History and Geography in Tomb Raider – Official Trailer

In 1996, exacly 20 years ago, Tomb Raider, one of the most influential videogames of all time, first saw the light of day. Its protagonist, Lara Croft, has since shaped the industry and pop culture alike being amongst the most iconic fictional women of all time, and having made countless appearances in her games, in two feature films, in comics and novels, on the covers of magazines, in music, and on television. In her many adventures across the globe, the famous British treasure hunter has visited the most exotic and fabled locations including lost cities and tombs; Mythical temple ruins, a sunken luxury liner, an ancient remote monastery in the Himalayas, and many many more. In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the franchise, “History and Geography in Tomb Raider” is going to take you on an intriguing journey through the franchise, showcasing a number of locations Lara has visited in the course of her games, whilst giving you a basic understanding and overview of the historical sites and other venues including their stories. As well as explaining their relation to the plot, and characters of the games. At the end of each episode, you’ll hopefully have learned something new about many of the geographical and historical areas featured in the vast and fascinating world of Tomb Raider.

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