Gravity falls crack #Dipper’s internet history

you listen to me oh yes yes in your face Elizabeth it’s just like my life in a way oh happy summer would sub squirts to oh no no this is all my fault if I told you when we were in the closet we wouldn’t be in this mess but I was too scared and now you could be hurt or worse and I never even got a chance to tell you I’m like in love with you Wendy uh dipper can I pay you to pretend that never happened off the government guys I thought you got eaten by zombies we survived barely did somebody say burning whoo I have a really big head who’s this my spill in the past or the future yeah this room is very creepy not as creepy as different internet history you know I won’t I know you won’t listen Dipper I’m like super flattered but I’m too old for you I mean you know that right come on Mabel it’s Robbie what Mabel this is Pacifica we’re talking about they are kind of perfect for each other call me crazy but maybe she’s not that bad after all Oh what’s your favorite type of snack food no way mine too oh man oh man oh man on me I’ve been keeping it oh I know yes this is dog hot Belgian waffles love God are you okay please be immortal please be immortal you

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