Here is how to clear search history from iPhone or iPad (call history and website data)

Whenever you use browsers in your iPhone such
as Safari or Google Chrome to browse for the website or search for certain queries then
the history of those websites or the queries will be saved in the browser’s memory. Similarly when you use application such as
google app to look for certain queries then Google app also will remember the queries
what you have searched. So, today in this video we will see how to
clear the search history from the browser’s or the search app in your iPhone. Suppose if I want to clear the search history
which are saved in Safari then what I will do is I will go to “settings”. I will go to “Safari” here and scroll down
and there is an option “Clear history and website data”. Select it and then select “clear history and
data”. So this will remove all the searches whatever
you have done with Safari. Now if you want to remove the search history
from the Chrome browser what you will do is you have to open the chrome browser and then
tap on this three dotted icons here at the bottom. Go to “History”. Now you can see these are all the websites
that I have opened using my Chrome browser. So, if you want to delete all of these one,
select “Clear browsing data” and you have the option to select and delete browsing history,
cookies, cached images and files, saved passwords, autofill data. So, select whatever options you require and
then select here “clear browsing data” and select “clear browsing data” again. So, this remove the history from the chrome
browser. Now suppose if you want to delete the searches
that you have done using Google app, go to “Google” here. Tap on this three dotted icon here. Go to “settings”. Go to “privacy and security”. Go to “history” and then you have the option
here “App history”. You can select it. Then you can select here clear all and then
select “clear on device history”. Also you can clear cookies. Select “cookies” and then select “clear on
device cookies”. So, this will remove the cookies from the
Google app. Also if I go to this phone icon here and go
to the recent, this will show me all the histories of the call which I have made or received. So, if you want to delete all history then
what you do is go to “Edit” and then what you can do is either you can select individual
call history or if you want to delete all of them together, select “Clear” and then
“Clear all recents” so that all of the history of the call will be deleted.

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