HH Holmes by Great Great Grandson Jeff Mudgett – Part 1 – Our Haunted Travels

what would you do if you found out that
you were the descendant of a really terrible incredibly awful person well
hello there para peeps and welcome to this edition of our haunted travels
I’m your host Mary and oddly I’m solo today and I’m gonna tell you a little
bit about Jeff budgets speech that he had there out in Toledo where we were at
the mid-west para fest conference this past week so we do have some video clip
it’s for you of his speech but I just wanted to tell you a little bit about it
first as I had mentioned a little bit ago I said hey what would you do if you
found out that your family member you were a descendant of somebody who is
just really awful well Jeff much it did and this is gonna
be a little bit of information that he has for you that he’ll tell you from his
own mouth about some of his experiences and things that he’s gone through ever
since he found out and this will even include some behind the scenes
information about the series that he was part of on the History Channel called
American Ripper alright I’m gonna turn this over to Chad
dye the lead investigator for Erie Shores paranormal and the head of the
Midwest pair fest conference yes you do his 8 episodes and it’s
fantastic stuff and one of the start of that show and author I’d like to get
ready to think out of the box we’re talking about a man the Chicago Tribune
called the greatest as an example there’s a man
who sold natural gas to investors at the property named having run the gas line
under the street and I’m also the last speaker who doesn’t prepare the
statement I love to talk off the cuff shoot-from-the-hip answer all your
questions so if you’ve got any questions at all about about American River about
working with History Channel about how the movies coming out about
which i think is going to prove my theory one simple explanation of all and
how history may enforce to a viewing of the FBI Scotland Yard the University and
any questions you have those things took a turn years ago it self-published to
mutate over 15,000 which is a self-published all of it we were
recently rejected by Random House we asked them to publish it they took a
look at it they said no they said that it
conflicted with their esta almost of all time Devon wasted my book was too another person finally the people of
Hollywood we’re going to buy my movie rights to the book and they’re gonna
make it and they finally understood the story that was driving this out they’re
not going to do a period piece about 1890 they’re gonna do a modern horror
story about man who wakes up one day to have his grandfather telling the
terrible family secret about his origins and where he came from from the most
evil man in American history and how that evil spirit chases him in order to
step into those same footsteps and that’s a chance to watch that one of the things that happened during
the filming of American River was I have to realize how L didn’t show us are made
and how some like me or my rather than walk away from it I’ve been working the
last two years on the gaps they left and the story about Anatomy injector River
and the evidence that they about our exhumation of the body at Holy Holy
Cross Cemetery outside of Philadelphia and Chad didn’t create introduction
explaining to you that I’m not here to talk about paranormal but I’m here to
talk about forensic science and the evidence involved improving those two
theories of mine which which many men believe are crazy conspiracy theories
that I that I worked out a little against to try to sell three more copies
of the book recently the FBI from Bethany and they
told me that they were going to write a new article about handwriting expertise
which played a big part in my theory that Holmes was the Ripper in that
handwriting from the severe boss the famous chapter 11 to match the course on
this that my grandfather didn’t meeting halls as practiced trial on California
Newton and writing basically always broke down in a criminal trial from one
expert saying the handwriting matches another leading it up to the jury which
generally did not find beyond a reasonable doubt of the status field
with him knowing that I took the dear boss which all right level of the dear
boss lender in the forest violence to Professor adopters 3 Rd of the
University of Buffalo who had just created the cedar Fox computer program
to compare and read well they contacted me to say that they
were writing an article giving him his rights back that computer program was
the one name for not using in criminal trials and the one Scotland Yard was 90
km Colonel Charles Kennard even asked me for a copy of the data that came back
from our blossom and I’ll be releasing that when let’s say a Facebook page as
soon as I get the copy for India and what they said was that they had looked
at the numbers and that the similarities that had been established which I talked
about it me are you ready
just gonna give us a secret started the story had always been to arrange staring eyes and has passed in those
sockets how could have been the filthy filthy
human being my family’s life down the tree for generating new financial
backing from and out like history or National Geographic was one of the
correction don’t get me wrong I always believed poles was the river and the
oxide that was never my theory to begin with there were gentlemen to agree
Philadelphia had that and they come to be with their evidence and I’ve taken
that evidence to the doctor the FBI they didn’t believe me and the way I got
them to do that was I showed them the evidence we had that Holmes had pulled
off the greatest Americans by escaping his execution and having
another one substituted in his place obtaining a blank check from new
problems last year of play the judge the jury foreman prosecutor marcin and my
city called it almost curse that he used a supernatural to explain what happened
in his people definitely terrible news for and now my history listening to me
that it wasn’t about the super now it was about this man this time that ever
lived kind of cockney in his scheme you’ve seen the mo that he was famous
for he able to do in life insurance fraud and substituted that burden the
