GTA 5 – Hunting a Megalodon Shark!!

– [Olli43] Hello, ladies and gentlemen, you beautiful, beautiful people. Welcome to another video. Today, we’re back inside of
GTA 5 playing with some mods. Oh my god, apparently I’ve
installed a megalodon shark. Now, I’ve saved seeing it for
the first time with you guys, ’cause I love reacting to this stuff. Apparently it’s freaking
huge and I’m super excited, I cannot wait to see how actually, how big this actually is. And yeah, it’s pretty exciting. And also, I don’t get an excuse to play GTA 5 mods that often ’cause there’s literally barely anything coming out these days. But I guess with the release of, oh my god, I thought that was
it over there, you see that? Hang on, let’s just
change to my pistol here. I thought that little
boat (laughs) was it then. Oh, I’m nervous. Yeah, as I was saying, there’s barely anything
coming out at the moment ’cause obviously Red Dead Redemption II is coming out very soon,
I’m so hyped for that! Let me know if you’re hyped for it down in the comments section. Yeah, oh, much hype. Anyway, so, I thought what we would do is, if I spawn in a tugboat I think that is probably
gonna be a good size to compare against the shark. So, I think I can just type in tug. Oh yeah. (Olli43 laughs) No, I’m a little bit, okay. Can I, you know what, we’re just. – [Woman] Oh my god! – [Olli43] There we go, I
think we’re in, are we in? Hey, nice! Alright, okay. So now what we’ve gotta
do is find the shark. Now, if we don’t find the shark, I really, really, really
wanna see one organically, but I don’t find one,
I’ll just spawn one in. But it’d be really cool
I think just to see one just all of a sudden. (mimics Jaws theme music) (laughs) Just creep up on me. I think that would be freaking cool. I actually don’t know where they spawn. I definitely know they don’t
spawn this close to the shore, we have to go out a little bit, and I think they spawn a
little bit up this way. So hopefully we should find one. I don’t know how big it’s gonna be. I don’t know if I have to go underwater, if it’s gonna go along the top, I’m gonna see a massive fin along the top. Honestly don’t know. It’s a little bit of a mystery. I literally just installed the mod, I saw the word megalodon,
immediately installed it, and then, yeah, that’s where we are today. I’m just in my little boat. This might be alright, there might be a shark here somewhere. Let’s have a look, let’s get
out and have a little wander. (footsteps thudding) Hm. (laughs) I recently saw the new film called Meg, which obviously is short for megalodon, and that was a pretty good film. I would recommend seeing it. It’s not too bad, actually. Maybe not as good as Jaws, but, that’s a classic so. It’s definitely a good film, though. Alright, I can’t see anything just yet. (engine roaring) Oh my god, there’s a gunner. I thought that was a gunner Jet Ski and I was wanna warn them like, yo, you’re going to die
if you’re on a Jet Ski. Okay, I’m tempted to get in the water. Ah, do I get in the water? They always say don’t get in the water and you sit there watching the film like, why are they getting in the water? They know there’s a megalodon shark. Hmm. Maybe I should sail for
a little bit longer? Yeah, let’s do that. Let’s go up shore a little
bit and see if we can see one, otherwise I’ll get in
the water, have a little. God, I keep seeing seagulls
and thinking it’s a shark. Yeah, I’ll got up shore a little bit, see if we can see one,
and then go from there. But so far, no shark. (laughs) Oh, where are you, sharky sharky? It’s literally just gonna come underneath and I’m just gonna freak the hell out. Or it’s gonna be really disappointing and nothing happened. Either way, it’ll be interesting to
see my reaction, I think. Okay, still no shark. I think this is as far
out as you need to go, I don’t think you need to go, oh! Oh, is that it? Let’s have a look. No, I think that’s a whale. I managed to find a whale, hang on. Oh god. Yeah, I think that was a whale. Can I get in the water? Let’s have a quick little gander. That’s pretty cool. Alright, here we go, okay. Please don’t be the shark. (water splashing) Okay, let’s go into first person view. Grab a knife for protection. I definitely think that was
whale rather than a shark. Hmm. Okay, I can’t see it anymore. (laughs) This is freaking spooky. I can’t be the only one who’s like, oh, it’s a little bit eerie. Okay. I definitely think that was a whale rather than the megalodon. Okay. (Olli43 laughs) Alright, okey-dokey. Let’s keep going. Where’s the ladder? I think it’s here, right? Let’s keep sailing. So we’ve managed to find a whale so we’re definitely at
the right distance out for sea life to come out. I just don’t know how deep you need to go. Ah, you know what, I just
had a freaking thought. Why don’t I use a freaking submarine? That’s a much better idea. Okay, alright, we’ll
do that, we’ll do that. Okay, tugboat, you’ve been great, but I think it’s time for
the Kraken to come out. (character thudding) Um, I wanted to jump on the
