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i knew that what i had been ordered to do was wrong. i said so , i was told to get on with it. what else! could i do. if i’m not done it, someone else would have done it. that i have always expected to answer for this. this deed i never wish to do. And now, which is the end of the road. immediately after the second world war. The allies sort justice for crimes committed against them. Britain persuade one war crime more than any other. The investigator was Frankhmut kanor. Ex-detective tundra ref policeman. the crime was murdered. the worst atrocity against the allied airmen of the entire world war. the victims were 50 unarmed prisoners. Shocking cold blood by gestapo after the great escaped. The coldest part of the 30 years. they were smell on the ground and, the conditioned outside the brutal. it was evident to us that Germans knew that there was the tunnel being built. they threats the boss several times that day. And not find it. the weather was getting worst. and the things passes were old dated. of course there we wasted. and then drew of, a long time they have to do the more again what we have visible nine months work On the night of March 24, 1944 200 allied airmen packed it in hut 104 packed it in hut 104 in Nazi’s German is most secure prisoner of the war camp in Sagan near polish boarder. they were said to take part in the most ambitious prison breakout of the second world war. became to be known as “the great escape” and did happen because of one man i’m like’n to hitting the name roger bushell courageous, b’coz i’m he is one of the “legendary escaper” it has been out several times been set there for a long time, he hadn’t appear back and i heard his name being spoken out of somebody who might be killed then i remembered the instinct motivational and people said the roger bushell coming back and there he was she put in-charge of escaping when felt then the thing was in safe hands here is a men with extreme abilities and intelligence and above all single mindedness whatever he did he put this whole effort in to it His real objective was to achieve this grand slam. is it were the big tunnel. Bushell harnessed the men power and skills of the camp. 600 men spending a year in digging, forging documents and turning uniforms in civilians curves. for the organization couldn’t make, had be acquired few German speaker became scroungers bribing guards for whatever was needed. one of them was Dennis Cockrum fluent in German since it was eighteen Tannus Fasilaldras then was Keith then myself then a young brother four years later i think we all knew without any doubt at all, he would be whealing against the captivity he be like cage a lion. Dennis cockrum join the RAF 1940, and been shot down over the channel he has been the prisoner over the year My mother suddenly died have we didn’t knew what to do about telling Dennis we knew its be a terrible news for him to have in those circumstances, but of course the time went on there was no option but to tell him and his next letter came back country and this is the worst day of my life to news so obviously effected him by strife fully. that i think would of strenght until resolve even more so immediate needed it. his letters than broad ways i’ll be home soon. home was on the mind of many that night Don Curbee Green Bushell’s head of security hadn’t seen his wife and young son for more than two years My Adote darling”, i’m thinking so much of you now long so heart here and feel so grateful for your love and tenderness and so humble soon i hope i should be able to make the world paradise for you and for collins “I love you” darling. what can i say kisses to you, your Thomas This my father’s letter written on the day of the escape now that letter is shorter than the other b’coz he didn’t have much time but i don’t think he probably could find enough words really to say whole think he wanted to say he did try. He was basically very very gentle person i think He like cars, he like sailing And he love my mother. i mean he really did enormously. And i think he love me. i just know that i missed him. And he was this kind of distance of hero As we came in we relocated to particular part of the hut And order was sit down and stay there until you were called people actually remarkably quiet i think considering what was about to happens i owe the papers of Yugoslav wood worker, my colleague gang with jemcol sutaro eshkanzic Greek fighter pilot he had goal set paper of Greek. .

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  • For all who were part of this extraordinary escape rest in peace! we will never forget what you did.

  • cold-blooded murderers

  • How could they have been so cruel the germans to kill50 young men my children ask me why l hate Germans l don’t hate all Germans my brother in law is German they have started 2world wars killed millions of people really what to like🇦🇮🇰🇾🇻🇬🇨🇰

  • I will never understand how leftists in the west keep comparing conservatives to Nazis. They were wicked, awful peopl. It just makes me so angry that people don’t know their history, which is why I watch documentaries like this.

  • There's always a Canadian in all these true stories of bravery, much respect to them who fought with the UK from day one.

  • How did the 3 that managed to make it home do it was this mentioned?

  • It is NOT an untold story. They had a movie about it.

  • It is rich how the British are pious after the atrocities and Genocide they committed in the 2nd Anglo Boer War
    Proper hypocrites

  • Ne

  • Romans 12:19 King James Version (KJV)

    19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

  • This video is particularly interesting and important, but why are the captions so terribly illiterate? Is this another "made-in-china" documentary? Smarten up, whoever you are. At least do better quality work, or don't bother to post at all.

  • I wonder why they didn’t wait until it was warmer. They might have had a chance

  • Killed while "resisting arrest" cops in the good ole USA do that all the time. Now I see who they learned it from.

  • The legion in Banff Alberta has a wall about them!

