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  • This was fantastic! I'd love for iBiology to do a series on lab techniques, instrumentation used etc. Seeing techniques and instrumentation for a study like this would be invaluable, particularly if the choices or motivations for why a particular technique or method was chosen over another.

  • Does this mean in this case of the Villus, that stomach cancer can be controlled by controlling this APC protein?

  • WOW!!! You're a great speaker. As you talk I keep coming up with questions, then as soon as I do you answer it for me. Fascinating talk. Thank you đŸ˜€

  • I’m not a scientist, why did I watch all 30 minutes of this?

  • Thank you Dr. Clevers for an absolutely riveting presentation where he shows how his lab was able to grow organoid from a single gut stem cell. Dr. Clevers' historical perspective is particularly enlightening as often there are incredible discoveries made by intuitive scientists that are totally ignored by the main stream establishment.

    Dr. John Beard, in 1905 first discovered "germ" cells (his term for stem cells) and how they were responsible (including the trophoblast) for most forms of cancer. It was his theory that enzymes produced by the pancreas in the embryo were responsible for turning off the cancer like behavior of the trophoblast into a quiescent placenta in the mother. Indeed he cured hundreds of stage IV pancreatic cancers through the use of pancreatic enzymes.

    Naturally he was totally ignored and rejected by the medical establishment. His book "The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer and Its Scientific Basis" is easily found as a PDF file on the internet and is exciting reading when put into historical perspective. Thanks again, Dr. Clevers.

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