body terribly Meredith arranged the life insurance company so they were very excited about this man
we spent a lot of money getting boffins receiving the permission from the court
Philadelphia to exhume the my family had to sign off on every member of my family
had to say yes you can imagine and be explaining to them why this was
important not only to me but to us so the way I did was I explained them you
know for generations I just run away from this horrible sting terrible story
and that despite having these chromosomes these genes one was the mayor
I don’t think jr. which which is a great at holding which is a great proof to
show society and human you look at it’s not about where everything it’s not the
blood we made over I wholeheartedly agree with
Jeff on this I take my students out in the hall a lot and talk to them about
different things when they’re not really making the right choices and I try to
get them to see that their life is not defined by what family they’re in or
what their home life is like it’s really no matter whether there have a great
home life or a poor home life it’s all about the choices that you make that’s
what makes your character that’s what makes you you and that’s what it’s gonna
lead you to your future what kind of future do you want the University of
Pennsylvania some of the finest anthropologists and archaeologists
through the world read I still have two great friends there dr. Hans and dr. Cox
who were the actual before the execution funny he walked
into the jail stuff this is one of my favorites two pages later ESA’s and I’m discussing
his mental conditions and he doesn’t exhibit any of the knowledge of the
doctor who graduated from the University of Michigan and Holmes has a degree in
most the people that think one step I don’t think by Holmes automatically say
see the doctor is not recognized who is used in the examination for I
would move those next two steps now having been burned by the holes in that
was them preparing the press to the scaffolding and wasn’t recognizable when
they substituted the band so we had permission to dig the you review you did
this assistance history is funding the first 20 different periods for the
director the producer history and indeed were there the tops the Catholic Church
Valladares I was just spinning we were rated B by this was all of a walk away
from me amaryllis my co-host one of the most brilliant human beings I’ve ever
met I used to call her spelling onset history whose reference to violence
she was a see Tracy I invested she got me I liked the engineer ground radar
engineered to move to the next block and go to
deeper and they found a solid mass they could be bourbon and they came up
concrete concrete the legends that all possible but changed everything was fine
and then on top of the concrete we found a beautiful cross and on the cross and I
ask you to think about this this is also treat me on the cross it said
h-h-h-hold died May 7 1896 his crit – he just converted to Catholicism the
chances are that manhood that criminal aliases that it’s God didn’t even
process we kept in the country thinking concrete
they start cracking it idle and was way too heavy first of all and history was
going way over budget on the exhibition it’s the most expensive scenes they ever
shot in history and histories channel history as the concrete was a horrible
sight it was and they didn’t show much of it to you on the show the last 15
minutes of the final episode America most disappointing or they just run out
of time trying to finish and the director of intricate referees
that cruise all over us we got a drone over ahead we got enemy season trees
filming everything it was it was the exact media surface of the judgment
order he didn’t want and the directors to Jack yeah you got to be the
anthropologist and it in the concrete with them well this is kind of where I differ from
Jeff a little bit you know he was saying that he didn’t want to jump down there
into that you know grave and and start digging with the archaeologists I would
have been like amaryllis I would have been right down in there that would have
been like okay and he also said that you know he was deciding write that in there
that he did not want to be buried he want to be cremated when I was digging
the grave yard that I worked on for an archeological dig that’s when I
officially 100% said I’m going to be buried I’d never want to be cremated why
I want to be able to be dug up in 200 years so that I can give a little bit of
information about our time and what our life was like now to people in the
future I guess I’m just a little different on that of course the smell
was probably keeping Jeff at bay a little bit more than just that whole
idea but nonetheless well I think we’re gonna cut it here for this section of
the speech and we’ll come back next time with the rest of his speech and his
answers to some of the questions from the audience members so until next time
thanks for watching and happy hunting let us know if you like this video by
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    I'm totally with you and him that blood does not make you who you are, your choices do. No one has "tainted blood" to make them "have to be some way." Your life is not defined by your ancestors. You make choices to be who you are and who you become.

    Thank you Both again for this and helping us understand this. I don't want to be buried or cremated. I want to be put in a mausoleum or crypt like we have down here in New Orleans. I would also love to have been there to jump in the grave and help with the dig. Jeff may also have had issue with the fact this was his ancestor…his blood and bone. That really affects people different.

    I don't believe Holmes was Jack the Ripper. It is also well excepted now that the "Dear Boss" letters were not Jack the Ripper but someone claiming to be. I'm more convinced the morgue assistant theory is the most convincing for Jack the Ripper, but I also believe we probably will never know. Evidence collected at that time was not what it is now. Lots of evidence was lost and contaminated at the time as well as over time.

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