Hampton City Schools – The Digital Bridge – May 7, 2019

(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Becca LeCompte
from the Innovation and Professional Learning Department here in Hampton City Schools. When we create curriculum for students, we like to emphasize
things like collaboration and creative thinking, and the
ability to create new things. Today, you’re going to get a
glimpse of a tailor-made lesson in Belinda Fluker’s class
at Hampton High School. The students are going to be
working to use history content they’ve been learning in AP World History to create choose your
own adventure websites with that content. This is going to allow
them to work together and collaborate, to think creatively, and to work on a 21st century
skill, website creation. Let’s go take a look. So to make that duplicate,
right up here next to publish, there’s three dots in a vertical line. I want you to click on that. And the second choice
down is duplicate site. – So students today are participating in a create your own adventure based on either the Cold War
or any of the learning topics that we’ve studied this second semester. What I really love about this
is that students are allowed to use their own creativity to
explore the different options or scenarios to create
this digital adventure using Google Sites. – The great thing about you guys is that you’ve been learning
history all year, so you don’t need a jumping
off point so much as, you just have to decide what that you’ve learned would
be a good activity for this. – We definitely weren’t expecting
to do something like this. We were just thinking, oh, we’re just going to be making
a website and calling it a day. We didn’t think that we would actually get to write our own story
and make our own decision, have our own options. Usually, we will think
about it, talk about it, maybe for a day or two and
then just hop right into it. With this, we actually
have to use the computers and really think about it and
plan what we’re going to do so it can turn out right the first time. – So my planning document started with, you’re a British school
child, you just woke up, and you’ve seen the bright light and the tiny mushroom cloud. Things are about to get crazy, right? And so what we did next
is your two choices and what happens when you choose those? They go here. And then you continue branching out. – We’re learning about how
to create an adventure. We choose how it ends and the
options that the person makes. Each option creates what type of ending that you’re going to have. The activity helps us get more in-depth and the decisions that the people during the World Wars chose and it helps us understand
what’s their thought process and what they were thinking. – [Belinda] This is one of
those moments where they’ll say, remember when Ms. LeCompte came and showed us how to do that? This is one of those things
that will really stick in their memories that they can relate to later on in their learning. – [Autumn] I’m hoping
that I can become better with computers and learn
how to use more of Google and be able to do more
things to help my learning for the future. – I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to checking out some of those websites. This has been The Digital
Bridge for Hampton City Schools. Innovating today for a better tomorrow. (upbeat music)

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