Hermitcraft 6: Episode 117 – We MUST Improve!

Hello everyone This is Mumbo, and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server.
It is Episode 117, And today is a very exciting day because I’m joining the Hermitcraft server for the first time on my new computer. Oh, it still has auto jump on, that’s horrible But good grief is this smooth Two hundred and fourty frames per second pretty consistently in my base surrounded by villagers I am, I’m impressed by that- I mean I should hope so. Okay, for those you who know computers You could see some of the specs on the side of the screen. I went overboard. I went ridiculous. I went silly I went very silly with my specification to the point where I actually, I sent- Aw, I forgot l didn’t have a mustache but I sent the specification to Iskall, and he I think he fell off his chair a little bit and he was just confused as to why I did it, but sometimes you know I spend so much time on this computer Almost my entire life is spent on this PC If I, if I’m not willing to invest in the PC then what am I willing to invest in? I mean, really? Oh, I’ve just thought my graphics can’t support ray-tracing. Give me a second. Oh, oh goodness me. What have I done? This is awful. This is, this is terrib- this is horrible. Alright, this probably looks better up on the surface Yeah, I was right this looks totally bonkers. This looks nuts. I’ve only got 11 firework rockets, so we have to make these count But that’s not difficult to do because look at this It’s been so long since I’ve played with shaders. I always forget how crazy they are And also how on minecrafty it is. I’m definitely taking a screenshot of that. That is bonkers. Ah, The water is just something else Especially now that we have the kelp and things I mean, I haven’t used shaders since they introduced all that stuff So to see to see things underneath the water It’s amazing and I gotta say very impressed. Very impressed by how smooth this is getting a a pretty solid 60fps. We’re playing in 4k and then the recording is being downsampled to 1080p There are loads of things that my computer is doing and it is alarmingly smooth. Oh, we’re moving into gold. Okay Give me a second chaps. I do apologize. I’m commandeering your boats. Somehow. I managed to lose their boat So we’re just gonna do this the old-fashioned way. Oh my word I’m taking all the screenshots by the way. This is the coolest thing ever Forget recording a normal hermitcraft episode today. I’m just gonna play with shade as the entire time This might be my new desktop background. Look how many screenshots I took Anyway back to ugly old Minecraft. Now. This is an important jump if I don’t make this jump, we’re in trouble Oh Anyway, here we are in the lovely trading hall that we built in the previous episode of hermit craft. It’s looking fantastic It’s populated by a bunch of very good villagers indeed and we’re going to get more of those throughout today’s episode But you may notice that I have some holes in my roof Yeah, I mean it’s not quite finished So I thought in today’s episode we would finish up the decoration and make this place look absolutely Stunning and to do that we are going to need Loads and loads of this stuff. Basically, we’re gonna need tons of the stuff How does one make scion do you have to make blue dye and then? Well, that’s news to me. I personally really really like this. Obviously. It’s a little bit dark We’ll need to light it up a tiny bit with some sea lanterns and things maybe even some end rods That could be the way to go. But imagine this throughout all of here. It’s gonna look awesome I definitely don’t have enough cyan terracotta though. Do I? This is there’s no way this is looking pretty finished and yet we still have gaps Behind each one of the modules now, I am going to do terracotta I would say for the first half and then behind this glass here I Think I’m just going to place in some white concrete and just to kind of cover that up and then that will make it look Like this is one full solid unit But I gotta say it Looks super super cool. I actually quite like the darkness I Kind of like how ominous it is and actually now that I think about it We could consider it as a homage towards evil Island The whole point of evil Island was that it was almost like the reverse of my base It had a focus on cyan terracotta as opposed to the nice bright white Concrete that we’re using so it was a little bit darker and evil-looking and I would say we’ve kind of achieved that in this bill Without really trying I do kind of wish I had a small fully automatic concrete maker in my base So I didn’t have to travel all the way to my witch farm But I want to just do small quantities of concrete like this, but honestly, I have no clue where we go I’m so scared to touch the outside of my base because I’d really like the way that it looks right now and I don’t want to ruin it. What are you doing up there? It seems Into the system. Anyway, this thing is now done it is looking great. I really did I mean these corners here gave me such a massive headache, but I think I Think this works just kind of filling them in with concrete and then we’ve got the gray or the cyan terracotta Over the back there. We’ve got all of the white concrete across the back here We have got white concrete blocking off that corner. So now we can’t see any of the bits and pieces behind there I just think it’s ended up looking really really nice and clean and also the little minecart rail that runs up you can see Just about it popping up there But that kind of goes on around here and then our villager pops through this gap and just suddenly appears out on the minecart track So I would say this is a really clean and seamless design The only thing is it was looking a tiny bit dark up at the top But so I thought I’d run a line of end rods across And I wonder is that just gonna brighten things up a tiny bit? I’ve also added them over there and I really like their kind of bright patches with the shadows. I like that a lot So hopefully we can do something similar with the roof and yep. That’s about a million times better. Okay I’m chuffed to bits with this. I am chuffed to bits with this This is a redstone trick of doom that you may not know about There’s