Herd Immunity by Dr. Suzanne Humphries – Norway, Oslo 2015

All right well thank you all for coming
to the second talk. And also thank people who have coordinated this talk and brought
me here as well as the Eldorado Bookstore. Who very generosly gave us this space to use. So tonight’s topics you people call
flock immunity, which is pretty similar to what we call herd immunity, just using
different animals, and unfortunately it makes us feel bit like animals when we
are told that we need to be part of this that to me appears to be an illusory
concept. So I try to make this just a one-hour talk I will tell you. The
problem is that the medical system often uses something called the KISS principle,
i don’t know if you’ve ever heard that, “Keep It Simple Stupid” and it’s very simple for them to do that because they are putting a message out
that is meant for compliance and for fear, and so they narrow it down to the
most simple terms. But I find that in order to really describe what’s
happening it has to be described in much more detail and it doesn’t mean
that it has to be so difficult that people cannot understand it but it does
take a lot of time to cover all of this so, the talk will be about of estimating
90 minutes and we’ll take a break in between. And I want to encourage you to
just kind of relax and don’t get hung up on any one slide or any one quote
if it’s something you didn’t catch for a couple reasons, one is
that I’m going to go fairly fast through two to is that it’s going to be
videotaped so you can watch it again later and you can also take as many
screenshots of this these slides as you’d like to to refer back to. And I
don’t think that you need to have a secondary education to understand that
I’m going to say tonight and I actually find that, just about everybody
understand most of what I say even when I talk
in medical terms. I discovered this in a talk I did in Finland to a group
of doctors and one of the secretaries was there and she said you know I didn’t
really understand the details of what you said but I get it and that makes a
whole lot of sense to me. So even if you don’t understand all the details just
try to get the big picture of what I’m talking about tonight and know
that your doctor probably doesn’t understand any of this and anyone that
you’re probably going to argue with will know very little of what I’m going to
say, and I have seen more than one empowered mother run over a doctor that
has not done their homework. So the keep it stupid principle enables the
mainstream soundbites to define immunity in terms of what’s written above and
then they overlay it with another picture which is that if you’re
vaccinated you’ll be surrounded by a protective force field and you walk
through life in a safe bubble when parents vaccinate their baby the minute
that first needle comes out of the skin the doctor the nurse and most parents
just died and they relax and they believe that the bubble has
already been placed around their baby even if so called protection requires
several shots funnier still is that if you’re traveling to a country that is
deemed high risk they say that you need a vaccine to stay in your bubble even
though most people in that country will have has no vaccine for the disease and
then back in your own home country you’ll hear people say you can skip any
back to eat you must vaccinate and everyone must vaccinate or herd immunity
will break down and then vaccines won’t work so it’s funny how you can be
persuaded to feel secure walking through disease ridden country
but not at home with an 85 to 95 percent vaccination rate the ultimate irony is
when people from an undeveloped country come to a developed country and they
suddenly get targeted as a disease risk to the vaccinated even with its contour
diction the simple KISS message is very effective and few but the well read or
observant will notice any flaws in it so let’s see if you look at where the
concept occurred of unity comes from I’m using measles as an example tonight
because the concept of herd immunity was first developed with measles
I have other examples at the end if anybody still have any energy of
different diseases please note this presentation and the concept of herd
immunity only applies where measles is been circulating for centuries it
doesn’t apply when measles or any other infectious disease occurs in an isolate
or what we call virgin population that has never experienced these disease
before that’s different also when the disease happens in wartime
or refugee camps or military recruits that’s also a different situation those
types of situations involve huge amounts of stress which breaks down the immune
system and will always result in more severe infections and deaths not just
for Masels or from Meningitis and adenovirus and influenza and other
diseases. So my conversation revolves primarily around general population
records for the USA the UK Denmark etc where measles was well embedded and the infection and death trends well studied and confounders can be easily seen the
original studies on herd immunity came from America where Dr. A.W. Hendrix studied the natural occurrence of measles while doing his specific analysis in 1929. He
was able to show that outbreaks came and went in two to three year cycles and
that by the age of 15 95 percent of all children had had measles. There have been
various serologic or blood studies done since that time in various parts of the
world where measles has been circulating and we’re record-keeping started which
also show pre-vaccine immunity at a rate of 95 to 99% and people always in
the age of 15. Now fast forward 37 years to 1968 and the leading United States of
America authority on measles Dr. Censor reiterated with dr. Hedrick saw
in Baltimore Maryland from year to year in roughly two to three year cycles was
a remarkably narrow range of fluctuation in the balance of susceptible children
and immune people just prior to a major epidemic the proportion of the
population under the age of 15 that was susceptible range from around 45 to 50%
and then there would be an epidemic and then that proportion was all for the
level of 30 to 35% so during any epidemic only about 15% of all those
susceptible children got measles and that’s actually a really small part of
the total in childhood population and whenever I find a school teacher that 70
years old or older I paced them well what was it like before the vaccine
measles for certainly did you find that your entire class was wiped out and this
would come through when they all see no no maybe the one child or two child two
children that would be absent from school for a week and then they would
come back okay in 1967 dr. sensors stated that measles would be eradicated
by the following year by giving one measles shot too susceptible children
before school age as we stated in our book dissolving illusions American
measles vaccines were first licensed in 1963 they started out with a very patchy
safety and effectiveness history but the 2015 justification for the universal use
of measles vaccines and children is the following prevent measles death to
decrease severity of people’s in fact inators people to protect children and
adults with cancer to stop the spread of measles to prevent sulfus
huge slow roasting pan and sepal itis which is a terrible brain disease and
encephalitis which is inflammation to prevent secondary infections like
pneumonia and to protect young babies so let’s look at each one of these listed
items starting with deaths from measles most Western countries keep detailed
records of deaths even if they aren’t easily accessed Denmark for instance has
a quite startling graph showing the declines of measles deaths and as you
can see the black lines where the death rate and we have a record from 1862 to
2012 and you can see that the best was coming down coming down coming down
coming down and here’s where the vaccine came in you can see there’s hardly any
black less fear whatsoever and you can see that the incidence cases rose
markedly and that’s probably also it’s probably really more up here for cases
because many cases don’t get reported at least in America so you know this was
not a result of vaccination that might not be a result of of antibiotics it
wasn’t necessarily results of the health care system because you can see it was
already coming down even before antibiotics were invented this was the
result of good nutrition of transportation being improved of
refrigeration in water and social programs that really made the biggest
difference in most other countries Western countries have graphs just like
this so we can pick that off as an excuse for vaccinating today here we
have England and Wales here we have these laws desperate from measles not
the incidence rate the death rate coming down there for the vaccine came in and
we have 50 color graphs on the website for development illusions and we have
them in black and white in the book and so we’re criticised often for discussing
death and not incidents or rates of disease of measles but the first thing
you’re going hear from your doctor or from family member who wants you to
vaccinate is that your baby could die so when death suits them it’s used to
manipulate you and that’s why Aaron speaks at
but says the doctor even if your child doesn’t die the vaccine will decrease
the severity of measles it’s the vaccinated get it and that could save
your vaccinated child because we’re told me which is much more scary than Ebola
right well that’s actually wrong let’s look at what one of the great lines of
infectious disease the so-called father of infectious disease epidemiology it
was very famous in America dr. Alexander Len Mir had to say about measles in 1962
oh that’s not good let’s see what’s going on here I have to start this part
over let’s just pause for a second just escape from here
find that one I’m wrong good here all right I’m going to present this I’m
going to do is I’m just going to prevent it like this for now so you can see it
and then we’ll switch back to the other view so dr. Alexander linear and
bindings I’ll start this over dr. Alabang belt dr. Alexander lanyard
