History of Dementors (Everything You Need to Know)

Dementors are vicious creatures they
will not distinguish between the one they hunt and the one who gets in their
way it is not in the nature of a defender to be forgiving Dementors are
one of the most original features featured in the Harry Potter books while
most creatures in the series were taken from ancient folklore the mentors are
original creations from rolling rolling actually created them to represent her
real-life depression something that she really struggled with while writing the
series in this video I’m going to go over everything you need to know about
Dementors from their origins the powers and capabilities what happened to them
at the end of the series as well as a few of my own insights and theories into
things unknown so let’s get started let’s start with what they are and what
they’re capable of Dementors have human-like bodies are ten feet tall and
are covered in a dark hooded cloak the creatures suck all light and happiness
from the air and make anyone present extremely cold and depressed
everything went cold as though all the happiness had gone from the world they
are genderless and don’t mate but they do reproduce they grow like fungus where
there is decay basically cloning themselves in order to survive they feed
on positive emotions from human beings leaving their victims with nothing but
darkness when they do this they force their victims to relive their worst
memories and bring forward their darkest and most triggering thoughts their
victims often become extremely depressed and many are driven into insanity the
more Dementors there are the worse these effects get they’re only able to feed
and sense on human emotions meaning that they can’t do that with animals they
travel by gliding a few feet above the ground which makes sneaking up on their
victims very easy as they are silent as they do this the only people that are
able to see these creatures are wizards muggles and even squibs are unable to
see them however they can still sense their presence as well as be attacked by
them just like wizards and witches under their hood Dementors have rotting grey
skin empty eye sockets and a gaping hole where their mouths should be because
they have no eyes the creatures are blind however they can see by sensing
people’s fears sadness or any other dark emotions they use the hole in their face
to suck the soul out of its victims this is called the Dementors kiss when
they do this it leaves the victim as an empty shell alive but completely and
irreversibly gone a conversation that Lupin and Harry had really explains how
dark and serious this process is what they kill oh no much worse than that you
can exist without your soul but you’ll have no sense of self anymore
no memory no anything there’s no chance at all of recovery you’ll just exist in
empty shell and your soul was gone forever lost as of the events of
Prisoner of Azkaban no one knew what the face of a Dementor looked like this was
because anyone that had seen them take their hood
had gotten the Dementors kiss meaning that they couldn’t tell others what they
looked like as they were now pretty much gone just an empty shell unable to share
what they had seen while we had never actually seen or heard the mentor speak
during the series they are able to this fact is based on one line said by mr.
Weasley the guards told fudge that blacks been talking in his sleep for a
while now always the same words he’s at Hogwarts
this means that they were able to tell fudge the exact words he said meaning
that they can speak to humans the creatures posed a huge threat to
anyone that they went up against they were very strong and impossible to kill
the only thing that’s able to stop them from attacking you is the Patronus charm
which is very difficult to produce the charm is powered by happy memories of
the person casting in just any memory of a happy memory but how if the person
producing it is experienced they will create a Patronus charm that takes the
shape of an animal which is the user silvery-white guardian or protector the
charm blocks the effects of the Dementor from the person who cast the spell and
normally it makes it Dementors flee the majority of wizards are unable to
produce this however and the do so is normally considered a mark of superior
magical ability while that is the only thing that can help you during an actual
Dementor attack there is one thing that will help you after chocolate it is the
perfect antidote for anyone that has been overcome by the presence of
Dementors eat feel better this is only a short-term remedy however an excess of
chocolate consumption cannot benefit someone too far gone because of a
Dementor now let’s go over their origin and history the first place that they
were discovered was on an island somewhere in the North Sea during the
15th century they were in a fortress that would later be known as Azkaban
prison Dementors infested the entire fortress
and they shared it with one other person a wizard named exqueeze this he was
crazy and a very skilled Dark Wizard it’s not known exactly how the Dementors
were created but I think it’s very possible that excuse this was the one
that created them this theory makes sense seeing as he’s a very powerful
wizard who was very knowledgeable about dark magic
meaning that he could conjure something like this during his many years alone on
the island also the fact that the creatures don’t affect him the way that
they affect others leads me to believe that he was their creator which is also
why they don’t after him or give him the Dementors kiss
now that was my theory so now I’m gonna go back to the facts excuse this would
lure sailors to the tiny island the fortress was on and used the Dementors
to go after them a sport that he very much enjoyed after he died the
protection charms that he had put around the island disappeared and the ministry