roof there, can I do that? Thank you, thank you. Alright, so, if I do this correctly hopefully I won’t lose the tugboat. I’ll get up as high as possible. Stand there, no, okay. Alright. So, FA, vehicle options, vehicle spawner, and it is under boats, I believe? Tugboat, nope, we want the Kraken. Here we go, three, two, one, wabam! (water splashing) We lost the tugboat. The tugboat, that’s really annoying. Alright, here we go. (Olli43 laughs) Okay. Oh, there’s that whale we saw. Is that the whale? I’m pretty sure it’s the whale. Should I go up to it? (engine roaring) What if it’s the shark? (whale calling) (engine roaring) Yeah, it’s the whale, okay. (whale calling) I think this is the first time I’ve actually organically
seen whales in this game. I’ve always known they were in the game but I’ve never really spent
time to look for them. It’s kinda cool, this
game’s got so much in it, even now I’m finding new stuff. I mean, I knew whales were in the game but I never ever bothered
looking for them, you know? What happens if I bop the whale? (Olli43 laughs) Oh my god, oh god, oh, oh. Can you help me find my friends? I’m looking for a shark,
goes by the name megalodon. Come on, there’s gotta be
a shark out here somewhere. I know they exist. (sings Jaws theme song) (Olli43 laughs) Oh my god, I’m actually, I don’t think the shark
will get me in here, I don’t think I have to worry about that, but I’m just scared that it’s
gonna jump out at me a little. (water burbling) (Olli43 laughs) Is anyone a little nervous? (water burbling) I am, I know that much. (water splashing) (engine roaring) I thought for sure these
sharks would be easy to find. (engine roaring) I really just wanted
to find one organically but I honestly don’t
think it’s gonna happen. (whale calling) Oh, hello. (sighs) Alright, you know what? I’m gonna head out a little bit. But at the moment I’m
pretty close to the shore. I mean, I figured this would be far enough but maybe we have to go out
like (laughs) maybe this way. I’ve looked online just now to see if there’s any location and everybody’s got a different answer. Apparently there’s a
location all the way up here, apparently there’s a
location over here somewhere, apparently there’s a
location over here somewhere, and apparently there’s a location here. And even here, really
close up to the pier. So I’m just gonna head out
and see if we can find one. If I don’t find one then, like I said, we’ll just spawn one in and we’ll kinda miss that
surprise a little bit (laughs) but yeah. I do wanna try and find one. Wait a minute. (engine roaring) Oh my god, you see that? I think that’s the
horizon messing with me? Huh, that’s weird. Maybe we should be in a boat. Maybe they’re not loading in
’cause I’m in a submarine. (water splashing) Yeah, alright, let’s
get back in a tugboat. ‘Cause if it’s a megalodon
I should be able to find it. Vehicle spawner, tug. Alright. Let’s just head out to sea and keep an eye on the water. (laughs) If we find a shark, I’ll
get in the submarine just to get a closer look at it but right now we’re gonna
use the tugboat, okay? I saw the whale so I should be able to
spot the shark, right? It’s a megalodon so it should be huge, it should be impossible to miss. How far out we gotta go? Alright, I’ll put a mark on the map just so we know roughly where we’re going. (Olli43 laughs) Oh, megalodon. Man, someone should invent a
mod where, oh, what is that? You have like a shark counter and it beeps if you get close to a shark, that would be sick, I would love that. Oh, it’s getting a little
bit more choppy out here. Okay, so, here’s the deal. I’ve reached the location, I’ve
not seen the megalodon yet, but I’m gonna get in the water
and load in a Kraken, so. Here we go. Please don’t be in the water. (water splashing) Okay. (character breathing) Anything around? Oh, it’s a fish. (Olli43 laughs) Okay, cool. Anything below me? This is pretty scary. Okay, let’s get the Kraken out. Vehicle options, vehicle spawner, (keys toggling) boats, (keys toggling) Kraken. Cool, alright. Well, there’s definitely,
oh my god, that scared me. There’s definitely fish
around but no Kraken. Maybe I have to go down a
little bit, just like dive down. (engine roaring) Let’s dive down a little bit. Oh, we’re going down
the bottom of the ocean. (engine roaring) Alright guys, so. I’ve been reading a lot online, there’s not actually any concrete, oh my god that scared me a little bit, kind of information out there about sharks but one thing I did read
quite a little bit is using a Jet Ski is a
good way to get a shark, and also there’ll be a
red blip on the mini map when one’s near you. Or at least when one is
trying to attack you. So what I’m gonna do is
get a little Jet Ski, go for a little spin,
and we’ll go from there. So let’s just, vehicle spawner, boats. (keys toggling) There you go. (engine roaring) So what I’ll do is I’ll go
for a little Jet Ski here, (engine roaring) go away from my big boat, ’cause maybe that’s putting off
the megalodon, I don’t know. (engine roaring) There we go, alright. Let’s just sit here for a moment. (water splashing) (Olli43 laughs) Eerie. (engine roaring) Maybe I scared it off? I do have, oh my (laughs) god! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. (laughs) Oh my god! Holy! Oh my god, it. Did that just disappear? (water splashing) Oh my god, it actually just disappeared. What the heck? That, man, that worked so well! I literally just turned