has to say about measles in 1962 he was asked why do you wish to eradicate
measles and he replied with the same answer that Sir Edmund Hillary used when
asked why he wished to climb Mount Everest
he said because it’s there and he added and it may be done so he also described
measles as a self-limiting infection of short duration moderate severity and low
fatality that has maintained a remarkably stable biological balance
over the centuries and his contemporaries in England his
contemporaries of England and Wales were equally laid-back saying that measles
was considered to be a mild infection rarely meeting any medical treatment
this is some screenshots that I took from a very interesting article from the
British Medical Journal as a group of doctors recording through England and
Wales about what their experience at Ground Zero really was in treating
measles and they said that it is the Communists disease in the world with
very few complications they probably died laughing as they heard in 2015 that
measles is worse than hemorrhagic plague and up here is the reference which
shouldn’t come out very big and you can go in to cover that central and get it
from that from there they said that is of saline miss placebo in candy there
were few complications they did not attempt even to prevent the spread of
needles they did not use antibiotics and drugs because they seemed unnecessary
they described the best years to end it was between the ages of 3 & 7 and that
it would be over in a week and mothers were delighted and how much good mules
have done for their children afterwards so we can pick the severity argument off
at least in terms of the people who were at Ground Zero when measles was as
common as a common cold their next argument was that we need to
protect children with it we need to protect children and adults with cancer
why are people with cancer so prone to any disease partly because the drugs
they’re given incrementally kill vast numbers of cells in their bodies and
dismantle all levels of the immune system from the inside out the reality
is that people with cancer can be easily and blocked over by something like yeast
or the common cold or any bacteria but one of the biggest risks in the United
States to a cancer patient are that what we call superbugs in the hospital like
Clostridium difficile or certain types of Enterococcus or bowel bacteria that
escapes the drugs that are trying to kill them and these are not at risk to
healthier people so for the medical system to primarily protect these people
with vaccines and somewhat bizarre but even as they do so most hospitals will
have some kind of notification just like this notification that I got from the
Johns Hopkins Hospital patient information which alerts family and
friends with patients that if they’ve recently been vaccinated with a live
virus vaccine like chickenpox or measles rubella influenza shingles rotavirus
oral polio with supposedly weakened and non-infectious viruses as we’re told
that they had better stay well away from these cancer patients the reality is
though that most cancer patients if they want to survive just stay away from
crowds and society until such a time as their immune systems can cope with the
simple cold next on the list was to stop the spread of measles and certainly from
1963 in the United States one injection was given to more than 55% of the
susceptible children and the vaccine did indeed interrupt the transmissions
measles until 1978 when the cases started to creep up again and by 1991
enough of the 25,000 cases were vaccinated to prompt a two dose measles
mumps and rubella policies a new problem was revealed in 1991 as well before the
vaccine it was rare for children under the age of three to get measles and even
more rare for children under the age two to get it and babies under one were
almost always protected by strong transposon ttle maternal antibodies
created by a mother who had natural measles solid communities Denmark didn’t
begin routine vaccinations until 1986 you guys started
in 1969 and Finland in 1982 by 1991 the rate of measles and American babies
under 1 had tripled and the reason was that the first group of vaccinated girls
were now of childbearing age and vaccine immunity isn’t the same as natural
immunity maternal antibodies don’t protect babies as well or as long as
natural antibodies do and this is very well-established about mountain in the
medical literature which is why potential mothers are told to free
vaccinate before they get pregnant if they’re not immune to summarize because
one shot wasn’t working well enough in 1992 two shots were started and in the
2015 outbreak in the United States quite a number of the measles cases had
received two MMR vaccines so we appear to have a new problem today in December
2014 the measles outbreak in Disneyland resulted in widespread hysteria and
close monitoring of all cases did you hear about here was it on your feet yes
imagine an Alaskan baby became sick with a disease that looked like me bills
what like measles talk like measles and tested like measles so everyone thought
it was Disneyland measles because that’s where she had been some time before
however because she was vaccinated they decided to check to test the genetic
makeup of the measles strain and they discovered that it was about clean
buyers so they decided that the clinical disease was no longer measles and the
case would be struck in the record the next case which hit the headlines was in
Canada where a girl had symptoms of measles which on testing from a nose
swab showed the vaccine needle fires the article said that several children at
the daycare has recently been vaccinated and were likely shedding viruses this is
quite ironic given that we’re always told that the MMR viruses are in
capable of infecting anyone therefore because the inspection in front of them
was only from a vaccine and another brilliant stroke of your logic they
struck that case from the record so measles is only reported as a measles
case when you don’t get it from the vaccine three years before in Eastern
Europe dr. Khayat reported a curious case of measles in a toddler notice the
fact that she became symptomatic five days after injection and that’s way too
soon for natural buyers because it’s an average of 14 days before the virus
makes its way long and even through the statics and the blood and then becomes
symptomatic they found vaccine strain virus and then wondered if she got it
from another vaccinated child but what’s really interesting about this article is
that they went on to say but had they not been actively looking for and
testing anything that looked like measles that this case would have been
either missed reported as rubella or not recognized at all and the point of this
is that normally cases like these fall through the cracks because vaccinated
kids don’t get measles right but Croatia wasn’t the only country doing enhanced
surveillance three years later Canada was on alert and came up with an
even more interesting case of a vaccinated two-year-old who came down
with measles symptoms thirty-seven days after vaccination which is a way too
long in terms of the incubation time so they decided to type that Byers because
it was abnormal and sure enough vaccine strain virus Canadian authorities
promptly panic and vaccinated all of this babies contacts and treated four of
them with pooled immunoglobulin they plenty didn’t consider the vaccine
viruses mild virus to be ignored and again it was only because of heightened
surveillance and awareness of measles that this case was noticed and
identified as vaccine induced another interesting case occurring a
one-year-old child whose mother was HIV positive and his HIV status at the time
of his vaccination and his vaccine strain measles infection was
indeterminate this is a clear case of the measles vaccine endangering the
vulnerable as a side note I need to comment on the number of parents who
have come to me in the past few years with babies whose immune systems are
clearly not right and yet possible pediatricians of immunologists don’t
think to do basic immune system tests to see what state that baby’s immune system
is in the case above is another example of a child whose doctors should have
been on top of the situation and mikkel a live virus vaccine until his HIV
status was determined remember the man is a little bumble on the second slide
our next case illustrates just how incorrect this bubble mentality is if
index case was a twice vaccinated theater usher who got measles there were
88 contacts and four of those got clinical measles even though they were
supposedly immune because they had had two vaccines or the blood antibody shows
that they were but they got close clinical measles anyway
now because their immunity was only measured by vaccination and antibody and
that is not a good measure of measles immunity we need a good cell mediated
immune systems to fight ezal and not just antibodies so clearly there was a
breach in those people’s immunity this type of thing didn’t happen in the pre
vaccine era there’s an old saying that you don’t look for something you won’t
find it and we need to ask an unanswerable question how many cases of
measles and decades past were due to vaccine infections answer no one knows
because no one looked and the dog says it just doesn’t happen there’s another
area which is also full of assumptions and lack of knowledge and that’s the
myth that serious complications like sspe can
happen to anyone and for that reason vaccinations of relation go I’m not
going to get into sspe because there’s no data on sspe before the vaccine era
and it’s a very difficult subject to discuss it primarily happened in
children who’ve gotten easels on uni age of two which indicates a specific immune
susceptibility that’s also related to age the measles vaccine has been touted
as stopping encephalitis so the question that needs to be asked is did it the pro
faxing say that measles and set philosophy prevents prevents and
otherwise healthy children and significant numbers they say that we can
never know who will get encephalitis which is brain inflammation and that
