Historical Site in Virtual Reality

So behind me we have an amazing experience
called Province House Virtual Reality. We worked with the University of Prince Edward
Island and the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering to develop the virtual reality
experience. Province House Virtual Reality is set to provide visitors with an opportunity
to experience Province House during its closure for conservation work. The full experience
is completely immersive. Visitors put on a headset and have some controllers and once
they are fully delved into the experience they can walk the halls of Province House
in virtual reality. So I had the chance to work with four exceptional students in the
senior design clinic. It was a very eye-opening experience on my end, but I think also from
their perspective. I got to learn a lot from them and I hope they got to learn a lot from
the project, and it was a fantastic experience. Parks Canada was a great client. At our expo
a couple of months ago, the reaction was overwhelming. There was a lineup out the door, it won People’s
Choice Award, the reaction to it has just been incredible, and I’m excited to see what
the reaction is when it opens on July 1st. I’m most proud of how well everything came
together at the end, since we were working with three separate groups: us, Parks Canada,
and another university in Trinidad and Tobago with two of their animation students. They
did a lot of the actual visuals you will see in the game. The mouldings, the windows, the
lights. They did a lot of those visual aspects, and they did a spectacular job. Engaging youth
is a very important aspect of Parks Canada’s work, and so being able to work with UPEI
on this project was a great way for us to reach those youth audiences, and allow them
to have and make connections with both our natural and cultural heritage, which Parks
Canada is responsible for protecting and presenting.

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