Has history been tampered with? Why Fake History of Europe,Asia,Rome,Grece,Egypt?

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  • Bullshit isn't stable. The only stuff that really can last a long time in our universe does so because it is genuinely robust–a marvel of engineering fit to endure everything it will encounter. Religion is just a pernicious mythology–a group of memes that just tend to turn a weak-minded opportunist into a robot that spreads those memes. God is already dead. It's just that metaphysical corpses decay very slowly. The religions of today are just carrion that is feeding political vultures.

  • Thanks. But I really am serious about this stuff, which I explain in my blog.

  • I meant serious about what religion is.

  • You are a liar, who know there is God and have experienced Him many times in your life time. The problem why you cannot believe Him is your intentional suppression of His knowledge.

  • Nope. Like most everything else you think you know, that's false as well. Both parents were atheists, who let us go to church a few times with friends mostly for the laughs. I even wrote a blog post about what my mother used to say instead of the idiotic "god only knows" expression that so many of you miscreants love to parrot. It's pretty much impossible for a moral person to believe in magical bully who only appeals to solipsistic scum like Ted Haggard, Al Sharpton, and your ilk..

  • You are again lying and, what is worse, you are ignorant of the science of knowledge. Nobody can laugh at believers in God, because nobody can prove that there is no God in this world. Nobody can dispense with intuitive way of knowledge, which is not scientific. So if you want to judge something, you cannot help thinking unscientifically. Your arrogance comes from your lack of knowledge of epistemology. BTW, I have nothing to do with Ted Haggard and his ilk… lol

  • Nobody can avoid being religious. Even atheist is religious, because he cannot avoid thinking unscientifically. Why they believe they are scientific? Because they do not make strictly logical judgment of himself and his way of thinking. He cannot live even for a minute without doing ethical judgment. Ethics? For atheists, there is no ethics, logically thinking, because there is no supernatural ethical standard. So when they insist that they are not religious, they are telling us a lie.

  • Regarding the science of knowledge, everyone that insists on himself being an atheist is not scientific, because true scientists cannot say about anything supernatural, because they know supernatural things such as God are beyond the human ability. Modern phylosophy is based on this consciousness of limit of knowledge, so if someone says negatively about the existence of God, we have to think he is not atheist but just an uneducated fart.

  • Practically everything you do and say is a testament to the depth and breadth of your ignorance. Case in point: The word science is latin for knowledge.

  • What a mess. If it could, I think your own mind would sue you for reckless endangerment.

  • hahaha, the science of knowledge is a field of philosophy. J. G. Fichte wrote about that. Go to a university to study epistemology or continue to show your ignorance forever.

  • What a mess??? Where? I just talked about a basic and famous theme of epistemology from Decartes to Kant, which every student of philosophy knows well.

  • You're just digging a deeper hole for yourself–its not called the science of knowledge but the study or theory of knowledge precisely because the word science means knowledge. How much could you really know about the field of epistemology and not know that?

  • WTF. Read "Concerning the Conception of the Science of Knowledge Generally" by Johann Gottlieb Fichte, where the author deals with epistemology. If you are knowledgeable about the basics of epistemology, you can understand what I say here and will not say, "Religion is enormously dysfunctional." This word reveals that you are not accustomed to strict thinking. Go to university to take class on philosophy.

  • By the way, if you know the theory of knowledge, teach me how Locke criticized Decartes? And what did Kant say based on the criticism? I want to know what atheists think about the limit of knowledge that empiricism set.

  • Don't know about the "Theory of Knowledge", but I did learn the "Riddle of Steel" a while ago……

  • music was too loud and distracting in the background, couldn't put up with it, stopped watching

  • Hey man this is a lot of bull.

    I'm Romanian, and I happen to notice you don't know much about our culture as you put a picture of Vlad Tepes ( one of our leaders during the 1400-1500 ) alongside Turkish leaders from the same period, whom, accidentally were our enemies during that period.

  • Because, of course, all those coins, inscriptions, statues, burials, etc., were all just made in the middle ages and then buried in just the right order all over the world so as to make the conspiracy work out right. Man, those monks must have been busy, running all over the ancient world, digging and burying! And how about knowing how to fake carbon dating and dedrochronology centuries before they had been devised. Nice job, guys! Good on you!