vaccination will prevent this problem if the measles vaccine can eliminate and
set the la poppy that should reduce the total numbers in a very short period of
time because it’s the chunk of the pie will be taken out did that have been
active easels vaccine in 1989 a finished researcher named dr. Costa Nene said
that total and set the lightest cases declined as seen in this table which
looks at the years 1968 through 1987 and in Finland the needless vaccine started
in 1982 and immediately there was an 85 percent vaccine up table so it’s true
that specific wild measles related encephalitis did decline after the
vaccine interrupted wild measles in countries that vaccinated happily at
least for a while but the bigger picture shows patterns
that really should be noted I’ll get to in a minute dr. Costa Nene said that
while the total cases declined in the five years as you can see we take the
average before it was ten point four cases per 100,000 sections and after the
vaccine down to three point six for 100,000 but he said
severity has increased and those people who did get encephalitis have a read of
this why have a drink yes what dr. Constantini saw that the
dairies and total numbers of encephalitis was not accompanied by a
decrease in the proportion of severe cases but the proportion of severe cases
had actually increased here is the table showing the increase in poor outcome
cases from 7.2 average free vaccine in the red brackets to 17.1 post vaccine in
the blue bracket today’s history’s proof victims of
infectious encephalopathy usually have an immune system problem which leaves
them susceptible to any kind of pathogens that has that potential so all
you see in Khost community studies is encephalitis remaining but other
pathogens taking the place of measles nature abhors a vacuum in any microbial
environment if you remove one occupant another will take its place as we see
with all invasive disease pathogens which can cause encephalitis
eight years later in follow-up report Wasikowska nimi noted that the
encephalitis rates had actually returned to the same level as pre-vaccine we were
now up to ten point two cases per chance for 100,000 I remember before was ten to
four cases for 100,000 and he was measuring between January 1993 and
December of 1994 when he got this ten point to raise so dr. Costantini said
it’s backing up encephalitis and children as changed due to vaccination
programs the incidents however appears to be about the same due to increasing
frequency of other associated old and new microbes dr. coats meanie analyzed
the microbes that moved into children one of the cases of encephalitis with
vaccine associated other year this key supply is what’s represented in blue
here and the other pieces the abbreviation stands for varicella
respiratory diseases and true viruses as a no buyers HSB rotavirus chlamydia
and other and look at how many of them are on them so while MMR initially
reduced the total numbers of encephalitis it did nothing to decrease
serious and separatist and the numbers came back up again because encephalitis
is a disease of susceptibility not necessarily of a microbe I also believe
that a similar situation is this with regards to secondary infections line is
is that the majority of measles cases never get secondary infections what
makes those who do different as I mentioned before there’s a reason why
people get disease complications like encephalitis this also applies to
secondary infections there’s also a reason why vaccine immunity isn’t the
same as natural immunity so we need to have an idea why this is this 2012
textbook makes it clear that cell mediated immunity is crucial for Musil
survival and for battling secondary infections and with the SUBSCRIBE we
also describe in our book talks about how if you have a disease called a gamma
globulin emia where you don’t make antibodies you can get needles and you
will recover from measles just like anyone else
and you will have long term memory and unity to measles knows that word I add
to genic t-cell deficiency that they talked about that means caused by a
treatment given by a doctor the key to no complications is that your
child’s innate immune system works properly and one can toss a bomb into
that besides doctors poor nutrition for a start in 2007 a website called the
measles initiative had a page on their website this is a screenshot taken by
what’s called the wayback machine where you can get screenshots of old pages
that were visited in the past even if they go
exist anymore the original page was written in 2006 I have the original but
I’ve not been able to find this on their website lately in places like Africa
where nutritional deficiencies are portrayed with graphic intensity their
immune systems have major breaches directly caused by their living
conditions and serious malnutrition we know that these children are usually
very vitamin A deficient with other problems we can see they can die like
the swollen bellies that come from having serious protein deficiency where
the immune systems can’t control and contain measles virus if you have huge
viral loads out of control disease and a really nasty situation but the social
and nutritional reasons for the sort of death rates the measles initiative talks
about have been largely dealt with in Scandinavia before you even used sexy
and that’s one reason why deaths are so low that situation hasn’t existed in the
Western world for over 100 years yes in Western countries measles can still be
dangerous some in some places like ghettos in the USA and the classic slums
in Glasgow Scotland there will always be places where children’s immune systems
are not working well because of the social situation in which nutrition is
crucial to preventing secondary infections and that everywhere in the
world you’ve seen how and why your death rates
to measles dropped and that had everything to do with improved nutrition
and improved living conditions which helped the immune systems work better
before vaccines for measles were even introduced in the third world children
suffer horrible malnutrition because they just don’t have enough food but
what I see in America is something I call nutritional information poverty
where parents feed their children plenty of white bread margarine cakes biscuits
doughnuts coca-cola and even diet soda drinks it’s not protein calorie
malnutrition is an empty or toxic calorie nutrition which also has a huge
impact on the immune system ironically this has actually become very common in
middle and upper classes in America as nutrition creates not just obesity but a
whole different set of immune system problems than those that were seen in
Africa and they didn’t have similar results except with susceptibility and
manifestation of disease so let’s do a quick review how the immune system works
in a stepwise progression to deal with illnesses and I notice when people saw
this a few nights ago but as far as I’m concerned you can never see this and not
do because each time might get into you a little deeper as well so a person’s
first experience with a natural infection usually happens to one of the
linings the nose throat lungs or gut and most diseases have a period of days and
sometimes weeks before people even seem sick and then recover most microbes were
met with never make us sick at all even though they have full capacity to kill
us under certain circumstances why is this it has to do with the effectiveness
of every level represented in this picture so in the first in the first
block what we have is I’m just showing this little barrier so this may be a
mucous membrane that would have a layer of mucus and some healthy beneficial
bacteria called probiotics which we actually have on our skin and our throat
the microbiome as it’s called can either be healthy or diseased and if it’s
healthy microbes that don’t belong there are going to be will be competition to
the nutrients and food sources in the ph and this will stay perfectly fine so
this is part of it as having normal flora okay and we have local chemical
factors that you may not be aware of it’s actually pretty amazing when you
read about it but our skin secretes antibiotics your gut actually secretes
proteins that are toxic to certain microbes and then you have these cells
called phagocytes which are memory cells they’re just always there you’re born
with them and any invader that comes into a lung so if you’re a smoker you’re
gonna have a lot of these hanging out in your lung trying to clean up and eat
things that don’t belong there so this is the first layer of defense that’s
pretty much working most of the and you can see that you know these few
cells that sample there’s a single direct because nothing’s getting through
and this is a blood vessel then you cut the second layer and this is where you
can get maybe local infection penetration this can happen in the gut
say if you have an ulcer in the gut or it can happen on the skin or the throat
or the lungs with this barrier you know yet bronchitis you can have some
breakdown of the barrier here and bacteria that normally stay out can get
in and this is what happens when there’s inflammation so you’ll have a little bit
of heat production at the site or the skin or in even in the intestine and
then again those those proteins and peptides will come through you’re you’re
munching bunch of up cells will come through and a chemical called complement
can also help destroy invading microorganisms and then you can be done
with this heal and go back to here okay or you can end up in this state here if
this progresses and you don’t go that way you’ll go this way and that’s when
you’ll start to have fever in the whole body with chemicals that are telling the
brain we want to raise the temperature and that temperature will actually start
to kill off bacteria and viruses and then you’ll start having more of these
chemicals more macrophages and more activity here and over here this is
called the adaptive immunity this is where a back beam stars okay that’s
right over here and so if you don’t go that way at this point you’re going to
go this way and that’s when you’re going to have for long to beavers you’re going
