Hide Results From Spotlight Searches In Mac OS X

hello today’s videos going to be talking
about how to exclude files, folders, applications, anything you want from
spotlight search results i have this folder and show you how to hide it from spotlight search results now has a variety of reasons why you may
want to do this actually hiding it is very simple. There is two methods to actually hide them. i have a search here for this folder, to highlight what happens when you exclude a file from searching the first step is to open system preferences within your applications folder when it opens up select the spotlight preference pane and select the privacy tab now to hide a folder you can drag it into this little window, the same way for adding files and applications you will notice that the spotlight search has disappeared from Finder if you want to get rid of the file so you can search for it again you can press the minus button at the bottom of the window just like that the search will appear this is also the same for the spotlight search within your menu bar you can also hide files and folders a different way you can select this folder here and add .noindex you’ll notice that the file has
disappeared from the Finder spotlight search adding .noindex is an old way of hiding things but it works quite well to get it back you simply remove the .noindex the file has reappeared now sometimes you pop in old new users from old Mac’s the .noindex can actually appear on the user folder itself if you see it an want to get is searched you can do it this way you mac has a lot of built in preferences to help you work with your mac if you have enjoyed this video please subscribe as I will have more videos in the future

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