Highest Paying Jobs That Can Never Be Outsourced

It’s the same story all around the world. The workers come into their jobs ready to
do an honest day’s work for a day’s pay, but instead they’re met by their boss. “We’re restructuring the company”, the
boss man says. And by that, he means they’re outsourcing
all the jobs overseas. The jobs are shifted to other countries where
they can pay the workers less, bigger profits come back to the execs, and the workers here
go to the unemployment line. So here you are, searching the wanted ads
for a well-paying job that won’t get outsourced. And don’t think about asking your dad for
help – he’s looking at the same wanted ads! What’s a job-seeker to do? Let’s look at some of the best-paying jobs
on the market that are completely outsourcing-proof. First up, the carpenter. This is one of humanity’s oldest professions,
going back to ancient times when people decided, hm, I think I’d like a roof over my head! And this cave has bears in it. People soon learned to build houses out of
straw, wood, and stone. And they needed someone to build them. Today, carpenters are skilled tradespersons
working on houses and furniture, and they earn over $40,000 a year in most states. Making this job even more appealing, you can
become a carpenter without racking up student loan debt. Most states license carpenters through a state
competency exam and an apprenticeship training program where you learn under a master carpenter. If you have a high school diploma and are
willing to put in some hard work and learn from the best, a stable and reliable job awaits
you. Why will carpenters never find their jobs
outsourced overseas? Low-cost remote workers can design the homes
and companies can automate the lumber processing, but carpentry needs a human touch. Someone has to make sure the pieces are being
placed right to guarantee the house is stable, the weather won’t get in, and the parts
will last the test of time. Carpentry’s been keeping people employed
locally since the first cities were built, and it’s not going to stop any time soon. Next up is the retail sales manager. I know what you’re thinking – retail? Aren’t those jobs with a lot of turnover
that mostly employ part-time workers? In a lot of stores, yes – but those part-time
workers need someone to manage them, and a good manager is worth their weight in gold
to the corporation. The retail sales manager has the keys to the
store in their hand, and they have a lot of responsibility. They interview and hire new workers, they
schedule the shifts, they evaluate the performance of the people under them, and they manage
the store’s policy and security. A retail sales manager is the face of the
store, and the median salary for sales managers topped $50,000 in 2016. Many retail sales managers have a two-year
business degree, which can be earned from a community college with low tuition. However, if you have retail sales experience,
you may be able to jump right into the role. Why won’t the retail sales manager be getting
outsourced any time soon? Think back to the last time you saw an angry
customer. You can hear them right now, can’t you? “Why isn’t my coupon being honored? I want to speak to your manager!”. Do you think they’d be happy talking to
someone on a computer screen? No, every retail store needs an on-site manager
to calm the customer down, make sure the store doesn’t lose their business, and if necessary
firmly remind them of policy. Plus, for hiring new employees, being able
to do a face-to-face interview will make it much easier to find the right candidate. One field of work that is never getting outsourced
is food service, and that’s why the catering manager is one of the best positions to apply
for right now. If you’ve worked in a restaurant or fast
food restaurant before, you know how hectic it can be. Imagine if you were serving that food on the
most important days of a person’s life. Caterers handle weddings, funerals, retirement
parties, graduations, and many other events. They cook up large quantities of food and
serve it to crowds of hundreds. To make sure it goes off without a hitch,
every catering company needs a trusted manager that has experience in both leading a team
and in food prep. The median salary for a catering manager is
almost $50,000, and one of the big advantages of this position is that it doesn’t require
an advanced degree. Many companies will hire someone who worked
their way up the ladder in food service, but a two-year business degree will make you much
more appealing. Food service positions will be the last to
be outsourced or automated, because you need hands-on workers. And when you have dozens of workers running
around, trying to make an event happen, you need that one person making sure everything
runs smoothly. One dropped pan, or one missed ingredient
can spell disaster for an entire event and lead to hundreds of angry customers! Not when the catering manager is around. As long as there’s events to cater, and
cranky mothers of the bride to demand everything goes Just. Right, there’ll be catering managers on
set to keep all those balls they’re juggling in the air. Next up is a job no one’s excited to see,
but everyone’s excited to get – the dental hygienist. No one’s looking forward to a visit to the
dentist, but we need to keep our teeth clean and soon the dentist is poking around in our
mouths – with his trusted dental hygienist by his side. This skilled worker isn’t a certified dentist,
but they do many of the basic tasks of dentistry to make the job easier for the dentist so
they can focus on the trickier jobs like filling cavities. Demand for dental hygienists is going up,
and getting into the field is much easier than getting your dental license. Instead of medical school and a pile of student
loan debt, you’ll need a two-year associate’s degree in dental hygiene and a certification. License requirements vary from state by state,
but what doesn’t vary is how well-paid the job is – an average of $71,000 a year. Why will your dental hygienist’s job never
be outsourced? Because you can’t have someone poking around
in your mouth, cleaning your teeth, and rinsing you out from across the Pacific Ocean, can
you? The most outsourcing-proof jobs are the ones
that require deft hands and constant presence to help someone else do their jobs, and your
