Hidden History: FALLOUT 4 Companions

Some prefer to wander the wasteland alone,
exploring the ruins without assistance from anyone, completely isolated. Some of us though,
can’t go anywhere in a Fallout game without a trusted companion by our side. Because seriously,
what’s a battle to the death against a Legendary Deathclaw without anyone to share it with?
So this week we’re going to take a look at a few of our companion buddies from throughout
Fallout’s long history. We’ve covered the inspiration behind Fallout’s
most famous companion, Dogmeat, in a few previous videos, so instead let’s first focus on
the “Contagions Vulnerability Robotic Infirmary Engineer”, or as she’s better known, Curie.
This name is taken from one of the most important scientists of the twentieth century, the physicist
and chemist Marie Skłodowska Curie. Not only was she the first and only woman in history
to win two Nobel prizes, but her work also has a very clear connection to the themes
of Fallout. This is because Marie Curie coined the term “radioactivity” to describe the
behavior she observed in uranium and thorium. Obviously, radiation plays a huge role in
Fallout universe, but their is also a parallel to be found in the fact that the robot Curie
is quite an accomplished chemist herself, having perfected one the greatest cures in
history. Oh and taking the connection to Fallout to a more depressing place, the real Curie
died in 1934 due to her exposure to radiation…she was apparently all out of Radaway.
First appearing in Fallout 3 and carrying over to Fallout 4, Robert Joseph (or RJ) MacCready
gets his name from one of Bethesda’s favorite movies: John Carpenter’s The Thing. The
film stars Kurt Russell as RJ MacReady, a dead serious badass who quickly becomes the
leader of his group after they are invaded by aliens. This is not dissimilar from RJ
MacReady in Fallout 3, who is becomes a leader at a young age due to his gruff attitude and
resourcefulness. You know who’s awesome? Codsworth. The development team at Bethesda knew that as one of the primary companions in Fallout 4, Codsworth had to
be one of the most likable characters in the game. That’s why, according to Senior Character
Artist Dennis Mejillones, they wanted to make sure Codsworth had “Bigger doe eyes [that]
give you the sense of something more cute”. To accomplish this, Mejillones says he turned
to the design of 1950s scooters, specifically their headlights, for inspiration, since they
had that “fun, friendly feel” he was looking for. Speaking of Codsworth, the list of names
the robot is able to say is basically an overload of references. There are real world figures,
such as everyone on the Zenimax Board of Directors: this includes Pirates of the Caribbean producer
Jerry Bruckheimer and Robert “Brother of Donald” Trump, among others. But Codsworth
also contains references to some beloved geek franchises as well, the name “Furiosa”
is, of course, a reference to the recent Mad Max: Fury Road, “Marty” and “McFly”
are obvious nods to Back to the Future, and “Buffy” and “Angel” are likely references
to the work of Joss Whedon. Of course, Bethesda included some loving for gaming as well, as
seen in Metal Gear Solid’s “Snake” and Dishonored’s “Corvo” being represented.
I also made a character named Walter White, and he called him Mr. White! Didn’t say
bitch, though. Dammit. You could spend an hour or two on all the references found in
Codsworth’s name list alone, but I think you get the idea.
Next let’s jump over to Fallout 3. It will be obvious to most that the name of the companion
“Fawkes” is a reference to the famous would-be revolutionary Guy Fawkes, who attempted
to blow up England’s King James the 1st in 1605. Fawkes himself says as much in the
game, claiming that his name “Comes from a man who was willing to fight and die for
what he believed in”. But the reference gets a bit more interesting from there. Guy
Fawkes, of course, served as the inspiration behind Alan Moore’s famous comic V for Vendetta,
where the protagonist, V, wears a mask depicting Guy Fawkes. In the comic, V is trapped in
cell number 5, this parallels Fawkes’ story in Fallout 3, where he is trapped in isolation
in Room 5 inside Vault 87. Oh and you know how everyone is just sooo
in love with Dogmeat? Well, honestly it kind of makes me feel bad for New Vegas’ Rex.
What? Just because he’s a weird robot, cyborg thing no one likes Rex? That’s not cool.
So here’s one for my favorite Robo-Dog. Rex’s name actually has a hidden meaning,
in Latin, the word “Rex” translates to “King”. This is no coincidence, considering
Rex is owned by New Vegas’ favorite Elvis impersonator, The King. That’s all for this week. Be sure to like, subscribe and share so we can keep making
Hidden History until the end of time itself! So last week we asked you about the Door To
Nowhere in Dishonored, and what game franchise that was referencing and the answer was Portal!
This week our question is a little bit different: it’s not about a video game, it’s about
Shoddycast History. Josh and Kyle recently did a video where they mentioned there was
a channel before Shoddycast, and that it was coldly eliminated by copywrite strikes. What
was the name of this first channel?

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