no way you’re getting away with that one Show me whatever you’ve done then I’m sure it’s my exciting Yes, fine. Sure. Okay spends two days cleaning and big mess anyway You’ve been cleaning out dens of spring clean and Hoover in going around. This is a big place to Hoover as well Yeah, it is looking good though. It is looking good It’s starting to take shape gotta say so are you missed a few spots? Hang on. Let me just Clean these up for you. I can’t believe you’d leave these things lying around. I thought you said you cleaned up that’s pebbles stones Okay up at the back So what have you done this all looks exactly the same this is an exciting I have the devious machine Do you remember everything did I have everything in here when we were here last I did Yeah, you had all of this machinery and things and all of this extra stuff though I don’t think you have it wasn’t it didn’t have a roof on it. I think it was all open air But it all looks familiar. It all looks familiar. Well, this looks horrible. Look at this. I’m getting sad being in it. Ah What this is the prison yeah Prison for the villagers that are either not wanted or waiting for transfer All right. Okay fair enough fair enough So here we have Normal villager trading cells William can trade with villagers and this is basically like what you have a training hall they come in in that If we go outside, I thought you’d be proud of how I’ve designed this on the outside Okay, yeah That looks nice. I I do like that. I like I like the ring I like the glass out the back with the the redstone visible That’s quite nice the redstone and they come here from the genius machine. Yep. So they take the first empty cell very very handy and Then you trade with them and then you decide that they’re not good enough for whatever right? And Or you could decide to put them in the vending machines What do you mean the vending machines? so I have made vending machine one vending machine if I would click this button here that Enables the library. So right now any villager that I click button the button underneath would go to the library Right, okay Which I’ll show you in a second. Yeah, you need to show. Yeah, because that I am curious about that sounds So I have a library vending machine. I have a blacksmith vending machine and I have a miscellaneous but a vending machine, right? Yeah. Yeah however If I don’t want the villager I make sure to click that top button And now let’s just say take a look at not that guy. Did you look at this guy? This guy’s pretty garbage Yeah, there’s nothing anything. There’s nothing too good there. Yep. Go ahead and press the button underneath him or in front of Good okay now Over here this guy is also pretty bad. You do the honors, you know what to do. Just press the button. Yep He’s gone to you, ma’am. Now we head over to a little bit of a different thing Right. Well if you press this button here, yeah, and then take a few steps back and pay attention That’s very entertaining that is very very very entertaining That’s so annoying because I I feel like I’ve just lost in that moment I feel like I should put myself in set the inset Canon because there’s there’s no point in the even participating I don’t have anything like that. Oh No Well, the competition is not done yet. So now you know what you’re up against I mean, ah Difficult, I don’t I don’t know how I could top that, whose gunpowder are you using for that? Mine. Yours? I have my own gunpowder farm Okay, yeah fair enough Okay, okay. You follow me now No, no it’s alright it’s alright. You follow me right now. I never want to- did you follow me? No, I did not I’m gonna leave it to the viewers to decide no no no. No you don’t you dare Don’t you dare try to accuse me of Grian-ing That is the official term for it now “To Grian.” This, this is my rocket factory. We have a sugarcane farm and I have this barrel here with gunpowder and this is not taken from your base. It’s taken from this thing Yeah – hang on a minute. Wait, you’ve taken me to a sugarcane farm that conveniently has a barrel next to it that’s filled with gunpowder I’m not seeing any evidence of an actual gunpowder farm oh it has a creeper face on the side of it. Well, I never I could have done that. I could have done that in 20 minutes if that So what you are the worst there you go There’s nothing in it! Hang on a minute, There is no way there is creepers that spawn in here. I I refuse to believe it. I you know what? I wasn’t sold and now I am Okay. Yeah fair enough. It looks like a creeper farm. Good good stuff. Okay. I was just checking. Alright dude. I’m just- Y’know, can’t have two Grians on the server. Yeah This I thought I thought that you specifically would get very like fascinated by the design cuz I decided to keep the redstone open I’ve bent the redstone underneath the block so that it looks cool. It does look cool. This is nice. This is very Sahara-esque I’m a fan. I think it’s very nice. Sweet But let’s come to the frontier because you don’t actually have to walk it If you just make your selection in that book there you can do whatever you want, select whatever you want Well, that is my name. So I guess we’ll go through him Yeah, and then press the button on the top here, okay, I don’t know if I pressed it or if I pressed you That’s okay I love how you picked the last villager that takes the longest That also went through my head. That’s kind of partly why I did it That is Oliver Mmm-hmm. I’m impressed by this. I’m actually quite impressed by this. This is quite cool. Here’s the cool thing This actually has a G lock installed, right? Okay A Grian lock. So say that you would now switch pages again here, right? Yeah. I’ve got Beatrice. You can check the book I’ve checked switched to Beatrice. Yep, and I would press the button again. So now Oliver is back in place And no other villager came out. Now one button does everything You know, sometimes you have to ask yourself Whether you should Rather than asking whether you can if I’m really in a in a state of I need to get all my stuff reinchanted It is quite annoying. I know exactly how it will go down, iskall is you’ll go Okay. Alright, where’s the villagers? Oh, yeah, they’re up here and then you’ll trade with them up here. No- Yes you will! You 