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  • He is a globee

  • Yes the answer as to who this civilization was is, Pelasgian. You are welcome

  • Call me a conspiracy nut, but is it possible that Graham was poisoned by his ideological enemies who don't want the true history of humankind revealed?

  • Only bots dislike this video

  • There is no lost civilization! There is truth to be found regarding the fallen angels and their children …'The Dead Sea Scroll's are the BOOK'S OF ENOCH..The book's explain a huge amount of information of our history..If you don't question everything you've been taught you will never find the truth..some people don't want to bother, some people are afraid…some are just stuck on stupid…sorry but it's true..none of those reason's will ever make you grow or have REAL PEACE in everyday living..Us human's greatest question seems to be why are we here..? well R.H. Charles transcribed via Ethiopia Dead Sea Scroll's which are the Books of Enoch..and much of the writing's are from Noah and The ALMIGHTY'S ANGEL'S "HIS SONS"..we don't even get this simple fact..We are born from mankind, we are SON OF MAN…Where as the Son's of God ARE NOT HUMAN..THEY ARE HIS ANGEL'S..SO WHAT DOES THIS MAKE OUR CREATOR TO US? DO YOU KNOW WHY THE FALLEN ANGEL'S DEFIED THEIR FATHER?..WHY DID THEY COME TO EARTH TO MATE WITH WOMEN? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN..FOR HUMANITY? WHY DID THE ALMIGHTY CAUSE THE FLOOD? FOR THE EVIL OF MANKIND OR BECAUSE HIS SON'S CORRUPTED THE EARTH? IF YOU DON'T KNOW FOR SURE ANY OF THESE VERY IMPORTANT FACT'S YOU ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE…HE COMMANDS US TO SEEK THE TRUTH..NOT FOR OTHER'S TO TEACH YOU LIES AND YOU BELIEVE THEM WITHOUT EVER TESTING IF WHAT THEY SAY IS TRUE…SEEK THE TRUTH..IT'S PROBABLY GOING TO BE THE HARDEST MOST REWARDING EXPERIENCE YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE! THE ALMIGHTY WILL TEACH YOU ..YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH..AND LET ME TELL YOU ALL IT'S THE HARDEST THING I EVER HAD TO DO AFTER BEING A CHRISTIAN FOR MOST OF MY LIFE…THIS IS THE LAST GENERATION..SO IF I WERE YOU …I WOULD DEFINITELY WANT TO KNOW WHERE I GO AFTER THIS LIFE CHAPTER IS CLOSED..

  • That, or it was aliens

  • The Greatest Suppressor of Truth and Human History is Rome/Vatican. It is part of their historical Divide and Conquer Strategy used to Enslave Humans and Exploit Planetary Resources for Absolute Power and Control. That is why they have ALL Way's been the biggest Whores 4 War, Monopoly and Genocidal Maniacs on the Planet. They like their Tax and Debt Slaves Dumb as Bricks!

  • I guess archaeologists are just like most other humans: they value being right instead of valuing what's right.

  • More babel on. Blah blah blah

  • The way he says "vibration" ticks over into something I just realized. Humans can sample sound waves, light waves, and the really, really quick ones that make atoms do what they do – so we know a table is really "there." And we can build devices that can sample other waves, but we're not IN them. MAYBE, like somebody/something is. And 85% of our DNA is just "junk DNA." Oh ya? Oh sure….

  • The only way to care about the planet is to clean your OWN room, not mine. Watch out conservationalists, don't kill anyone… yikes… scientist eww. The october creepy scientist that doesn't clean his drawers..

  • I respect Graham Hancock up to a point… Whenever evidence suggests or shows blue eyed white people being the founders or originators of ANYTHING he denies it, avoids it, or runs away from it.

  • This guy????!!!! still pretending the authorities don't fucking know this stuff? lol they denounced and renounced the flood myth in the bible and literally hundreds of other cultures to get the sheeple on track with consumerism, capitalism and worldwide planetary exploitation for the work, buy, consume, die culture, which the multinational parasites are building their personal empires with! graham pretends he doesn't know this and that history accidentally slipped under the carpet! No graham! they burnt it and killed all the intellectuals, created a media and education system and manipulated us all into wars etc… up till the present day and continue to do whatever it takes to keep the sheeple dull, stupid and enslaved! they've even promoted our women into power so they can manipulate us easier! but grahams not sure about this, and working to get his doco's, books etc out to save us!?? are you kidding? and he's completely ignored the Vedic culture except when it comes to stealing concepts that put his whole theories together!!?? I've been following his work for two decades and waiting for him to use his platform properly, but seems like he's still desiring fame, acclaim, recognition and wealth etc…so simply another exploiter of the sheeple! for anyone really interested in all these topics he is parasitically exploiting for his own gain? try Michael Cremo.