to have more of the deeper immune cells activated going back to where they’re
made and telling them to make more clones that can go to battle and then
you’re going to either die or you’re going to live and most of us live so
that’s just a basic review of levels of protections that you have
the oldest plague of sailors called scurvy it’s vitamin C deficiency at it’s
very worst but even today I see people with the bright red gums and other signs
and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency everywhere I go I’ve even seen people in
Oslo with this these people are sitting ducks for illness and bad outcomes
because vitamin C is crucial to every step I just described here and I just
want to point something else out and that is that once you have say a needles
infection where you’re working on all of these levels right here you’re having an
enormous create of turnover up cells that on all the mucous membranes on the
skin and everywhere now if you don’t have waited to see these macrophage
cells that go in and clean up everything that’s dead and get rid of it they’re
not going to work so all this free that needs to go is going to sit there and
you’re just going to rot so why didn’t see isn’t just important for doing all
of the activity here and for reestablishing these layers of tissue
basically makes the cement that holds the cells together it’s important for
these the fuel in the mitochondria and in the cells to work properly and to
rebuild this layer out here vitamin C’s required for effort stepped here so the
CAC now says that there were five Centers for Disease Control in America
says that there were 500,000 yearly reported measles cases in the United
States there were actually three to four million yearly total cases which means
that most cases are not severe enough to even go to the doctor back then let’s
look at how the natural measles the kind that used to circulate before vaccines
worked its way slowly through the body over an incubation period of 14 days and
during this time if the spread of measles is contained and limited by its
need for different receptors to enter different compartments of the body the
buyers enters you breathe it in here and then the first thing it hits like lung
surface cells and that there are these cells in the lung these macrophages
specialized long back macrophages that have receptor called C D 150 or SLA and
the virus can only enter into those cells and then after a while you’ll have
multiplication around there and then those cells will bring it to what’s
called the regional lymph nodes so there also consists to the throat the arms and
then you can see the bodies turning a little more purple that’s really just
been noting that it’s gotten into the blood a little more and here it’s even
more into the blood and now we’re invitation to the other what are called
lymphoid organs such as the spleen assignment appendix tonsils lymph nodes
and then it has to use another receptor to go into the other side so what this
is showing to get back out through the lung and through the skin and then
you’re going to get a rash and you can start hopping and that’s when you can
spread it so notice it’s a stepwise process for you to become infected with
natural needle and you need at least two receptors probably three or four but
still discovering them at this point all the time that the natural meaningful
acquires is driving deeper into the body those frontline defenses that I showed
you here are still going okay so I’m showing you this now but this is all
still going we’re cleaning up dead cells we are still needing to do all these
layers under the skin as well and that’s in order to control the spread of
disease in the body and to mop up all of the debris that has been created and you
can see how the three layers shown here are very important this is just another
way to look at those four frames that I showed you before so here we have the
innate immunity which is called in within fuse to four hours so that’s
what’s sitting on your skin or in your throat or your intestines and so you can
get this infection going to be recognized and just gotten rid of just
like that or you can have a well of longer response to takes a little longer
torch and six hours and then you start recruiting
some of those what I call defector kind of worker cells and they recognize
different codes that are common to many pathogens and damage in the body and
then they start calling in all the troops and then you can just be done
with it and then you can have what’s called adaptive immune response and
that’s what a vaccine goes for none of this matters affecting ologist only this
matters and so what happened because the part after he breathes it in where it’s
transported to the lymph organs and then it’s recognized by your B and T cells in
those different organs and that’s telling them to make more clones to go
to battles and that’s what’s happening here
and then you recover so over here is two very important parts this is called th
one then you’re going to hear this if you keep reading on this you’re going to
you’re th1 and th2 over and over and over
it’s a vast oversimplification of immunity it’s very important to
distinguish th one is the cell mediated arm of immunity that involves mostly
those T cells th 2 also involves cells but the more plasma cells and B cells
but it’s mostly the job is to make antibody and any sickness and any
vaccine can make one happen more than the other but ideally in most situations
in health we’ll have a balance of both and I showed you this is where a vaccine
starts and this is where natural infection starts so a child needs to
have these first two layers working really well because they control and
slow down viral multiplication and speed of access into the body the first two
layers and the cell mediated immune response in the third layer are key to
both efficient control and clearance of the virus as noted before children with
no ability to make this th2 antibody get through measles just fine if the first
two and a half layers are working properly
and what’s more they do have long-term immunity researchers were surprised to
find that they don’t get measles again if anything goes wrong in these first
two and a half layers then your child is in big trouble we hear a lot about what
can go wrong with measles disease but the medical system hasn’t had any real
appreciation for those three layers above because they’re focused revolved
around lots and lots of antibodies the reason these three layers are
important to understand when it comes to the musil’s back scene is because the
vaccine enters body in a totally different way first the vaccine is not
nailed and instead of following the same sequence as the disease that I described
and gradually gradually allowing stepwise body-wise access starting at
the lung surface the vaccine goes past those physical barriers and defenses and
it uses a different receptor called cd4 T 6 which allows access every nucleated
cell in the body all at once which cell phone has nuclei all need cells that are
mature red blood cells okay because the vaccine by taxes the first two layers of
immune defense you can never recipe for disaster if
that vaccine is not highly attenuated or what we call weakened and that’s exactly
what happened with the first live measles vaccines in America they weren’t
attenuated and they created serious illness in people who were vaccinated
and they weren’t called measles cases by the way and that’s all the vaccine is
and this again delegated to in the medical literature if the vaccine isn’t
for me with a live vaccine it’s an injected case of the disease controlled
injected case of the disease so you’re not getting a vaccine to escape the
disease you’re getting a controlled case of injected measles with the
biologically genetically altered virus as a result of its culturing a monkey
kidney cells way back doctors were afraid to give these
original vaccines without also injecting gamma globulin to stop the serious
systemic disease symptoms that resulted from instant access to the whole body it
also gave poor vaccine response when they hit those things together in 1965
they had no idea that the vaccine cell cultures had led to a mutation which
change the entrance capacity of that vaccine buyers all they saw was that
people were getting serious measles after becoming vaccinated changing an
immune response can also have a parallel disease the treatment of measles is
equally as important just as doctors didn’t understand why first vaccines
cause serious disease they sometimes don’t realize what they can do to make
disease worse the medical profession have also contributed to more than a few
deaths and complications because of how they used to treat measles in the early
days of measles standard treatment created big problems this can be seen by
looking at this doctors response what was then considered gold standard
practice in hospitals in the 1960s dr. Wittenberg went through Ghana and was
appalled at what he saw in his view the treatment of measles was medical
malpractice and he said so he wanted to change the way the hospital did things
even though his colleagues thought he was a creative quack
they did allow him to do an experiment and you know those is quite crazy quacks
to respect the natural processes of the body and don’t want to suppress fevers
or give drugs and antibiotics that they thought of him the articles that I have
up here was originally in German but later translated into English and
published in the Journal of anthroposophical isn’t you can actually
still read this online I believe this study serves as a case in point
whether you’re looking at malnourished populations or healthy ones
practice at the time what did you eat all children with antipyretics or like
paracetamol or ibuprofen although one of the guiding for open existed it was
probably aspirin antihistamines antitussive ‘s which are things that
stop you from coughing and sedatives bear in mind that they mean nothing
about innate immunity bag been the gold standard treatment resulted in 35
percent of infected children dying about halfway through a large epidemic dr.