  • When pressed on the issue by American activists in September 2007, the current Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Dr. Zahi Hawass stated that "Tutankhamun was not black, and the portrayal of ancient Egyptian civilization as black has no element of truth to it;" Hawass further observed that "[Ancient] Egyptians are not Arabs and are not Africans .

  • @hannityforpres nowdays egyptians pretend that egyptian history started with the second kingdom and thats because the 1st kingdom pharaoh's had only greek names …

    MIN WAS THE FOUNDER OF EGYPT ! the 1 king of the 1st kingdom


    whats the original name of egypt ??? the oldest , the name that defines a land for the 1st time ???? ( AIG-YPTOS is a greek name in case u miss it )

  • @ktm066 lolz , incase u live in mars u should know that albanians can barely read albanian , and that nowdays albania ( the original is sited in black sea ) was a roman colony , in case u miss that part , u learned to read / write from the romans , thats why u got roman names , thats why u got italian accsent

    lets not forget that greeks were always knew that earth is round and that was based on a myth …

  • @ktm066 a myth was telling the distance of earth to moon and sun …

    a myth colombus followed from chios island to america …

    a myth the araukani tribe of america is beleaving that they are ascendants of ancient greeks …

    Troy was a myth until 1800's ….

    the myth busted u ….

  • Two words — "lunatic fringe".

  • What BULL!!!
    Who would be STUPID enough to swallow these outright LIES?!?
    is this a Joke? PLease somebody tell me this is a joke….
    Anything to ATTEMPT to falsify claims of Jesus…
    Give it up already – you'll NEVER EVER be successful.
    Really you should give up writing such insane and insipid novels!
    What moronic crap is this

  • Jews are of the synagouge of Satan Rev2:3 and Rev3:9. European.

    Judaeans are of the tribe of Judah, and the rest Israelites tribes that God brought out of Africa in the land of Egypt. African/Egyptians Exodus20:2

    Yes Africa, That generation that God brought out were all born in Africa in the land of Egypt. Egypt is on the African continent. Pharaoh, Moses, and the generation that God brought out of Egypt were born on the African continent Exodus1:6-15. Africans/Egyptians =PURE Somalians

  • This A.T. Fomenko is a complete nut. His whole book is trying to make the case that at one point, Russia ruled the entire world, and different foreign countries forged documents once they gained their independance from a once great Russian kingdom. Damn. I'm a writer and I still couldn't make that shit up if I tried! XD

  • @hannityforpres I find it interesting that Mr. Hawass would make such a statement when he has no background as a geneticist, and has refused to have important mummies such as Tut test. It's foolish to make such statements about race since Egyptians gave more weight to nationality than the simple stereotype of one's skin color.

  • @daddo555 It's not about ego. I'm open to exploring new historical theories, as long as they make sense. Look up the amount of things this guy has claimed haven't happened. He's basically saying that 2/3 of our history is made up, and that Russia was once the center of the world, with all the current European nations as basically puppet nations. That's really hard to believe, considering even Ancient Russian historians didn't make such claims.

  • this is utter bull shit

  • What a perfect example of cryptohistory, I must send my students here.

  • @Floodlezoot LOL
    Thumbs up!

  • what bollocks the music is as loud as commentary

  • @BlackmatterX

    Black is black. I see no colours anymore I want them to turn black. Everybody black, not to name of few, but to name them all !
    Sorry it's humour, but I couldn't help it after your comment !

  • Boy that was alot of crap to bury!! the ARCHAEOLOGICAL RECORD I MEAN…WHEW!

  • Great video. Thank you very much and keep them coming. May God bless our mother, Africa and all her children wherever they may be.

  • And just who appointed Mr. Fromenko an authority? And just what "proof" does he have? I want to see where he is a authority, and I want to see his "proof". I can sit here and type in that I'm the first and last female King of France. Does that make it true?

  • obviously history is written by the victors but this guy has it ass backwards. Civilization is older than what the general populace has been led to believe not younger. There's just too many historical figures and separate individual accounts of past histories to squeeze the entirety of human civilization into a few thousand years.