discovered the fortress along with the Dementors they sent ministry workers to
investigate when they got there they were heavily affected by the Dementors
and refused to talk about what they had seen the very walls of the fortress gave
off misery and pain because of this many people thought that it was an evil place
that should be destroyed others argued not to do this because they were scared
of what the Dementors would do when they took their home they feared that they
would take revenge which would not go well for witches and wizards as
Dementors aren’t possible to kill he eventually decided to leave the
Dementors and the fortress alone many years later democlass role became
Minister for magic and he decided to use the fortress as a new prison and make
the Dementors be the guards the Dementors obeyed the ministry because
they were given constant souls to feed on which is really all that they wanted
the prison thrived with no breakouts and no security breaches for many many years
Azkaban however was a living hell most prisoners went insane and those that
died the Dementors buried them and the huge graveyard that they had made on the
islands that a perfect track record was broken three centuries later when Barty
Crouch jr. escaped when he switched places with his dying mother the
Dementors didn’t notice the difference because one dying person went in and one
dying person came out it’s also possible that they just didn’t care about the
switch as long as they had a soul to feed on many years later they caught
Barty Crouch jr. and the Dementors performed the Dementors kiss on him the
second person to get by the Dementors was Sirius Black he turned into a dog
which was his animagus form and walked past them with no problem as I said
earlier Dementors aren’t able to sense animals the way they are for humans
which is why it was so easy for Sirius to walk out the Dementors went on a
manhunt to find black first they boarded the train to Hogwarts where Harry Potter
was deeply affected by them the Dementors went to Hogwarts but
Dumbledore refused to let them on the grounds he did however allow them to be
on the out side of the grounds they spent most of
their time searching and hogs me the town next to Hogwarts this annoyed shop
owners including Madame Rose murder the owner of the Three Broomsticks if the
ministry wasn’t sending Dementors in tonight of every other night one day to
the fury of Dumbledore they came on the grounds and on to the Quidditch pitch
there they made Harry pass out and fall off of his broom the Dementors are
supposed to come inside the grounds Dumbledore was furious later that year a
whole army of Dementors found serious along with Harry and Hermione by the
edge of the lake they were seconds away from giving serious and Dementors kiss
when an enormous patron is formed driving all of the Dementors away they
later found out that it was cast by Harry from the future the summer before Harry’s fifth year at
Hogwarts Dementors sent by Dolores Umbridge went
after him and Dudley because Dudley was a muggle he couldn’t see them but he
still felt their presence and was also greatly affected by them
just a tip to you how a boy is called young harry ended up saving both of them
using his Patronus to drive them off a few months later the Dementors joined
Voldemort and rebelled against the ministry Voldemort offered the Dementors
many more souls to feed on and souls that were considerably less drained they
had drained most of the prisoners in Azkaban so getting fresh Souls was very
intriguing for them once they joined Voldemort and stopped guarding the
prison there were two masked Death Eater breakouts once Voldemort took over the ministry he
started using Dementors in the actual Ministry of Magic specifically in the
courtroom where they were persecuting innocent muggle-borns and Harry Ron and
Hermione infiltrated the ministry they released the Dementors from the
courtroom and they went after them Harry Ron and Hermione used their patronesses
to free both themselves and the innocent muggle-borns who an award also had them
in Hogsmeade another place that the trio came into conflict with them how he had
the uses Patronus to protect them which blew their cover but Aberforth
Dumbledore saved them when the Battle of Hogwarts started they fought alongside
Voldemort and his Death Eaters during the battle the trio faced the Dementors
and they were so caught up in the grief over Fred’s death that they weren’t able
to summon the happiness they needed to cast the Patronus charm how he was so
far gone he welcomed the fate of the Dementors kiss
luckily Seamus Finnigan Luna Lovegood and Ernie Macmillan saved them at the
last second as they cast their own Patronus charms to drive the Dementors
away when there was a ceasefire the Dementors went into the Forbidden Forest
with Voldemort and the other Death Eaters as Harry walked towards Voldemort
he faced them but he was shielded by the presence of his fallen loved ones
including his parents Sirius and Lupin after the Battle of Hogwarts and the end
of the second Wizarding war Kingsley Shacklebolt took over as minister for
magic and rid Azkaban of all Dementors and replaced them with ORS it’s unknown
what exactly happened to the Dementors after they were shunned and no longer
the guards of Azkaban but I do have a theory in Deathly Hallows we saw that
Voldemort put the Dementors in the ministry and maybe they could stay there
perhaps in another part of the ministry maybe even the Department of mysteries
we know that that’s where they kept many dangerous and mysterious things such as
brains prophecies time Turner’s the Vale and so much more so the Dementors would
fit in very well we also know that it’s certainly big enough to house the
creatures it’s possible that they’re locked away there forever
not about does it thank you so much for watching guys if you enjoyed this video
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