  • @46:17 This is what following orders gets you. at least he went 2 his death with a CLEAN conscience.

  • a german showing remorse? Or just remorse at getting caught.

  • The real result and accomplishment is they did indeed escape.

  • crazy world where RAF murdering thousands of civilians – many of them women and children earns a medal and a monument.. while shooting combatants out of uniform which is permitted by the Geneva Convention is considered the worst of crimes ??!!

  • 33:22 i feel sorry for the guy..

    wish that he had had the sense to lie .. and to confess his misgivings about killing another mindless killer to someone who was not going to then kill him..

  • "There were good people, on both sides" Potus Trump…. smfgdh

  • Russian regime killed all the Polish officers = 20000 is the terrible crime in the war. Don't believe the communist saying, keep your eyes in their doing.

  • Pukes that run this channel..

  • I bow my head to these Brazen men.

  • Lucky . . . to put it mildly. For those caught, never knowing when your end shall come nigh !

  • The subtitles are hilarious.

  • I'm still in awe of the Great Escape. I read book, own video, seen this documentary twice. These men had no choice. In the movie, "it is the duty of a captured officer to escape." They faced their hardships with bravery and courage. We remember!

  • Neither link provided in your production notes worked for me.

  • In memory

  • very informative… I recall the movie from 50+ years ago when I was a boy. vivid memories.

  • Escaper or escapee – which is better?

  • John Pohe, was a New Zealand Māori Royal New Zealand Air Force officer and bomber pilot who was taken prisoner during the Second World War. Notable for his part in the 'Great Escape' from Stalag Luft III in March 1944 when he was one of the men recaptured and subsequently murdered by the Gestapo.

  • now we give our country away after fighting and dieing

  • It breaks my heart.

  • i believe the German officer who came forward and confessed to what happened should have been given a reduced sentence. Still life in prison for his atrocity. He didn't have to say anything to the British, but he did, and so gave to history a full accounting of what actually happened. Life in Spandau Prison was no picnic.

  • I was given a copy of Paul Brickhill's book for my 10th birthday by a teacher of mine who had been a POW in Germany. I still have it, well-worn and dog-eared but I read it from time to time and remember those men of courage who didn't come home.

  • Is it not an officer's duty to escape, to harass, & thwart the enemy at every turn? We love the good, & despise the bad. There are military ethics, traditions, & standards to be followed. At least those killed for escaping didn't know what awaited them, maybe.

  • imagine the German officer who was giving his account of having to carry out the execution under order, had wished he kept his mouth shut, given that they only learned about what happened through his admission. This also states should a soldier be put to death in peace time (after the war ended) for having no option but to carry out the order of execution?

  • The ability to demonstrate high morale and strength of character in the face of all adversity is the example war heroes set for us, often at peril to their lives. RAF Squadron Leader Roger Joyce Bushell was one such war hero.

  • may we remember history less we are doomed to repeat it…

  • Of all the atrocities carried out during WW2 this was one of the most excusable. These men were after all soldiers, and they voluntarily engaged in a act, which can only be seen as hostile. So what did they expect? That there would be a coming home party for them, when they were returned to prison?

  • I didn't realize how accurate the movie was until i saw this. They could have just used the movie footage rather than this re inactment.

  • Cool how"big x" character was named Roger. Same as the real guy.

  • They need to redo the movie. I would be first in line to watch. ………….I think I would have gone underground till the heat as off,.

  • Another glorious chapter of the history of the heroic Fatherland. What a shower? in their tight trousers leather boots and fancy hats. Well dressed murderers. RIP those who were murdered.

  • I look forward to the crimes committed by Israel, USA and UK today are persuade in the same way.

  • All modern barbaric weapons are invented/created by the Christian West. In the last 500 years (era of New World, colonialism, imperialism direct or indirect or through man-made catastrophes originated by white-men) they (the Christian West) killed more than a billion innocent people all over the world. US alone is spending 700 billion dollars on its OFFENSIVE (defense) budget and the whole world is spending less than 600 billion dollars on defense. World's 95 atomic weapons are with the Christian west. They are worst than Attila ad Genghis Khan. Propaganda machine is in the hands of Christian West so they are making such movies and be fooling the people. The Afro-Asia scholars, journalists, elite class, bureaucracy, military, business magnates etc are deeply impressed and under the spell of Western culture so that's why poverty, hunger, illiteracy, backwardness is still prevailing in the major part of the world.

  • i thought this was about leaving my wife. thank God the others got away as well

  • As for the Hollywood movie of the same name, it was not accurate at all. First of all, there were no American prisoners in the camp. The camp was for British personnel. So there was no James Garner the scrounger. No Steve McQueen. No exciting motorcycle chase across the German countryside. No July the 4th celebration with moonshine made from potato peelings. Half the movie is totally made up BS.

  • No stealing a German aircraft and almost making it to Switzerland.

