GOTHIC IS BACK – The HISTORY of KHORINIS Q&A | Remastered reupload

“The Kingdom of Myrtana, united by king Rhobar II” Hello! Arkadiusz “Arkadikuss” Woźniak here! As you can see I can speak English as well! We are certainly aware how much challenging for you is watching our materials with Polish voice-over and with subtitles in your native languages, so, we decided to make a special video material with English voice-over, aimed directly to you — the fans of the History of Khorinis from abroad and the rest of the world! As usual we have also prepared you the captions in several lanugages. In this material we are going to answer all important questions about project, his development and about us — the SoulFire team, which is working on the History of Khorinis. So, stay a while and enjoy watching! Before we’ll get to the questions and answers, let us tell you a few important informations. At first, we want to thank you for your support. Besides several tens of thousands followers from Poland, a few thousand people from all over the world are following us on all social media! You also represent about 20% of viewers on our YouTube channel! We are especially grateful, because you are in fact following a Polish project — which is still ongoing. It shows not only your devotion to the Gothic saga, but it also means that this game is unique and still popular among you even the release was a long time ago! No matter from WHICH country we are! WE ALL LOVE AND GLORIFY THAT EPIC GERMAN GAME, CALLED GOTHIC! And this is beautiful! As an additional information you need to know that Gothic game in Poland was sold in total almost in one million copies, what is INCREDIBLE! The most numerous group of viewers are of course Germans and Russians, who are to this day gathering on World of Gothic Deutschland, World of Players Russia and RPG Russia respectively. Next most numerous group are our Serbian and Romanian brothers, who are gathered at World of Gothic Română. Another huge groups of viewers are Italians, which community is gathering on Gothic Italia. People from Spain and their glorious portal called Gothic Clan España, which was created right after the release of Gothic 1 and on which we can find a lot of people from the South America as well. Next huge group is French, which they were gathering on portal called Gothic Universe France and which is nonexistent nowadays. At this point, we want also to thank you, because in Poland there was a myth that success of Gothic was minor on the West. Of course it was smaller, however your presence and interest in that project shows how Gothic even has affected you after ALL THESE years. Especially people from the Latin-languages countries. Our brothers from Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, whose their place is website. By contrast, less numerous group of the fans, which come from North America and the British Isles, gather on website. Besides, our projects is followed on by people from countries like Slovenia, Latvia, Morocco, Bulgaria and Colombia. Best regards! Gothic with full native voice-over was released only in countries such as Germany, Poland, Russia and in the English-speaking countries — USA and the United Kingdom. As for the rest of you, we admire that the game you were playing with captions in your languages with English voice-over has brought out so great emotions in you. You are interested in that game to this day. From our point of view it is incredible! And last but not least — you need to know, that you, all fans from abroad, you are for us as IMPORTANT as the fans from Poland. We respect you, appreciate you and we love THIS game so much, just like you. Are you ready? So, let’s begin the Q&A! What is the History of Khorinis? The History of Khorinis is an independent story, which is a PREQUEL to the Gothic saga. It tells a story, which had occurred eleven years BEFORE the action from Gothic 1. A plot of the addon takes place a year before the creation of the Magical Barrier. Publication of the project is planned in two parts — at first on the new island Vaduz and next on Khorinis Island. A new island appears in the addon, because we wanted to show you another part of this glorious Kingdom, and to show you different metropolis than the City of Khorinis. Besides, this additional island will make our story more interesting, so it will give you more fun. It is also characterized by professional voice-over in Polish language, in future also in professional English voice-over acting as well, and unusual attention to details. The History of Khorinis is a non-profit project and it will be available FOR FREE. What was the idea for dubbing? How did you get the actors for this project? One of the most important things making Gothic unique in Poland was the world-class, wonderful dubbing, in which we can find many excellent Polish actors. With the fact that the team leader comes from the well-known family of filmmakers, we managed to arrange a contribution of many movies, theatrical and voice-over actors for FREE. It means that the all the actors and lectors help for free, including me 😀 Thanks to the kindness of our friends we have also free access to the professional voice-over studios in three big cities: in Warsaw — the capital, Łódź and Wrocław. It has allowed us to gather a dream team, because we don’t need to worry about any costs. We encourage some actors individually, showing them the scale of our project, and to honor them in the series of documentary videos. Furthermore, every character from Gothic will be cast by the same actor, who dubbed it in Polish version of the game. Why have we started to record right now? The most important reason for which we have started recordings is an age and health state of some actors. Priority is given to those actors who are in the advanced age – those in their 80s and 90s. Besides, priority is also given to the actors, who are suffering from serious illnesses. In both cases there is no way to postpone recordings. Another important reason is the fact, that both recording studios and most of the actors are helping us for free. Therefore, WE have to adjust to THEIR free time. Taking additionally to account the scale of the project, it is important to start the recordings as soon as possible — and do not left all of them at the last minute. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong in recording and placing the recordings in the game at the development stage — the similar way was used in the all parts of the Witcher games. It allows US — the authors — to see our vision in practice in the game, and it also makes a possibility to show YOU all our effects with full voice and sound effects. For how many years has the project been in development? The project in current shape has been in progress from the late 2015. Its first concept appeared in 2009. At that time it was a COMPLETELY different project, which quality was quite lower than our project nowadays. We are going to prepare a separate video material about its history in the future. When will the History of Khorinis be released? Our addon is still at the stage of putting all elements together — we are rewriting scripts into game code, placing the characters, items and quests to the finished world and adding the voice-overs instantly on the same stage. Besides, we need to make voice-overs for 50 actors and there is a possibility of increasing that number. The problem is that a big company can rent a recording studio and hire actors for a month. So, for us, it is IMPOSSIBLE to estimate the one true release date, because NOBODY can ever made a project on a big scale in a non-profit way. WE are tailoring to all, who are helping us for free, which we mentioned earlier. We are not going to say ANY release dates until we’re on the final stage of the project. When will English version of the addon be released? And how many language versions will be also prepared? Due to the fact that we will be performing changes in our project to the end of development, we decided that it will be better to start translation with the release of the Polish version
