Historical house moved to new site on Centre College’s campus

A CENTRAL KENTUCKY COLLEGE OVERNIGHT. BUT IT’S NOT WHAT YOU MIGHT THINK. HUNDREDS WATCHED CREWS MOVE AN ENTIRE HOME… THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE CAMPUS OF CENTRE COLLEGE. WKYT’S WHITNEY WETZEL IS IN DANVILLE WITH REACTION TO THE HISTORIC MOVE. WHITNEY INTRO: Workers were out well into the early morning hours moving this two-story house half of a mile to this site on Centre College’s Greek Row. SOT: Mike Wilder/Boyle County Emergency Management Director “The thing of it is, We went through the middle of Danville with it. To take care of all the obstacles and all the people involved, it was quite a feat. It was quite a feat to get it done.” VO: A feat that took months of planning and a trailer moving at a snail’s pace. Fast forward an hour and a half later, and this historical building that once sat on North Fifth Street now has a new home on West Walnut. SOT: President John Roush, Centre College “Well, this is a house that we were not going to be able to take down and we decided to make lemonade out of lemons and we’re now moving it.” VO: Kentucky law requires any moves like this to take place at midnight to minimize inconvenience. But the event that hasn’t happened in more than four decades in Danville turned into quite the party. SOT: Hari Perisic/Student “This is what my college is about. It’s about having a good time. all of the sororities fraternities. Everybody’s out here. It’s a good time. There’s some professors out here saying hello.It’s a great vibe here at Centre College.I love it here.” SOT: President John Roush/Centre College “We like to think of Centre College as being a place of adventure. Tonight the adventure continues.” WHITNEY TAG: Now I spoke with emergency management officials this morning who tell me crews will begin working to move the house to its permanent foundation as soon as possible… and after that, they’ll begin renovations. In Danville, Whitney Wetzel, WKYT. SCHOOL LEADERS SAY THE HOME WILL BE USED TO HOUSE BETWEEN EIGHT AND TEN STUDENTS BEGINNING THIS FALL.

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