Wittenberg was allowed to do a controlled trial all drugs were stopped
and half of the children there were 56 children and each fruit and then one
half where the drugs were stopped we’re just treated with bed rest foods
and as would have a diet possible the children who were treated Wittenberg’s
protocol have a mortality rate of 7% compared to 35%
even then dr. Wittenberg colleagues were not convinced and they said that he had
just been looking but how would you explain the continued 35% death rate in
the children treated with drugs was that also just bad luck it’s a very amusing
article to read because he talked about how tense things got between him and
this other doctor the reason I’m bringing this up is that the concept of
herd immunity is pushed very hard on the basis of death and complication systems
which could be as high as they are because of what doctors were doing and
parents took their seriously ill children to them another piece of
history most parents don’t know if the doctor used to treat measles by taking
25 ml blood from one of the parents and ingesting half of it other than each
buttock of the sick child needless to say is also contributed to children
dying and become very very sick it was quiet and abandoned in the late 1930s
but you can still read about it and selectively about a French Journal and I
believe I also got a German one that discusses this practice but it was also
done in an hour doctors today think all those deaths
were caused by measles all those deaths caused by doctors are part of the
records which are used to create fear of measles and parents today the death
rates would not have been as high if doctors had not use unnecessary drugs
and blood if the death rate has been reduced by common sense and good
nutrition and health the argument for vaccines can be pushed today
way that it is there’s no doubt that the measles vaccine creates antibodies and
some people and that the vaccine is temporary immunity to most people I’m
not going to even argue that because I believe that this is absolutely true and
believe it or not before vaccines in our country’s deaths rates have declined by
over 98% and we’re developing durable individual immunity because it improved
immune system functioning every three years measles outbreaks infected 15% of
susceptible children but the population of the whole at high level of community
immunity until the vaccine came along and created new problems and faster
sensor said in an earlier slide mankind was learning to live in symbiosis with
the buyers natural exposure to which not only conferred permanent immunity to
needles itself but may help Prime the immune system of children to protect
against other diseases we can see in this race a picture of what evolving
natural herd immunity actually looks like what we have here is the measles
incidents the case rates starting at 1912 through 1997 the dotted line did
the death to taste ratio so you can see that even before the vaccine came down
death to case ratio was declining declining declining here comes the
vaccine and look little blip in there well it won’t
comment on that but what we can see here is that in 1982 and 1992 we had two
little blips and those are indicative of leaks in the herd immunity created by
vaccines which were accompanied by a much higher case to death ratio and
occur to the Past obviously the pro vaccine will say but look at the case
decrease is that not worth it and that depends really on what your big picture
is before the vaccines naturally immune mothers gave their babies strong and
longer-lasting immunity and there’s your reference children’s mainly got we look
between the ages of 3 and 11 and at least 95 percent of adolescents were
immune by age 15 some records say nine nine percent of adults were reviewed
naturally ten adults did not get measles again and we know this from the famous
study on the Faroe Islands where measles was attacked have a high attack rate
initially it was a virgin population the 25% step 3 but then when needles came
back again 65 years later where it wasn’t circulating they found that the
people had had it the first time around didn’t get again this graph proves that
babies born naturally immune mothers have longer lasting protection and again
there’s the reference and what they’re showing here on the right these are
babies that are come from mothers the mothers were born before 1957 so the
mothers were born at a time when measles was freely circulating and they were
getting constantly reading spas as children and as teenagers before they
became pregnant and you can see that this is the percent of babies that were
susceptible to measles infection and you can see that I marked this because this
was the 50% rate so 50% of babies were still protected at 6 months back then
and protection lasted as long as fifteen months back then in the middle
these are the mothers that were born between 1958 1961 so while they might
not have been vaccinated they weren’t exposed the ongoing circulation so you
can see that their community levels were lower and then here we have the 1963 and
later group so these are mothers that would be vaccinated more than likely
vaccinated unless they got music when they were very young babies and how big
we’re not living at a time when the vaccine when the virus was circulating
and so they have the lowest levels at all and at four months only 50% of those
babies still have immunity now am I am a belt I’m about halfway
through if you wanted to have a break now we could or I could keep going up to
you keep going everyone agree to keep going
maybe another answer and minister okay it’s hard to find a great spot in this
particular talk for whatever reason so before the vaccine reported measles
cases didn’t reflect how much Ingalls was in the country I already talked
about that even the Centers for Disease Control – on their website today so the
more intelligent annual cases of measles must have occurred and will refer their
blood surveys showing that 95% plus immunity which means that most measles
cases in America were so mild that they never got report is only one case got
reported today we have a situation where adolescents and adults are the biggest
group who get measles because their vaccine immunity is 23.2 times lower
than those induced by natural infection there’s your references for that which
includes maternal immunity so that by 1991 babies were three times more
vulnerable than they were before the vaccines the attack rate today could
begin as higher dr. titania quoted that in his paper
only looked at naturally immune mothers in the post vaccine era and he
underestimated what the protection rate would have been pre vaccine as I just
showed you on that curve that it’s very different so he was looking pretty much
in that middle section dr. Peter or B has pointed out the same trend in Africa
where by 2003 and they were vaccinated heavily on 2003 in Africa
he said measles was expecting young adults and was infect pregnant women
with the worst form and he said what makes the situation worse is that in the
early days of the vaccines use immunity was regularly boosted by still
circulating wild measles fires which artificially inflated the efficacy of
the vaccine by stopping the virus circulating the presumed protection of
the vaccine is no longer as high as they once thought it was so in other words in
the beginning when there was on but there was still circulating virus and
they were vaccinating it looked like the things are going pretty well at that
point you have all those people in the society who were naturally immune for
life and you had vaccinated people who were freshly vaccinated and you have
them getting boosted by natural viruses circulating and then that’s changed of
course now we’re having these those people who are natural in the dying off
and we have a stoppage of the amount of circulation that it used to have and we
have vaccines wearing off as well this fact had been carefully analyzed several
times by medical researchers who predict that because of shaky vaccine immunity
our future might be somewhat spotty the analyses of these authors predicted that
in 20 to 30 years time herd immunity will be so fragile that shows measles
come through in will be worse off than we’ve been had they not
reduce the vaccine Levy said that by 2050 the number of susceptibles will be
higher than free vaccine time he discussed in predictions based on a one
dose vaccine model it was the model at the time that he wrote the paper and
this is just kind of a detail for how he worked out his figures so what about
today’s two dose model well doctor Heffernan didn’t analysis he didn’t
really think all that much then he said that the dynamic consequences of the
interactions between vaccinations waiving immunity and boosting are far
more striking for high levels of vaccination greater than 80 percent and
moderate levels of waning immunity greater than 30 years
large-scale epidemic cycles can be induced and that’s pretty much of an
