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  • There's more to dating archaelogical objects than radiometric dating. Radiocarbon dating is limited to organisms younger than 60,000 years because of half-life of Carbon-14. After that time there is very little C-14 left in a sample to accurately assess it's age. I'd like to see this guy with a degree outside his expertise explain away Mayas and Incas. His theory is pseudoscience and has been discredited because he selectively ignores data that doesn't support his theory.

  • wow…this completely blew my mind.
    when i start thinking about this kind of stuff, i usually get so far into it that my head starts hurting and my mind-words get jumbled.
    thanks for uploading

  • I think Fomenko should continue his research. Who could even tell time until digital watches were invented. I know I still can't tell time from an analog watch. It might just turn out that my grandfather was born in ancient greece, strange that he's never mentioned it.

  • Uh oh, we've all been duped! Guess I'll correct my wrong mindset based on the multitude of scholarship gone on before me. For here is a conspiracy, and conspiracies are all the fashion these days. Can't be seen as unfashionable. I'll take two please.

  • i am chinese, i am so lucky.
    we got our own lunar calendar. We are saved. Our comman year starts at 887 bc.

  • If history is fucked up how do you know what time pieces where around when?

  • it's all be to erase the cyclical comet impacts that destroy the earth every … years (do your own research – and not on youtube 'Elenin' or 'ISON' videos…). they haven't erased all accounts though. google books is an amazing historical source if people ever cared to actually look…

  • oh and PS i forgot to mention yes history has been 'fixed' and parts re-written just as it is today (6 million Jews died…. not), but the 'time keeping inaccuracy' this video is trying to sell is complete crap. time keeping has been the single most important knowledge/ of the ages. without it you won't know when the comet is passing.

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