  • I very nice lean from Billy Meier and come here and speak as knowledge cientist.

  • ordering this book NOW!

  • 8 impact craters were just receintly discovered in a line from Illinois, threw Missouri and into Kansas. 8… if the dating can be done. it could help to answer the question as to how the Glaciers melted so fast. those Impacts could erase the glaciers from Michigan to upper Ontario. even as far west as Alberta. that much water flowing into the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. would do immeasurable damage to the GulfStream. and thus stop it and bring the Younger Drias on us in a matter of years. not decades.

  • I love Graham, but it was the great flood and god made it happen.😁

  • London Bollocks

  • The closing comment was very interesting about the Pharaonic Egyptian culture. The Cabal that runs America is Pharaonic owned today in 2019.

  • "For many centuries they did not lose sight of their august origin, they obeyed all of the laws, and were religious adorers of the gods their ancestors. Sincerity reigned in their hearts. Moderation and prudence directed their conduct and their relations with foreign nations. So long as they behaved in this manner, all was well with them.

    But in the course of time the vicissitudes  of human affairs corrupted little by little their divine institutions, and they began to comport  themselves like the rest of the children of men. They hearkened to the promptings of ambition and sought to rule by violence.

    Then Zeus, the King of the gods, beholding this race once noble, growing depraved, resolved to punish it, and by sad experience to moderate its ambitions." – H.C.Randall-Stevens (EL EROS), Atlantis To The Latter Days.

    "As it was in the Days of Noah, the great father of the Chaldean Thinkithians, the tenth descendant of Adam, so it is now.”

  • Archaeologists were not simply looking in the wrong direction due to their own ignorance. They were intentionally led astray. Those who now control the world, are the descendants of those that existed in high places before the Great Flood and the last Ice Age and it is they who made sure that no one outside of their bloodlines would ever be allowed to know the truth, that this so-called "ancient man" had come across the void of time armed with great knowledge and would thus rule the world hidden behind the veil of, "Lost Civilization".  The Lemurian/Atlantean Conspiracy.
    These cataclysms, predictable and necessary, occur when man descends into his baser, selfish and material side at the expense of all life on Earth.

    "It has ever been thus with Man, that he must build and seemingly perish until the time comes that he has perfected his knowledge of those things spiritual to the exclusion of his baser, selfish and material desires. When the scales of knowledge balance evenly between these two opposites, then will nature be appeased and Man receive the full benefit of its satisfaction." – H.C.Randall-Stevens (EL EROS), Atlantis To The Latter Days.

  • I am glad you are still with us . Love your books. I have read many. By the way, Santha is HOT! HA HA ! Love you man. Be cool.

  • Scientists are used to think within a paradigm. They will set unsettled pieces of the puzzle apart for as long as possible, so the frame of understanding remains confortable.

  • First 15 min are about his seizures

  • There is so much strength n hope in graham words and also in his health'
    Long live graham" we need you!

  • Not all have amen esia

  • The human race are from aliens that came down, possibly crash landed or stranded or left behind or whatever. It's taken a long time to build up, much knowledge was lost. DNA evolves towards a fixed point and so it is the reason why we have so much commonality with life on this planet. In fact, all life is alien… the earth is essentially an atom in a flower with pollen all around it(life).

  • 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • we are reduced to our bodies. This world holds us for a while.

  • popped at the cloning center

  • cloud aka akashic record

  • how can we meet ~ just believe .. I physicaly have the key…. Both physically and mind bending guided paths have been created, and seen. ULooKed clovisF gotthekey theIce Script Code VCode is lifewaterherbs thelifethecure is about to be lost/ beyondbeingbeLIVED. CALL 304~346~8O3O BE OPEN MINDED J keen…

  • sloppy to fail to mention subterranean cities

  • Biblical teaching tell us all to turn to the plants and music for true healing…. it’s the frequency & vibrations along with vitamins in the things we eat that will Heal Us All …. the rest of it seems FAKE….it’s all about the money with the commercial Doctors these days……they don’t know what might happened to you after you take those pills or whatever….just saying

  • This is really in alignment with what I used to think of when I was a child that this earth had been here a lot longer than we ever thought it was or scientist said it was and that the earth just recycled itself and renewed itself. And I would look out into the stars at night and have these thoughts of how the earth just reclaimed itself. I wish I had done this research as well.

  • What would life be like without a time construct and we all followed a natural flow, actually listened to what our personal bodies needed?

  • Whoever controls the past controls the present…. and the future.

  • I couldn’t get past your incessant commercials. One after another after another after another after another…

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