information with a long disease-free period to be followed by a far larger
epidemic than predicted starting about fifty to three years
after the vaccination programs and considering that vaccination only really
got underway with an effective vaccine in 1980 as this writer described
counting fifty two years from there the Year 2032 is a good estimated guess of
when more surges of measles cases will become obvious at least in America
another medical article put it this way that twenty years after two doses of
vaccine have been given 33 44 percent of those recipients would become
susceptible to needles again the old pre-vaccine community immunities of 95
to 99 percent of life is out the window what we see here this is the main
analysis and these are going to call confidence intervals meaning
kind of the range of we argue where we could end up so what we have over here
are the first potentially susceptible people okay and this is based on blood
testing on non antibody testing actually and this is how many years after people
were vaccinated so you can see over here we go to twenty years out just go to the
middle we’re looking at 30 to proximately 33 percent of converting
susceptible we look at the middle line but if we look at the other line we’re
up to about 24% and you can see that over time a certain percentage of the
population after 15 years you’re still having about twelve or thirteen percent
of people that were vaccinated with two doses of not having immunity we know
that and the experts know this for this reason their answer will be more of the
same which is to give extra magazines earlier to babies again to pre pregnant
women more to us adults who were vaccinated as children and to make
vaccines mandatory by law for everyone from cradle to grave
they are also researching newer vaccines that maybe can be inhaled and given
earlier closer to the time of birth what could have been done differently that’s
the question well that bends I could have reevaluated
the treatment method which made needle step more likely and stopped doing those
things they could have looked at things like after whispering Wittenburg looked
at I mean imagine if not only has he stopped the jobs but had he been given
vitamin A and vitamin C and support like that they could have studied the disease
properly and found ways to effectively support the cellular immune system we
now know a lot about that to control and get rid of the virus efficiently now we
have to protect young babies and the alterable with vaccination
are these the only vulnerable groups babies below 15 months are not
vaccinated in many countries but the use of daycare has become commonplace at
least in America so they’re unvaccinated and not protected by their mothers
antibodies and then they’re exposed to older vaccinated virus shedding kids we
know that in daycare centers measured this that even if a child is happy in
daycare center their cortisol levels much higher than a baby or a child
Chagas it’s not there and that makes them more susceptible to disease as well
and you also know from other studies that when someone has measles and
they’re in a population where there’s been a lot of mixing of bacteria and
viruses that the chances of secondary infections are actually much higher and
the daycare center is the perfect storm for that to happen or how about the
child’s vaccine really never had any effect at all
that’s called primary vaccine failure and this is known to happen between 2
and 10 percent of the time and people who have had two vaccines or how about
the childhood vaccine Merrythought very sad that child’s call a secondary
vaccine failure and this happens in about nineteen percent of vaccinated
four to eleven years after the second shot do you think people have a false
sense of security from the measles vaccines the terrorist looks like they
do especially when you see the numbers are vaccinated that are contracting
measles today last year in California most of the
cases were people who lived during the time when little virus was circulating I
mean look at how many less than four year olds and over 20 year olds were
inspected in that California outbreak here we have over 20 years old did it be
6% for all that were affected it would have never happened back in 1950 look at
the less than one year old 11% back in 1950 that would have been like less than
1% and then one to four year olds fifteen percent and this is the group
that actually would handle the easiest only 18 percent of that got infected so
you can see the vaccine is definitely had the effect and this is what happens
today and the vaccine re-enters the population but this didn’t happen before
vaccines because 95 to 99 percent of those people in this age group here and
part of them in here had evidence of immunity by age 15 and because these
mothers are passing good solid immunities on to those babies but we can
see that these sorts of situations are happening everywhere at a point where
the world has the world has the highest ever mmm are updated history today this
is World Health Organization data collection showing huge case rates in
the western Pacific region which has a very high rate of vaccination the flaws
in the herd immunity theory are starting to some obvious and they’re going to
have to consider what should we do to hold back wishes I’m going to come back
we’ll talk more about that so we were talking about the leaks that have
occurred since the beginning and the beginning we’ve had round the back gains
part of the childhood population which appeared to cut coal back the spread of
measles and then we had our first key reasons leaked and denying periods like
90s when we realized there were a bunch of those children’s who are vaccinated
who the vaccine didn’t take they were either primary failures or secondary
vaccine challengers and so we change to a 2-dose regimen and ever since then it
would increase it the rate that we’re told is required for herd immunity we go
from 85 percent good 90 to 95 and we’re up to 99 percent require it so we’re
told so what are we going to do to hold back
these leaves a couple look at the evolution of the vaccine schedule I just
reduced some of it and 1963 in America we had the killed and a
live attenuated vaccine this killed vaccine by the way was a major problem
and even though it was causing big problems
it wasn’t removed from the market actually they just stopped producing it
until around 1967 about one and a half million doses was given and if you had
this kill vaccine you could have had something called the antibody dependent
enhancement which meant that if you were encountering circulating virus or one of
these side of one of these vaccines that you would get a case of measles it was
far worse than anything that was the regular kind of measles that was
circulating and then we had these live attenuated vaccines which means that
they made an effort to make them less infectious but it wasn’t a very strong
effort and these were the ones that had to be given with that immune globulin
then in 1965 they attenuated it even more meaning they selected out the
strains that had mutated that wouldn’t cause this much of an infection or that
would die more easily under the pressure of heat or fever then in 1967 I said
that killed vaccine was withdrawn taken off the market not herself millions were
given 1968 they finally got a more further attenuated vaccine meaning one
that they could administer without immunoglobulin but by this point doctors
are pretty scared and in the beginning they weren’t willing to give it without
the immunoglobulin and unfortunately that meant that it really wasn’t going
to be very effective by 1971 we’ve began this measles mumps and rubella so it was
a three in one vaccine in 1989 we in America we started the two dose schedule
because of the leaks that I just talked about and then in 2005 we had a new
vaccine that was added varicella and was created on aborted fetal tissue called
MRC cells I think is what they’re called in you and today we have a resurgence
even though our rates of up to take are about 90% which is much higher
vaccination rate than with annual measles cases were much lower than now
so we need to here in 1982 and in 1991 where we have those leaks and if they
continued those graphs you would have seen a couple more leaks in 2014 and
2015 we’re seeing this rise in cases because
all the older people who had solid lifelong immunity from the disease are
dying off and these 10% of the vaccinated people today have no immunity
from their vaccine 7 years later so what was once solid adult community immunity
has become a bit of a PC sieve when you see these weeks getting bigger and
bigger you and I will be blamed for refugee immigrants but never ever the
vaccines no failures I mentioned we can already see the goalposts being shifted
with demands of higher rates of vaccination than previously what they
don’t appreciate is what feigned vaccinologist I’ll become the next dr.
