History In The Making #SAD!

For the first time this century and 4th time
in history the U.S. Congress is exploring impeachment of a President. Welcome back to FrontPageLive.com, I’m Carl
Cameron. Trump is accused of withholding congressionally
approved military support for Ukraine to coerce the country into helping Trump win reelection
with a bogus debunked conspiracy theory trashing his political rival Joe Biden in advance of
next year’s Presidential election. The testimony and documentation from George
Kent, the State Department’s Senior official in charge of Ukraine, and Bill Taylor, the
Senior American diplomat in Ukraine, amounts to a devastating indictment of Trump and his
Administration for abuse of power. “I wrote that withholding security assistance
in exchange for help with a domestic political campaign in the United States would be crazy. I believe that then and I believe that now… This condition was driven by the irregular
policy channel I had come to understand was guided by Mr. Giuliani… The directive had come from the President,
the Chief of Staff, to OMB. In an instant I realized that one of the key
pillars of our strong support for Ukraine was threatened and the irregular policy channel
was run contrary to the goals of long standing U.S. policy.” All told to date 11 witnesses have been called
to testify this week and next. Republican and Democratic committee members
have already begun to clash. Operatives and activists in both parties are
grinding out talking points and messaging advice. Do not forget: impeachment is a political
process. But facts matter. Alternative facts amount to willful ignorance. Trump’s allies will try everything to change
the subject and obscure the facts. If facts do not matter what happens to future
generations? And what happens to “We the People”? Thanks for visiting Frontpagelive. Please subscribe to our newsletter and share
us on social media and get involved. It is time to protect and defend our Constitution
and our elections.

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