100 percent… you will do that though That is how you will use it ’cause you’re not gonna wait around This is faster than running around and checking 20 villagers It is not because this is the thing, that’s why you put them… Let’s put the mending book, I clicked the button now. 3, 2, 1 That was well-timed but wait- that’s faster than running around and trying to chase 40 different villagers Okay, okay, okay, okay fine, but then I go. Alright. I want Ralph. Okay, so let’s do this No one wants Ralph Blast protection and power? Okay, fine fine. I want El Pablo, right? Okay, so I hit this button here sends him off Okay, and then I’m like alright Ralph has probably not made his way back yet or whoever it was. What was his name? Okay, just yeah, he hasn’t made it back yet… oh no, he has He has he has okay. Okay, so that’s good right now. What do I want? Okay. I wanted this one and All right. I’ve requested him Okay You can just wait. You don’t have to go and check if he came back in. No, I mean it’s fine. That’s cool. But you know, it’s just I could’ve Just walked between the two Let me put your reference in a way that I understand it. So you’re saying that if I am If I am going to drive to another city, yes I may just as well have a Toyota Corolla from 2001 like books standard boring for instead of like say an Alfa Romeo or Yes from a practical standpoint. I should do that, I shouldn’t care about any cooler cars any classic cars any sort of things like definitely does Don’t take a classic car on a long journey I’m with you on this one. As someone who loves classic cars, do not take the classic car on the long journey you know, this system is It’s very very cool. And I love it I do but It’s faster than a village trading hall It’s not faster, there’s no way! Okay, oh yeah, you know what Yeah, let’s go to mine, okay and we’ll see so I’ve just I’m like, oh I need the guy in the opposite side all right, and I’m there That was that was less time mate. That was less time. No But it let’s do another Look how close I am to him. I’m in there with him within within this within seconds. I’m right there Here’s the only way lazy I don’t even know I’m stuck in here forever. Okay, so I think it’s safe to say that it’s cows little villager system type thing is Yes, it’s amazing. It’s it’s very impressive. The the villager cannon is something else I’m so jealous of that and And yet everything is good. Really. Ah There’s 200 diamonds at stake we need we need to really really make ours better. I love us. I really do But it’s just it’s not quite as good and I don’t know how we can beat it having an entrance having an entrance would likely be a good start what happens if I Just mined straight forward. I End up in this ravine. Okay. Well that that was not what I expected Am I gonna come out in the ocean? I mean, we’re on an island surely that’s got to happen. I Do I do come out in the ocean? Oh That could be quite cool we could almost have like an underwater vault and Then a tunnel running up that’s wicked. So first things first as per usual, it’s a case of gathering up a bunch of white concrete Yep, right. This is what I’m thinking. Okay. I’m thinking we have a tunnel that kind of meets the same Sort of build style as this structure right here so you can see we’ve got this chamber that goes through like this and We’ve got glass in the floor that’s almost invisible. You can barely see it I’ve gotta say I think it looks really cool like walking through into this place With that tunnel and then just revealing this expanse Does look pretty nuts but I tell you what, I think this view is even more nuts. Look at that That looks like I love the way the light is kind of wrapping around the blocks It’s so nice and walking through this is really really cool. I like this a lot. It’s a simple design for a tunnel, but it looks great Anyway, we are now at the end so we need to build up some form of door And I mean, come on now. I have to build the 3×3 Spiral door that I did in my recent redstone video, you know Sometimes I think to myself how many times have I built certain circuits in Minecraft? I would say the bottom half of a 3×3 piston door Being honest I reckon about 100 times I reckon about just over a hundred times. I’ve done it in the entire time. I’ve been playing Triple digits. I wonder what the circuit I’ve built the most Definitely Auto droppers also droppers all the way. I’ve probably built those about a thousand times. Well, that could have gone better I mean, I’m sure you know what’s happened here, water and redstone. I don’t know why I do this to myself Regardless of that, I have just about Managed to get everything in place. That should be the final block. So if I just go do some jumping around That should be everything. So if we flick this leaf right here What has just happened ah, oh Okay, so there’s there’s no blocks in the door itself. Oh that looks good. That look good. All right now with blocks Perfect, ah I love this thing so much This is like it’s just the perfect door. Why would you want anything else? So my plan for the next episode of Hermitcraft is to add in kind of like a control center into this place and controls For the door and controls for this area right here The little space down at the bottom there add in controls for the god machine that I’m actually going to add back into the system after removing it It seems like a smart idea and just add controls for everything and then also do the villager killing system Because we need to do something that at least somewhat rivals what Iskall has done Anyway, I really do hope that you enjoyed this episode on the hermit craft server It’s been a ton of fun If you have previous of that like one if you really loved it that make sure to subscribe, but thanks watching guys This is remembe. Oh, I’m out of sticky keys. I haven’t seen that for years You know, it’s funny it’s been so long since I got a new PC I think it was like four, maybe yeah, three or four years ago. I’d completely forgotten I couldn’t believe forgot how customized my PC was to like the way that I use my PC and now I’m on this one It’s like I can’t find anything. You know, my files are in the same place. I’m starting from fresh

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