Gregory Poland has clearly said that because the current vaccine has such
shortcomings you will never reach a level 95% community community even if
100% of people or to be vaccinated dr. Coleman admits to that because his right
hand is sitting on some patents for new generation of measles vaccines that will
hopefully in his hope be released in the future you can see here dr. Majumder
talked about given the highly contagious nature of measles vaccination rates of
96 to 99 percent are required to preserve herd immunity and this is in
2015 so we’re going up we don’t have much or the double quotes so I repeat
the current MMR vaccine is not capable of eradicating pickles dr. Gregory
Poland has said so on several occasions multiple studies demonstrates that too
10% of those in denies with two doses of measles vaccines fails to develop
protective antibody levels and that immunity can wane over time and result
in infection so-called secondary vaccine failure when the individual is exposed
to measles our current tool for prevention has limitations that
increasingly look to be significant enough a sustained elimination much less
eradication are unlikely perhaps it’s time to consider in earnest the
development of the next generation of measles vaccines as conveniently he
happens to be the fellow that’s working on this and this is written by China
which has a 99% vaccination rate and does not allow emotions china has huge
numbers of primary and secondary vaccine failure and whenever I use this example
people say oh the Chinese people are very overcrowded and they live on top of
one another and I say how many excuses do you want to use to avoid answering
the question does the vaccine did protective immunity or doesn’t it so
look at China there were over 100 seven thousand case notifications in 2015 of
which 50,000 of them were confirmed that doesn’t mean the rest weren’t measles it
just means that they weren’t confirmed so will they say that herd immunity
needs 110% vaccination rate in 2016 the Chinese know that the measles rates are
rising despite the highest possible coverage and they’re seeing the same
trends and babies and older children as we are in America and an adult and it
says here that in spite of high measles vaccination coverage measles incidence
rates have been rising in China over the last decade in addition there has been a
shift in peak age of measles cases from young children to adolescents and
younger adults exactly what we saw in California they also know
reason for these huge numbers which is vaccine escape mutants this is a very
controversial subject matter and I am told by by people who don’t like me very
much this is a completely preposterous idea so I went to the medical literature
and I read every paper it’s available on the subject matter and my determination
is that it is not preposterous at all and that the Chinese literature show is
that it’s actually happening in this mutant strain l 397 and this has nothing
to do with primary or secondary vaccine failure the virus is now outsmarting the
kind of immunity that vaccine puts into the blood of the vaccinated persons and
in order to understand why new research is finally looking at just what sort of
immunity the vaccines give and what they found is that there’s a big difference
between the ability of a naturally immune person and in fact the native
person’s blood to fight different strains of wild and vaccine strains
there were two different groups that were looked at naturally immune mothers
from Nigeria and twelve-year-old vaccinated children from Luxembourg and
they should still have pretty strong immunity from their acne at that age the
vaccinated children showed an inferior ability to neutralize buyers compared to
the naturally immune the researchers do not discuss why in my opinion the reason
this happens is because the different receptors and layers of the immune
system that the wild fires goes through gives a much broader more complete
protection which recognizes and fights off all measles very efficiently in
vaccine immunities is not although both cohorts were matched 12 of the 20 to
late convalescent 0 those are the ones who
actually had measles disease and only six of the 24 vaccinated lots and more
drilled Rijn were able to neutralize all viruses
they were exposed to similarly only two of twenty viruses were not neutralized
by at least 75% of the naturally immune in comparison to ten of twenty viruses
that resisted individualization by at least 75% of the vaccinia so clearly was
a huge difference they do different strains of measles whether you’re
vaccinated or whether you’re naturally immune in this Chinese study dr. Shi
again looking at the genetic variation of sixteen wild-type measles fire
strains that infected fourteen vaccinated people and two non
vaccinating people he found that the vaccinated were susceptible to a mutated
wild-type measles virus infection and no doubt the program seemed to blame the
unvaccinated for not stopping the circulation but you could hardly do that
given that the hallmark of the measles vaccine has always been that it was
covered every strain and every possible mutation it always says that the measles
fires is different that there’s something in it that’s so consistent
that it will always stay covered by the vaccine but China is about as thoroughly
vaccinated as you can get and many of those mutations have actually arisen in
China which has the highest vaccination rates and in my opinion that’s because
what we’re seeing in China is an accelerated version of what we’re about
to see in the United States what we’ll probably see in Scandinavia at some
point years later the reason being is that China has a heavily vaccinated
highly talked populated area so we’re able to set dynamics much more fast and
clearly but I believe we’re also starting to see them in America but no
one is answering the question all they’re saying is it it’s time for a
second golden egg era for a new measles vaccine
dr. Shi here after he talks about all the mutants you know the special strain
that he found basically says that we need new measles vaccines the surrogate
strategy to achieve global measles eradication
moreover the second Golden Age appearing this golden age dr. politics with a
golden age for measles vaccine may provide us new insight for measles
vaccine development so you know it’s really interesting to me that even when
it comes to the influenza vaccines or comes to finding new adjuvants or
something like aluminium as an adjuvant we’re never allowed to say anything
negative in the medical literature however when there’s something new with
a pipeline that’s when it’s time to start rubbishing yolk and okay and
that’s exactly what we’re seeing here is but now that we have these new vaccines
are about to hit the market everyone’s allowed to talk bad about the older ones
which leads me back to a comment by dr. Peter or B which was when vaccines were
started lifelong vaccine immunity was assumed because they knew nothing about
the layers of the immune system or how measles progressed through the body they
thought that sticking a needle the body would be just as good as natural
immunity and dr. or be said has usually been assumed that previous measles
infection is associated with lifelong immunity well that’s actually proven not
just assumed this idea was transferred to measles vaccination when the vaccine
was developed in the 1950s hence if someone had antibodies after vaccination
these were also assumed to provide lifelong protection well it turns out
that that was all completely wrong today there are pockets of vulnerability in
the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and the vaccinated there are bigger problems
because it’s not possible to achieve lifelong solid herd immunity unlike in
the past where measles was mainly a children today we have to be concerned
about everybody’s I’m going to talk about the popula
susceptibilities in today’s world today we have the vaccinated pockets and we
have unvaccinated pockets absolute susceptibility meaning people who if
they’re exposed the virus could catch it and spread it so in primary vaccine
failure which is to 10% evolved activities never responded at all to the
vaccine dr. polar bears the reference secondary vaccine failure eight to eight
point nine to nineteen percent children between four and eleven years after the
vaccine will have not enough antibody to protect them then we have secondary
failure over twenty years that I showed you that graph before 33 percent black
protective titers lebaron and then we have what I just discussed vaccine is
paint mutants which is a highly controversial subject matter that we’re
not supposed to talk about but in the unvaccinated we also have pockets of
susceptibility primarily in the medically exempted children and babies
that are too young to be vaccinated especially when their mothers don’t
