Harveysburg mayor facing sexual imposition charges takes leave of absence

TONIGHT A SMALL WARREN COUNTY VILLAGE … CONTINUES TO BE ROCKED BY A SEX SCANDAL… INVOLVING THE MAYOR! NEW DEVELOPMENTS TONIGHT… HARVEYSBURG MAYOR … RICHARD VERGA… IS TAKING A LEAVE OF ABSENCE… AS HE FACES SEXUAL IMPOSITION CHARGES… A VILLAGE EMPLOYEE SAYS…. HE GRABBED HER BUTT! WL-WT NEWS FIVE’S KARIN JOHNSON… IS LEADING THE WAY… WITH WHO’S COMING TO HIS DEFENSE TONIGHT. (karin johnson: village employees here in harveysburg tell me the mayor has voluntarily placed himself on leave) (donna hoffman/resident: when I heard this about a woman, no way, no way! He didn’t do it. He didn’t touch her. She’s lying.) TONIGHT… MANY PEOPLE IN THIS SMALL WARREN COUNTY VILLAGE ARE COMING TO MAYOR DICK VERGA’S DEFENSE. (MARY FARLEY/RESIDENT: he’s really nice ya know, really nice guy and he never done anything to make you think he was coming on to you or anything like that) (HOFFMAN: he needs to have the charges dropped) THE 75-YEAR OLD MAYOR IS CHARGED WITH SEXUAL IMPOSITION. VILLAGE FISCAL OFFICER CAROL NELSON SAYS THE MAYOR GROPED HER. (CAROL NELSON/FISCAL OFFICER: “he came right here beside me, in his walker and tapped me twice and I said do not ever touch my rear end.”) IN AN INTERVIEW THIS MONTH, NELSON TOLD WLWT IN ORDER FOR HER TO PUT THIS INCIDENT BEHIND HER, SHE HAD TO COME FORWARD. (NELSON:”I felt humiliated, and embarrassed.”) THOSE IN THE COMMUNITY WHO ARE STANDING BY VARGA SAY THERE HAS TO BE AN ULTERIOR MOTIVE. (MARY FARLEY/RESIDENT: sometimes I think they’re wanting to get rid of him. They’re wanting somebody else in there and I think that has a whole lot to do with it) (hoffman: he’s done a lot of stuff for this town. I mean a lot and he’s really fixed it up and for them to do what they’re doing, it’s not right) (karin johnson: we tried reaching out to the mayor for comment but a friend of his told me his attorney told him not to comment. In harveysburg, karin johnson, wlwt news 5.) VILLAGE EMPLOYEES SAY… THE MAYORS LEAVE WILL LAST THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF JULY.

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