Hide Pinterest Profile from Google Search Engine

Open your Pinterest profile Goto ‘Settings’ option Look for ‘Search Privacy’ section on Account Settings page Set it to ‘Yes’ to hide your Pinterest profile from Search Engines Click ‘Save Changes’ button at bottom to confirm changes

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  • Why is this a fucking video? 20% is crap, the rest is a couple lines of text.

  • To anyone who came here because they actually searching for : "hide ALL pinterest search results found in google", there is a workaround solution.

    If you're using chrome, download the add-on 'Personal Blocklist (by Google)', you can then just add pinterest to the list of domains you want to block.

    Trust me, it's a blessing to not have to encounter matches from that worthless pinterest site anymore, which particularly comes into play when browsing google images!

  • I got here from trying to figure out how to get pinterest to stop showing up in google image searches….this doesn't particularly help.

  • Do you have any videos that shows how to obliterate pinterest from my google image searches? This video is great I guess, but what if you do not have a pinterest account? I made one when P was new and I thought it cute, now I think it is a pain in the bottom drawer! I had no idea that Pinterest would become the bully of the internet!

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