dentist doesn’t want to do all that work themselves. As long as people have teeth, and there are
dentists to clean them, the dental hygienist will be a great career opportunity. There are only a few certainties in life. You have to pay your taxes, your alarm clock
will fail to go off at the worst possible time, and death comes for everyone. Death is a part of life, but that inevitability
makes the Funeral Director one of the best outsourcing-proof jobs on the market today. The funeral director, or mortician, not only
handles bodies and prepares them for burial or cremation, but they provide essential moral
support to those who have just suffered a loss. Funeral directors can either go into business
themselves, working with local funeral homes and cemeteries to carry out arrangements,
or they can work as an in-house director for a funeral home. The average salary is over $50,000, and most
states only require a two-year Associates degree in Mortuary Science. Why will the funeral director never be outsourced? Many of their functions can be sent abroad,
like communicating with cemeteries and making plans, and much of the hands-on work like
embalming is performed by workers employed by the director. But what can’t be replaced is that personal
touch of a kind and compassionate funeral director greeting the family of the deceased
and letting them know that their loved one will be honored by the services. A funeral director who can work well with
mourners will never have to worry about their job. Ready to get your hands dirty? One of the best outsourcing-proof professions
for over a century is to become a plumber. These skilled handymen are responsible for
handling the water, sewage, and drainage systems in private and public residents. A clog in a toilet or a leaky pipe is a minor
disaster at home, and can easily be a major disaster if it hits an office building or
school. It’s also hard for the untrained eye to
figure out if it’s a minor problem or a major one, and attempts to fix it on your
own can make it worse. Tell dad to put those pliers away! Like a carpenter, most plumbers get their
start by working as an apprentice to a master plumber or completing a one-to-two year program
at a trade school. Plumbing may have a reputation as blue-collar
work, but it takes a skilled set of hands and a good knowledge of the systems to do
the job, and it pays off – to the tune of a $50,000 salary per year. Plumbing is a hands-on job and is outsourcing-proof,
but there’s another element that makes it one of the best bets for long-term employment. Casual calls to a plumber are rare, and emergency
calls are common. When a pipe is backing up, or the toilet won’t
flush, there’s no time to wait for a plumber to clear their schedule or send someone over. That’s why the most successful plumbers
work locally and make same-day calls. There are top plumbing companies that employ
large staffs, but it’s also easy for an independent plumber to hang their sign and
go into business with the people they already know. The energy market is hotter than ever as countries
ramp up their domestic oil and gas production, and those hard-working men and women on the
rig need to know they’re safe. That’s where the petroleum engineer comes
in. Equal parts scientists and plumber, the petroleum
engineer travels to new oil-drilling sites and works with maps of the ground to find
the most efficient and safe ways to get to the mother lode lurking underneath miles of
dirt and rock. This is a highly skilled position, and requires
a Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. But because it’s an in-demand position,
many oil companies are willing to pay off student loans when they hire someone with
the right background. Expect to travel a lot while working as a
petroleum engineer, and every site is its own puzzle with millions of dollars in oil
and the safety of the rig workers at stake. But if you can handle the pressure, you’ll
be rewarded to the tune of an average salary of over $100,000 a year. Oil companies guard their secrets closely,
and they’re going to be hesitant to outsource any of their positions. The petroleum engineer is one of the people
who will have the most information about the makeup of the oil site and what it’s holding,
so the company wants a single trusted individual for long-term work. If you have the right background and prove
yourself to the company, this is one of the most stable and lucrative outsourcing-proof
jobs available. As long as there’s oil to be pulled out
of the ground, the oil companies will need you at the next site. What do old and young people often have in
common? Both make visits to occupational therapists
to help them learn how to manage basic tasks they’re having trouble with. The occupational therapist trains people in
skills such as hand-eye coordination, and are more needed than ever due to the aging
population – but you’ll need a graduate degree to get the position. There’s that giant pile of student debt
again. But if you want a ticket to a well-paying
job, consider becoming an occupational therapy assistant. The therapist plans the day’s activities,
briefs you on the clients and what they need, and you help them carry out the exercises
and make sure they’re making progress. You’ll report back to the therapist with
progress reports on the patients and keep track of billing, making it easier for the
therapist to focus on new patients. With an average salary of over $55,000 and
only needing a two-year college degree to get started, it’s the perfect starting position
for anyone looking to get into the medical field. Why will the occupational therapy assistant
never be outsourced? Well, you can’t send the patients abroad
for exercises, can you? The job requires a hands-on and compassionate
touch, and it also needs close contact with the therapist. As long as people are aging and need help
with staying independent, and as long as children need help catching up to their peers in school,
the position will be needed and the therapists will need help. Most hospitals and community colleges offer
programs that will let you get a hands-on education while earning your certification. Which of these jobs are you ready to jump
into? It’s too bad there’s no outsourcing-proof
job watching videos on YouTube, but don’t let that stop you. If you liked this video, check out “Highest
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