HIStory 3: Make Our Days Count -Episode 9- Ending Theories Discussion

As you all may know episode 9 of HIStory
3: Make Our Days Count came out yesterday and the ending was this suspicious ass
cliffhanger I wanted to discuss some theories people
put in the comments and also throw in my own. The teaser for episode 10 didn’t
help much, but Thomas looked fine with that haircut. I’m making this a few hours
after the release of episode 9 and the teaser for episode 10 so if I’m missing
any (and I’m missing a lot ) of other theories then my apologies. 1- Xia De
This one is more of a far reach and my own weird theory. He caught my eye in the
first episode right away since he kept defending Xi Gu and even tried helping
him up. He is seen worrying about him throughout the times where Hao Ting was
messing around. I was ready to give up on the idea that maybe he likes him or
something, but then, when he dropped that carrot fact, I was like oh wait a minute My theory was that he’ll come out of
nowhere and start talking to Xi Gu like when Hao Ting rounds that corner he’ll see them together in an intimate way and that’s why he has that confused /
concerned face I told you my theory was weird….I really
wish they would have showed us a little bit more of how Xia De feels, but you know
he could just be a good classmate / friend so I- Two- hit by a car or motorbike. These scenes are neither common or rare. In the clip we see Xi Gu
turning around to run and meet up with Hao Ting and then it fades to black,
Hao Ting appears in the next screen and someone in the comments pointed out
that the vehicle behind him could be an ambulance. Hao Ting looked confused
and like he was trying to see around other people this theory makes sense, but I don’t think they would do us like that. Then
again, I can’t trust history (not in a bad way) after episode 6 happened. I do want to say that
Xi Gu is alive since I saw comments talking about the title hitting them
like a “ton of bricks” I was scared for the episode 10 teaser, but he was shown
in there although it looked off, I was relieved 3- A fire starting in the
apartment. I saw people saying that a fire could happen since Hao Ting left the stove on after he ran out to meet with Xi Gu this is a possible one as well
and in general I think something bad will happen in the apartment whether
it’s a fire or an argument between Hao Ting and Xi Gu. Moving somewhere
new together, especially during a time as important as going onto university is
difficult. I lied about the episode 10 teaser not revealing a lot…..Anyways I
think the fire scene would go like this Hao Ting looks around the corner and
doesn’t see Xi Gu at first, gets worried, but then sees him and gives him
the wallet. They talked for a little bit and then Xi Gu tells him he has to go
or maybe even reminds him about the stove, then Hao Ting runs back only to see
smoke… This is just a random thought, I don’t think there is a certain person who would come back just to hurt Xi Gu. Hao Ting ended things on good terms with his ex and she hasn’t appeared since. The ex’s friend that got Xi Gu and
Hao Ting in trouble could be a possibility. I highly doubt this, but I’m
giving that theory a go too In the end HIStory could just be playing
us and nothing bad will happen …Hao Ting looks around the corner and
doesn’t see Xi Gu at first, gets worried, sees an ambulance pass by, gets
even more worried, sees a crowd of people gathering, but then Xi Gu comes out of
nowhere and goes “Where’s my wallet?” Don’t worry too much guys and let’s hope
for a happy ending, goodbye! Now wait until next week when I’m proven wrong
and I look like a whole clown.

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