Gordon Ramsay Eats Worms From a Cactus | Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted

[rock music] GORDON RAMSAY:
[inaudible],, you are crazy. OK.
(VOICEOVER): Over 30 years of working
as a chef has all been leading to this moment– catching a Peruvian
cactus worm with a lasso. Una, dos, tres. Ah. Yeah. [laughter] GORDON RAMSAY: Hey, Haresh. I’m going to kill you. You gotta get up here first. Oh, man. Oh! [laughter] Excuse me, that is not funny. Be careful. GORDON RAMSAY: This
is super dangerous. Uno, dos, tres. Oh! Yeah! [laughter] Si! Si, si, si! [inaudible] [speaking spanish] Hey, good job. [laughter] Look at that. Seriously? [bleep] [music playing] Going to be delicious. I’m proud of you. [inaudible] Ay, yay, yay. They’re like
giant caterpillars. How did he first
learn about these? [inaudible] Excellent. And how old were
you when you first started dangling off
the side of a cliff with your dad looking for worms? Six or seven. Amazing. I’m just going to get
them a little bit dry, just so it doesn’t crackle. OK, go. [sizzling] Whoa! [bleep] You OK? [laughter] Oh, bravo! [laughter] Thank you. GORDON RAMSAY: Stop it. [laughter] It’s like a– it’s like a crispy, uh– like a crispy cockroach. [laughter] [music playing] The taste was crispy
to begin with– fine. However, the inside? Nah. No bueno. But this is how they survived
so remotely– protein growing literally in a cactus. So an amazing secret,
and a big eye-opener.

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