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  • Some Guy took away my want and need for Greed. I then realized that there really is only one sin. All others are subs and demis radiating from the same hub. List all the sins you can think off and ask yourself, is it based on Greed. Greed is Want, Want is Deadly It has nothing to do with possesions. Murder is Greed, Rape, Sloth, Etc. And she says "Greed is a state of mind from which all the others come". Once one comes to grips with this it makes life so easy and uncomplicated….What a blessing to be flushed of Greed

  • Don't you guys get the feeling that both communism and capitalism are bad and evil?

  • Pretty much one of the major drawbacks of the modern era.

  • without sin you die.

  • Thought that this was an Anime Video, I don't want to watch this Christian Propaganda

  • Greed the way a person cares about only their belongings and it is just the way we humans don't share what we have to others for a silly reason Greed is bad,evil and can lead us all to hell.

  • Of all the deadly sins, greed isn't just the most dangerous, it's the one that does the most damage.

    It's the sin that exploits other sins and gives them more potency.

    Granted, greed is sorta like taxes and government, a necessary evil. Without greed there would be no capitalism or economics.

  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Homuncli names

  • Anger is Wrath

  • if the 7 deadly sins were portrayed as humans here's what they would appear as
    LUST: possibly male or female who is highly attractive with high sex drive
    ENVY: goth or emo in appearance and very jealous
    SLOTH: possible coach potato and is lazy as fuck
    GREED: filthy stinking rich but is miserly but very stylish in expensive clothes
    ANGER: punk looking with a high attitude and very short fused
    GLUTTONY: highly obese and gigantic with a love for food
    PRIDE: extremely boastful with a inferiority complex possibly athletic
    of course these are my interpretations but I'm open to suggestions

  • The one thing you could say about Judas was he wasn't greedy when he betrayed Jesus for only 30 pieces of silver.

  • The sloth has no idea what greed is

  • I see Greed as a mixture of Lust and Gluttony

  • Hey,so if I have an insatiable lust for money,did I commit two sins at once?

  • greed is good 👍👍👍🙌🙌🙌

  • if you have a successful life and only use your money for yourself, your closest friends, and your parents only, is that considered greed?

  • Lust and sloth that is very hard to deal with

  • is it a sin to just want to gain power

  • So the names Dante and Virgil came from the bible?

  • people need to understand that the bible isn't just about god its about US! ITS HISTORY. We can learn from it. live better lifes or just gain more knowledge on our past. im atheist but I do believe in history and the bible is nothing BUT!

  • THE love for money is the root of evil? tho money is withen greed itself. this doesn't make sense

  • i learned so much

  • Its ok to be successful just don't be GREEDy or PRIDEeful on less people and don't spite ENVY on people that done better than or u will be consumed by WRATH so just don't be SLOTHful and work hard and don't celebrate and drink too much because it will cause GLUTTONY and get u wasted and might lead you to LUST and not evwn know it. 😊

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