  • And then there's just a random Mickey Mouse…

  • I feel like im watching a 6 minute advert for amazon.

  • What a crock of shit….

  • Here's a cutesy one for ya: you live in a theatre show (as Shakespeare says you do) where all your history has been faked/placed/fabricated for it… GIZA-SPHINX… they tell you in code… move the G & N in code (sure love guns in their movies) … you get NAZI-SHIP-GX (GX codes to Helium 3…. just like EARTH does too… put the letters in a pyramid and decode… you get Helum3 Nazi)> PLANET-EARTH=PLANned-EntertainmenT-He3!!! You guys are all hilarious arguing over who built them…

  • This He3 (W or V, etc…) codes everywhere…. chromosomes fused at 2/3 (w)… earth is tilted at 23.5 degrees (exact atomic config. of He3). Your Blood types A,B, AB, O all code to it… in your DNA most of your info that differentiates you from the animal kingdom is at the 8/5 chromosomes (8/5 = h/e or Helium). LIBRARY codes to Be He3! It's coded everywhere around you in the stage play – if you look! Creator god AN (NA=11=Sodium)… 11=3 (binary)… 11=2… 2=He & then 3 or He3! Get it

  • The Black Sun is OIL being converted into GAS where STANNIC OXIDE (sure looks and sounds like SATAN/Satanic there) than alerts for Helium gas release (Satan sure has horns too) and isotopes which the powers that be are using it for their fancy stuff. Maybe that's why the American Military went into IRAQ! EARTH… or HE-TRA or He3! They're being highly entertained as you guys MAKE-UP your historical pasts! The Queen Mothers Jubiliee song tells you their watching from afar and codes to He3!

  • They're being highly entertained as you/them (purposely) MIS-TRANSLATE the info left behind! Are you a TRUMANite too! Their translations of the Bible are the most Hilarious! BIBLE. B=2=Helium… 1/2/3-5 (i-b-l–e… l=12=3)… you get He1/2/3 – 5 (the 5 is the whole atomic config for it… 2 protons, 1 neutron, and 2 electrons=He3). Qu'ran tells you too… divided at the 2nd/3rd coordinates, or He-3! And QUantum-RAN==see the NAZI code in it… see that AN code again (hehehe)! QUR=IZ!!! iz'an

  • See in code they tell you the Bible is written by NAZI'S.. Jesus is the NAZARENE from Nazareth (the letters after NAZ code to 'I')… from Bethlehem..or Be-the-3 hm (HeliuM).. just move the EL in the word…first and last letters of the bible N & I and everything in between is from A-Z.. or NAZI…if you put the Word BIBLE into a pentagram formation you'll decode NAZI from it! They love their penta's and Hexa's because it's really He3-4! We 3 Kings.. following yonder star..He follows H.. or He3

  • why is Christmas on the 25th… because it is the 258th day of the year and 12th month… 12-2/58… is the configuration for He-3…(5)… Jesus is sneaky code for He3… he is born on He3 dies on He3 (code), and lives the days which code to He3 (12, 153 days)… see it….1=H/5=E 3… or He3 and then they put He-4 into the code with the 12! And that 3 rises again… hhhmmm! or the 261 first day of the year 261=9… or the i/eye… He3 is the EYE in the sky WATCHING THE PROGRAM!

  • it's a BiG BanG…. BB=22=v=Vanadium=23=He3…. GG=77=ir (iridium)… RI=STAR (Egypt)… He3-STAR… guess that's why in school it's described as an expanding universe like a balloon (how clever of them). SMILE YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA! Make some crosses from some toothpicks, then stick them into gum on a hard piece of cardboard… align them 3… than ANGLE (angel) them from the proper perspective and you will get an H and an E with the 3… they seem to like Thorium too! Hallelujah!!!

  • 50 % world history is FAKE

  • And how do we know this book wasn't tampered with?

  • At the moment, Id imagine they are faking it for social and economic motives. Im guessing they are out to make a quick buck, hence all of the product placements. And then of course, there is the social element, which is to service  different social, ethnic, and political groups. There is no money to be made in the later, so its mostly likely just self masturbation. 