of the History of Khorinis. We estimate that the translation into English language will take us about three months. The work on translation will be both fast and professional. Furthermore, we have got a confirmation from Gothic Italia team that they will take care of the translation into Italian just immediately after the translation into English language. They are experienced in the translation as well, being responsible for the translation of projects such as Community Story Project or the official patch to Gothic 3. Our lead programmer is proficient in Russian language, so for sure the translation into Russian will move under his leadership. For obvious reasons, we will be trying to get a help in the translation of the History of Khorinis into German language. Every another language version will be in the hands of fans, their interest and willingness to help. We are also planning to create professional English voice-over acting, because many of our younger actors had great English accent and also a lot of willingness and professionalism to voice-over this game. We can confirm four language versions at this very moment: English, Italian, Russian and German. How do we know that the Barrier was 10 years old? In official comic book “Gothic Der Comic” as well as in game manuals associated with one of Gothic games, the age of the Barrier appears twice. One states it is 10 years old, other 20. And so we had to make a choice regarding the true age which would best suit the chronology of the games. In the game itself the age of the Magical Barrier doesn’t appear. It is only suggested that the Barrier is 10 or 20 years old. Furthermore, twenty-year-old barrier would cause logical and chronological problems. We will soon prepare a special video regarding the true age of the magical barrier. The video will include captions in all the languages to give you justification for our choice of the ten-year-old barrier. Why don’t you make your own game? Part of the people working at our project worked, or keep working in the biggest Polish and world companies of video games, electronic or video industry. We are truly aware how much difficult task would be a project of our own game, how much financial expenses would require and how big would be a possibility of its failure. Therefore we DO NOT have such ambitions in this matter. Our goal is to honor the climate and the story of the first two Gothic games, and to give a pleasure for hundreds of thousands of fans in Poland and across the world. We all share a serious approach to the tasks carried out in our team, and above all, a faith in the project and love to the glorious game that Gothic is. Can we support you somehow? All information, and links for donations can be found in the description of that video. Does Piranha Bytes know about your project? This question appears very often. We can confirm that the official profile of the Piranha Bytes likes our profile on Facebook, so it means that they confirm their interest even through official ways. As an additional point, we want to say that the project do not touch the story and places from Gothic 3, because the whole story of our addon refers only to the canon of Gothic 1 and Gothic 2. And these were the all answers for your frequently asked questions. If you want to keep up with this wonderful project, we encourage you to subscribe our YouTube channel and observe us at official social media! We warmly urge you, to share in comments section with your stories and memories about Gothic. We are sure that it will be interesting to all of us, especially Polish fans of Gothic, who are not exactly aware of the popularity of Gothic in the world. Surprise us! We have also a big request to you — in order to get to more fans of the Gothic game: Please, inform them about our project in every way, in your own countries! Many thanks to Bartosz Biały for preparing English translation of this video material. He is responsible for all the current translations as well. Big thanks for proofreading the German translations goes to Pierre also known as “ThielHater”, who is a big fan of the world of Myrtana as we are. And who has been working on “Gothic Reloaded Mod” for many years. The goal of this modification is to enhance a graphic details of Gothic 1 to the possible highest level, keeping a 100% of the original atmosphere of the Mine Valley from 2001 simultaneously. Our cooperation started back in 2010, when Pierre shared his remodeled, detailed model of the Old Camp with us. The project is currently in the final stages of the development. Its demo, which includes a playable first chapter, can be downloaded from the official website. Privately, Pierre works as a professional programmer. Effects of the work of his team are just awesome! We warmly encourage you to check their project, and thank you, Pierre for all! Best regards to all Germans. However, the greatest thanks belong here to Tomasz Rutkowski, who translated the entire transcription of the Polish language directly into German! Another thanks for the Russian translation goes to Dmitriy Kovchenko, who was responsible for the translation of the video about Gothic Sequel. Equally also great thanks go to Konstantin “tyson90” Kulichyov, who has translated transcription directly from Polish language to Russian! By the way, we invite all fans to observe our profile. Huge thanks to the team of Gothic Italia for Italian translation. Guys are making a great job under the leadership of Leonardo. As we had mentioned before, they are responsible for the translation of the projects such as Community Story Project, Quest Pack or Content Mod into Italian language. They are also responsible for the translation of our all video materials, and also the History of Khorinis in the future. Besides, they are probably bigger fans of Gothic than we are. The proof of this is the fact, that they even translated the documental movie about Andrzej Tomecki, who was associated with Polish version of the game! Dark — our team leader — visits Italy many times per year, so he invites you for a beer next time! We owe much to Darchy “Darko” Sojević for Serbian translation. Darko is a gifted graphic designer, who worked on the textures to gigantic Community Story Project for Gothic 3 many years ago. With his translation, our videos can be watched not only by Serbs, but also by all citizens from the former republic of Yugoslavia — Slovenians, Croats and Bosnians. Our big thanks goes to Filip “tonyskate” Richter for Czech translation, who is also a moderator on Many thanks to Iosif Alexandru and Mircrea Enache for Romanian translation, Micrea is also the author of English translation of the project called “Intrusion”. For Spanish translation special thanks goes to Carlos Fernandez, who is also a moderator on Lord Saradoc’s streams. Thanks to Uldis Gailis for Latvian translation. Best regards from Arkadiusz Woźniak and the History of Khorinis team. May Innos always watch over you!

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