Halloween in the Wayback!

Hi everybody this is Rielly’s Wayback and today I’m going to do a Halloween Episode. Lets go inside. Man and Child Singing: Rielly’s Wayback Hey Toby Dog! Today we’re going to carve a pumpkin and say scary stories doesn’t that sound fun? Ruff! Ruff! Slurp! Man and Child Singing: Rielly’s Wayback First we’ve got to push it in and pull it out… then… that. EWWW! There’s lots of seeds and lots of guts that’s holding the seeds. We’re going to use my dad’s drill to get these pumpkin guts out. Blegh! This is a happy one This one has big teeth And this one is a mad pumpkin. And I pick..um… this one because it kind of looks a little scary but I don’t want the little ones to be a little scared. This is the box that we’re going to have all the tools in. Unh! Now we’re going to finish it. Yuck! There we go! [Growling like a monster] Okay Toby Dog so our pumpkin’s finished and… in the night we’re going to say scary stories Doesn’t that sound fun? Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Man and Child Singing: Rielly’s Wayback Welcome back everybody We’re ready for some scary stories. So the mom and dad went to see their friends next door “Be good boys”, their mom and dad says. They started to play… hide and seek.

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