  • So I don't understand a few things. Since most of our modern day so called "long biodegradable" items like styrofoam, some plastics,diapers, cig butts, &c… Wouldn't most this stuff be gone in a couple thousands years? Who's to say there weren't "modern" civilizations within a scope we can't see. I used to think it was longer ago, like millions of years, but why not sooner. Perhaps some of the pottery remains we find from 10,000 years ago are from nomads avoiding the "civilized" world.

  • Years ago

  • Read of a bacteria that will finish off remains of titanic in less than a decade. I often wondered how long a city would take. Even without this strain, the time lengths for biodegrading most items is less than 2000 years. Glass is the only exception but is easily ground into and remade from sandy at the oceans.

  • There is a way to know although not untarnishable. All light we see from other places in the universe is like ours, sent off into space. Anything ever done could be seen if captured at right place. Likely ways for this to be manipulated but always possible to find if not fooled.

  • Watch the movie "The Village" and I believe this applies to much of what we are led to believe and where we are in our history is mostly fake, prob dinosaurs too!

  • History is being editted and rewritten as we speak, communist genocides are hidden and forgotten in favour of socialism which lets the financial elites to feed upon the bullish trend of a ruined economy.

  • Lots of crazy in these comments, if one finds gullibility amusing, this bunch will almost kill you with laughter.
    The video is fkn hoot as well, about 30 mins……..

  • illuminaughty conterfet ducuments hid omg

  • What?A motherfucking mathematician wrote a book about history, well I am going to go and build a rocket for the NASA

  • I belive. Serbia is Europa. Everything was serbian, even Cryst

  • 99 ancient Greeks dislike this video. Proof some people are so stupid, they actually think they´re stuck in ancient Greece. OMG! I´m so hoping I´m being wrong…….

  • I can´t help but liking this video……

  • While all this may be true, the same should be said for Astronomy. Space as it has been sold to us is a giant hoax. Nobody can go there, nobody has been more than a few miles from the surface of the earth. Everything is a lie.

  • I am confused with history and the belief… we are in

  • I can't believe all the regards in the comment section, Rome DID exist, we have CENTURIES of proof for it!!!

  • every thing else might be fake but Yahweh Word is not fake

  • I know for a fact history has been tampered with cause white people wrote history.

  • I know for a fact history has been tampered with cause white people are in control.

  • The music is rather annoying, it ruins the documentary.


  • ???????????

  • For centuries. They have been faking events that were current in their life times. And then decades from then, kids are tested on that stuff in history classes like if it was real.

    Manhattam project, moon landing, daily news. Its all fake
    NASA space bubbles and the real sun
    Above video shows proof of russia and international community faking space
    Proof NASA fakes being in Space
    Check the above video to see why nasa never made it to the moon or even space. Its just hollywood acting.
    ISS Fail ,CG software outta sync
    Above video shows what happens when their CG fails.
    Nasa Hoax Absolute Proof of Harness Wires
    Above video with hair spray and wires
    There Are No NuKeS On A Flat Earth NUKE HOAX
    nuclear explostions were made by movie studios.
    Several Sandy Hook players are literally actors.
    Above video. fake daily news

  • Yeah…hemp paper might last a few hundred years maybe…but i think that's it.

  • what a load of old bollocks


  • I can’t stomach that foreign bot computer voice.

  • What you are saying is that Rome Egypt Greece China Japan Were never longer than a few hundred years

    Look at the paintings the Books the art of war gengus khans diary

    and Romes documents if history was a few hundred years then Rome would not have lasted longer than 100 years

    Rome lasted more than 2 thousand years learn history before you try and say things that are false people write and paint history

  • BTW , this series of books is available for FREE download.

  • Check out Forbidden Archeology…. Even Archeology is tampered by the Parasites

  • Look at how totally fake almost every thing, profession, religion, and field of endeavor is, even in our modern information age. Do you imagine it was any different in the past. Good grief, the official motto for the study of history needs to be, "cui bono! "

  • How do they carbon date a stone pyramid? Lol. I have seen the altering of the Spinx and the rails around it.
    Stonehenge is also a fraud.