around and it was behind me. I don’t know if it saw me
or not but it disappeared, and it wasn’t on the mini map so that stuff about the
red marker was bull crap. Oh my god, that was frightening. But the stuff about on the Jet Ski and then just turning around. That thing looked massive! Okay, let’s try that again. (Olli43 laughs) Let’s get back to my Jet Ski. Oh, Jet Ski. (water splashing) I can’t believe how well that worked. Alright, let’s go back over this way. I don’t know where it went,
it literally just disappeared, that was so weird. (engine roaring) Alright, if I see it I’m
gonna swim up to it, okay? Oh! Alright, there we go. (water splashing) (character breathing) I’m kinda scared to turn around. (laughs) I literally
can’t find one at all. Hmm. I really, oh, (laughs) oh shit! Oh my god, what, it’s literally. Oh my god it’s literally not
even swimming, what the hell. Or is it just moving really slowly? I can’t even, is it dead? What the hell. Oh my god, that thing is huge! (Olli43 laughs) Oh my god, if that thing
sees me I’m so dead. It’s literally just sitting
there, I don’t understand. Is it swimming? Is it just swimming really slowly? No, I don’t think it is. Is it? Maybe it’s glitched or something? Oh my goodness, that thing is huge! Wow. I’m kinda terrified if it’s
just suddenly go off on me. Although I don’t think it is. Oh my god, I really can’t tell how, what? Huh? The hell? Wait. Oh my god, okay. I’m pressing forward
and I’m pressing back. Oh. Wait, huh? I think it’s broken. Hang on, let me just. Shit, ah! (laughs) Let me just read the notes for the mod, maybe this is meant to be happening. Oh my god, that is crazy. Alright, you know what? I’m gonna get in a tugboat. I think it’s a little glitched, which is kind of a good thing. I kinda wanted it, I thought
it’d be cool if it attacked me but apparently it’s not. My god, that is so bizarre. Okay, I just type in tug. There we go. Alright, okay. Oh wow, oh wow. Hang on, guys, I’ll be right back. Okay, reading a bit of information, apparently if you get too
close to it, it disappears, which is why when we
were using the submarine. Yeah, look. You see, it’s there if I go
back here it’ll come back. That is so bizarre. I’m gonna try shooting
it and see what happens. (gun firing) Oh my god, it’s not having any effect. Oh, I got it then. Is it really just not doing anything. Oh. (Olli43 laughs) Did it just dive? (Olli43 laughs) Oh god. I’m a little concerned. I’m gonna stay up here, in the most safest place
on the boat, right? Okay, I don’t know what’s going on. I think it’s glitched,
that one is glitched. Hang on, let me just go into fly mode. Is it even there anymore? No, it’s literally just
disappeared, alright. I literally don’t really
understand what’s going on. Maybe the mod is not completed
yet or something. (laughs) Let’s see if I can spawn one in. Hang on, where do I? Okay, alright, so, yeah. I don’t know, it looks like it’s not even, it’s not even a fully working mod, although it is absolutely huge! Oh my god. You know what, I kinda wanna
go on the beach and beach it just to get a proper look
at it and compare the size. But right now, yeah, every
time I get close to it it disappears, which, one, is a little terrifying, an invisible freaking shark. But it doesn’t look like
whatever I do if I find one, this is the second one
I’ve actually found. It doesn’t, wait. Now it’s disappeared, hang on. What the hell, man. Yeah, see, you have to, what the heck. So I can get up to here
and then it disappears. Oh my god, that’s a good
look at it though, hang on. (Olli43 laughs) Oh my god. Do I have like a knife or something? Oh sorry, a gun I can use. Oh, no underwater guns. There should be harpoons in this game if there’s megalodon sharks. Alright, let’s go beach one
just to see how big it is. Oh my god. And at least then I’ve
got like a size reference. Right now is way too
hard to compare the size. – [Man] Oh, man. – [Olli43] Oh my god, guys. I did it! I actually freaking did it, look at this. That thing is huge, oh my god! Oh. (laughs) I love the fact people are
just walking around it. Oh, that lady is taking
a photograph of it. Oh, that’s a block, but
he’s still taking a photo. Look at the size of it! Holy! Wow, man, that is cool. It’s a real shame it wasn’t
very active in the water, but I managed to get the
set piece, look. (laughs) It’s ridiculous. Oh my word. Oh wait, oh. Okay, so that’s as close as I can get it. That just looks ridiculously huge. (Olli43 laughs) Cool, man, cool. And literally look at
this, how incredible. That’s the tugboat, and
that’s the megalodon shark. Holy crap, that’s impressive. So there we go, guys. If you want me to make a video where I’m swimming as the shark, let me know down in the
comments section below. My name’s been Olli43, and I’m gonna say that thing
is just ridiculously large. (Olli43 laughs) It’s so impressive, like, holy molly. That was great. (laughs) I just, honestly,
I can’t believe it. That is just incredible. There we go, guys. If you enjoyed the video, remember to drop a like,
subscribe, all that juicy stuff. My name’s Olli43 and I’ll
catch you in the next video. Take care, bye bye.

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