known
to be, his appearance remains a mystery which gives an example of confusion and even unknown
explanation of his fused body mixed of different living organisms or perhaps he was born that
way to balance with the elements. So he was classified as a “draconequus” and
is the definition of disharmony. Strange how this thing is even alive and capable
of using magic from other living beings. In the series, Discord’s behavior is often
questionable or usually annoying to the main characters. Occasionally, Discord slightly prefers to
go his way, but fails to accomplish his achievable goals. His magic is quite powerful, being able to
morphine and change reality with just a snap. While he managed to manipulate the characters,
Discord is capable of using trickery to get what he wants and gets a way with it. He even attempt to ultimately destroy the
characters with his plan portraying as a character from an old legend and united the past villains
so that the main characters would get stronger. He was also responsible for allowing King
Sombra roam freely and even managed to destroy the Tree of Harmony. Some fans suggest that Discord has a daughter
but knowingly there seems to be no evidence how Discord and Screwball are related, he
can’t possibly be the real father despite not looking like a pony. If that were the case, then Discord may possibly
be a pony or originally was. However, the creators aren’t exactly the type
of people to be “shipping” characters such as Discord and Fluttershy, although IDW Comics
support this in their own argument. Suggesting it’s not canon in this case. Overall Discord makes the impression of a
Star Trek character, he often lacks of enthusiasm however in some cases he is the one being
laughed at instead of others laughing with him. He has a secret admirer with Fluttershy, usually
attempting to impress her despite that he never expressed his feelings for her. In other circumstances he would screw up or
just basically cause trouble. Well that’s all I can share. If you have any character suggestions I’d
love to hear from you just comment below and I’d be happy to make a history analysis video
about it, thanks for watching, and I look forward seeing you next time.

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