  • This "great escape" should have been called the "great failure to escape." But the British always try to change the truth with their lies.

  • After all this we now have a German controlled Europe backing a European army controlled by a German president of the EU

  • I cannot imagine a more malignant, evil people that have ever walked the face of this earth than the Nazis. To this day I hate Germany, even their descendents. And I'm not even Jewish.

  • Lest we forget

  • We will never bend a knee to a German run EU!

  • As appalling as these executions are, the German soldiers should never have been tried and imprisoned nor executed as they were nothing but grunts. What soldier would willingly give up their own lives for the enemy?
    Only in the cases of killing innocent civilians — women and especially children — should soldiers be held accountable.

  • “He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

  • All of these because people were racist. Because they thought skin colour mattered more than deeds. Because whenever they faced problems they wanted to solve them through racist acts of violence. They thought world would be a better place without the other race. But these were not few men that was a generation of racism. It wasn't something that just came up in their minds it was an accepted way of thinking. You can't put the blame on them. That was a bad time and the disaster was on its way since long before.

  • Really makes you wonder how many would have got out of the tunnel if it was the right length

  • the lucky man to be alive at the end says it wasn't worth it

  • Good luck.

    Thank you

  • It's as if they made an effort to commit as many war crimes and atrocities as possible.

  • Less we forget. Thank you for all you did and giving us the freedom we dont even think about.

  • What a moving documentary, so sad. Thanks for uploading ~ Lest We Forget ~ None of us should ever forget those lives so cruelly taken in all wars, as well as those who have returned having put their lives on the line for our freedom.

  • All Germans in that war should have been killed and not to be held as prisoners of war.
    The war was about a nutters ideology, and ideologies never die.

  • Anyone know if the murderers of the "Cockleshell Heroes" were brought to justice?

  • This is one of the many reasons why we were so bitter and never forget Germany.

  • You are unwelcome idiots, please do not interupt my you tube any more.

  • My Dad took me to see the "The Great Escape" movie. Afterwards he said that he knew some of those who were in the escape. My father was a navigator in the RCAF No. 6 Group. His last mission was August 8, 1944 which was also his birthday.

  • Germans are always so sorry after the deed

  • Anyone know who clicked on dislike?
    oops, i meant NO.

  • Rest in peace brothers.

  • The not so Great Escape.

  • 22:19 WTF??? The German soldier is holding a British Sten submachine gun

  • I love the gunshot at 1:00. It has no muzzle flash, and it's not cocked.

  • Was this what the steve mcqueen movie was based on?

  • One must die for what is right. But I think it's difficult in some situations. So if doing wrong keeps u alive? A lot of germans must have faced this Enigma.

  • The camp and conditions I see here seem very comfortable in comparison with those camps where jews, russians and other people were kept in.

  • Seen it already

  • wonderful documentary. Really interesting to see. Thanks for sharing.

  • yet the European race claim to be humane and peace loving plus far superior to any other race, they preach peace and harmony, what a load of BS.


  • My great grandpa was in ww|| and he was a prisoner for 2 years Mr. Tyler is him

  • 'Untold Story'…..apart from one of the most famous films of all time.

  • The Nazis did everything inhumane from medical to military they used these distinguished institutions for every form of evil.

  • Brave brave Heroes RIP "I shall allow no man to belittle my soul by making me hate him." Booker T.

  • Jesus (Yeshua) is the only true way to Yahweh. Ask Yahweh to send the Holy Sprit (Spirit of Truth) into your heart to help you understand and obey Jesus' teachings.

  • Such brave men under incredible odds against them. 100,000 troops out looking for the escaped POW’s is incredible . Even if the weather had of been better, there chances would have have still been very slim. RIP to the 50 servicemen.

  • Rest in peace.

  • The 1963 movie had to make the massacre less grisly

  • Good luck thankyou oops

  • How a suposed Christian nation could buy into a more believing themselves more highly "Evolved" and could tolerate hatred toward Jews who pray to the same God is beyond me. God warned the jews that he would scatter them among the nations where few would survive and thats why they have remained at 15 million world wide since Christ.

  • In 1970 the real 'Tunnel King', Wally Floody, came to my Air Cadet squadron in Hamilton to give a 90 minute talk on his role in the whole affair.

  • War is so Evil, so wrong,
    so sad , so stupid…

  • It is absolutely terrible what we are capable

  • I was confused with a different great escape, the one from Sobibor. Never heard this story before.

  • escaping to switzerland was a lie,,the swiss had their own concentration camps and tortured american airmen them,the swiss are nazis ,they banked all the loot and are rich even today,the swiss pharaoh are the real criminals of the war,atb from scotland

  • This was immortalized in the 1963 movie, The Great Escape, although the film was largely fictionalized. This documentary is very disturbing as I had never known the true story or seen the faces of these brave men.

  • I get so emotional with pride. Lest we forget

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