  • On point. Unfortunately our voices translates into rattling cages to those uninterested. See what happens when the beast wakes to bite the hand that feeds it. Unfortunately they feed on a staple gruel Tele-brain farts and they believe it to be a brain storm, after incubating the News Anchors insights. The populace look at the world and compare it to its Media fed narrative. In their world the words wrap around the observable fact. We the people, are raised on parameters, to set limits, keep them in defined area's of conformance. This is done, so we might reinforce among ourselves the freedoms within the confines, believing affluence is In God we Trust FRN's. Rule of law and right of way give Joe Public something to work within. What we do, they don't and never will. Like the traitor, begging into the Matrix for a juicy tasting Steak. The caged animals unlike Truman looks no further than the screen before them. Nice work on Fomenko, a Mathematician utilizing natural law to discern and gage history.

  • Everything you know is wrong, everything you own is junk.Everything you think you own, you don't.

  • The Truman Show is more like it !

  • Interesting!

  • There even is a greater deception if Christ was not crucified! If he was King Izza-Manu-el of Edessa as identified by Ralph Ellis. But not even crucified because his family claimed he was not. The Ante and Post Nicene Records state that Emperor Constantine imposed the doctrine of Sacrifice upon the gnostic Bishops he invited to his Council of Nicaea in 325 AD. He threatened to have them exiled if they didn't accept it. There was no Christianity before this if all these Bishops were Gnostic!

  • Fomenko is an agent. http://mileswmathis.com/newchron.pdf

  • Herodotus is just some italian guy in 19th century writing fiction about so called Great roman empire that never existed. That a buch of italians 2000 years ago conquered western europe on foot is of course just italian fiction. So everything about so called "romans" are fiction, fake, made up in renaissance italy to deep into 1900s. Fake 'roman historians" fake "greek philosofers", fake history of "rome", fake emperors with such precis date when they rule and what they did etc. while most people don't even record what they did last week! hilarious. fake battle and fake everything that is too unbelievable. "so called roman army" never conquered anything as they did not exist. It's only good for hollywood movies. Maybe they invented all this shit so they can do playacting on stage about it. Like fiction that became "history". Yes Pompeii is fake site, colosseum is fake concrete 19th century stuff.
    Romans "building in concrete" yeah sure sure. 2000 years ago every home was built out of wood or maybe earth but not stones or concrete as this is too hard to build. besides concrete is 19th century invention but they pretend that "romans" invented this shit.
    "romans" never existed and that's all.

  • So they started with this fake shit and then they fabricated more fake shit to back up evidence of this fake stuff. So fabricate "romans" and then built fake buildings to back up their so called existence. More and more fake as time goes on then they add fake art and fake frescos, fake village like "pompeii" it's just BS. I mean do you really think that people of 2000 years ago will create statues out of marble with no metal tools, yes the so called "iron age" is a joke too, iron became common after 1800 when eruopeans discovered the method to extract iron from Chinese! So iron age is just 250 years not 2000 years ago.No iron tools to cut marble and make them into statues which are of course fakes from 19th and 20th century as usual with fake art. Just make somethingin 1875 and then claim it's "2000 years old" the sheeple will believe anything just as you say so. The older the more the fakery fetch. This is art for you from 2000 years ago, a naked man with his penis, why would anybody 2000 years ago do this?
    rediculous. Or create fake stuff and then pass this shit as real. Fed up with analyzing, there is no need to analyze anything: if its on tv then it's fake. history of west is totally fake so also no need to look into it, All fake.

  • Yeah except you have to get the Jews ,Chinese’s ,Africans and all native people onboard to pull something like that off

  • Musicologist Alfred Einstein pointed out so many works from artists we almost never hear about which Mozart had copied the base material and remade with his handiwork. Technically this was not plagiarism but improvement; however it lends credence to theories that the German composers were significantly propped up by some propaganda apparatus one way or another.

  • Laud mucic!

  • turn off that stupid music



  • Thank you for shering , great awakening !

  • Are we sure this video wasn't tampered with?

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