supply immunity because they have vaccines versions of immunity however a
much larger group acceptable will be the vaccinated older children and adults who
have lost their unity all this is a result of a medical system which once
thought that one shot would stop measles the year after the program started if
doctor sensor said in America and provide immunity for life just like the
disease does and the public accepted it I might have actually accepted if I was
told that we could stop this disease by giving part of childhood vaccinations
one shot so I’m sorry part of the childhood population one shot we get rid
of measles forever and I didn’t was unaware of the benefits of measles and
it was killing people I never agreed to that
but today given all the I’ve just told you we should be far wiser as more and
more vaccines are brought into the schedule
at younger and younger ages and all ages old middle-aged teenagers HPV vaccines
is causing major problems our teenagers while vaccine companies surpass
financial expectations I just saw another advertiser they did the thought
says that the spot Rose unexpectedly high because the vaccines and the cancer
drugs are doing so well while fear campaign’s amounts to higher
vaccine sales we follow that with Merck after the after the scare in California
I showed my other talk how the stock Bloomberg report showed that fear and
measles outbreaks increases stop rates well while they’re being passed in
America to stop our right to not vaccinate in California parents just
lost their right to hold their children back from any vaccines they want to send
them to school our employees are now losing their jobs at hospitals that they
don’t agree to a yearly influenza vaccine which we know is highly
inefficient there’s talk in your country of making vaccines mandatory and I talk
to people everywhere I go saying well right now they’re not mandatory but the
dollars are still really making me feel like a criminal if I don’t do it drug
companies monopolize with doctors learned in medical school and vaccine
inventors sit on the board the vaccine advisory committees and tell doctors
what vaccines should be given have that America had a vaccine inventing doctor
sitting on the Advisory Committee for immunization practices after he had made
millions of dollars on the rotavirus vaccine little cleanses of interest they
are biting while work biologist you’re not aware of
this the case ongoing in America going on to about 10 years now where these two
biologists we’re working for Merck helping to develop their vaccines test
their vaccines for safety and infected but it turned out that the most vaccine
doctors lost its effectiveness because it is passed through cells or so many
decades though it became really weak but in
order to regain their in order to maintain their patent for that vaccine
Merck has approved a certain level of effectiveness and it couldn’t it failed
every time so they tried all these other ways to get it to pass which people are
gross but that’s cheating you can’t do that it mercs I guess you can we’re
going to do it and if you call the Justice Department you will lose your
job but if you do what we say you will get a very nice bonus at the end of the
year those most biologists had a conscience and they left and they’re now
suing under the False Claims Act in America alleging mercs efforts to
defraud the United States your marks on going speed scheme to sell the
government a mumps vaccine that is mislabeled misbranded adulterated and
falsely certified as having an especial kisi rate but is significantly higher
than it actually is and if you think that sounds bad please go read about
this I’ve actually written about it on my website and there are lots of places
I even have links to the actual case the briefs and all the details are in there
right now we have a top CDC scientists who confessed his sins and one things
happening he was given a bonus and he’s still working for the CDC has not been
brought in front of Congress we have not had a hearing to find out what’s really
going on in the CDC you know this issue became really important to me when I saw
my own patients severely harmed by vaccines and at that point I was still a
vaccine believer I was finding orders for influenza vaccines I was finding
orders for hepatitis B vaccines I was hiding orders to revaccinated two
or three times with three shots each time for hepatitis B because I believed
in vaccines and my fault problems happen and all I wanted was acknowledgement
that the flu shot shut down my patients kidneys because that’s what would have
happened with any drug that shut down my patience kids I would have gone by and
would have said acute kidney failure dialysis dependent secondary to X and we
would have said words but because it was a vaccine I mean they it was just short
of rotten tomatoes being thrown at me when I tried to bring this up and I had
to defend what I was seeing in front of my eyes and I thought went to the
medical literature and I started reading about influenza and then they said to me
but what about polio why are you attacking back see what about polio like
I have no I must be wonderful so that’s all I hear is polio vaccine is wonderful
but then I spent almost two years in the books doing nothing but reading about
polio vaccines and what I found was a nightmare I couldn’t believe the
difference between what I had been taught what actually happened and I
wrote a lot about that in the book I don’t have a vaccine injured child I’m
not back pain injured none of my family is vaccine injured this is not personal
for me I left my job that paid three hundred thousand dollars a year to make
nothing the first few years and then twelve thousand dollars the next year I
did that because this is that important to me why is it important to me because
the brains of our young people in the future are what’s going to predict where
the world is going to go and so you can talk about GMOs and you can talk about
all the other things that are going on but if we keep ingesting these
substances into our babies and don’t have the right to refuse them we don’t
have a future we’re going to see the first generation where our children are
institutionalized after you die we’re going to see the first generations or
our children are dying before we do you have a major problem on our hands and to
me it’s worth sacrificing everything in my life to get as many people as
possible to at least start looking at the science I’m not asking you to start
to drive convert people to become against
hi vaccine or saying any of the silly things that you hear both sides saying
I’m asking you to go and look at what’s available and just see what you can
learn yourself and show that maybe to some other people so that maybe a few
babies can either have their vaccines delayed or even the ones that they
really don’t need stopped but it’s gotten to be too much our babies in
America are getting dozens of vaccines with aluminium in them dozens of them by
the time they enter school our rates of brain damage are higher than we’ve ever
seen in history our one in six of our children in America is on some sort of
medication for a chronic disease our type 1 diabetes rates are through the
ceiling our special education is almost higher proportion than our regular
education talk to me doc talk to us a teacher that 70 years of age or older
took very valuable people to talk to because they’re going to tell you how
many of their children have peanut allergies how many of their children
even inhalers how many has latex allergies how many were missing from
influenza all the time today we see classrooms half empty and the error of
vaccination we’ve got evidence that the flu shots are actually not providing
current immunity but doing something completely different but these influenza
vaccines as I presented the other night are actually putting the vaccinated at a
disadvantage to fight other strains of influenza and making them contagious for
longer periods of time this is a medical literature these are some very Pro
vaccine people that are writing these problems with the students shots but
there’s other things here between the marketing and between the science and a
lot of very good doctors and scientists or even saying this what we’re hearing
the hype we’re hearing in the media does not match up to science and you people
are all quite capable of understanding the science this is not physics this is
not rocket science this is very basic biology really to understand and you can
go into deeper and deeper levels but most people in this audience have some
foundations of what’s going on and you can continue to build on that and there
are lots of pay for influencing doctors and influencing
their family and actually saving a lot of problems in young babies okay I’ll

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