Google — Year In Search 2018

It takes a few seconds I’ll
switch this one on. I will just say [In 2018, more than ever the world searched for midterms, wildfires, resilience, dissent, border…good] mummy talks…Alex, Alex, Alex hello you This is a miracle rescue, all 13 members of the [good things in the world] soccer team are out of the cave He turns into a superhero, set on feeding as many [good news] homeless people as possible. This election we’ve seen historic voter turnout. Vote! [how to be a good citizen] An all Asian cast. There’s nothing more
empowering [good things to watch] …right up and do it. Yes! [how to be a good singer] It’ll be all right. Yeah Yeah Yeah! Let the music play! [how to be a good dancer] new dance in the outfield will you marry me? [how to be a good kisser] You’re a Laurel too? [how to be a good listener] I was saying the word [how to be a good listener] Yanny And however difficult life may seem [what makes a good role model] while there is life, there is hope. Kids have the dreams, they just want to know that someone cares We got love for you, it’s only right, we gotta stick together [what makes a good friend] [what makes a good teacher] Don’t do it like that. Then how do you do it? [who’s a good boy] [good vibes] Welcome to the show Chloe Kim I love you so much. Los amo, gracias. [good things in life] They just proposed to each other Life is good. the world is filled with people doing
the best they can, you know, who love their kids and would like to live their
lives with a little dignity and hope just like everybody else [Good things are worth searching for.] [Search on.] [Google]

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