Google Prompt & FIDO Keys are supported in New Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer for macOS & Windows

Hello everyone and welcome our new Mac
Edition for ElcomSoft Cloud Explorer! The new version of ElcomSoft Cloud Explorer expands support for a two-factor authentication and adds
Google prompt and FIDO keys. Let’s try to access our test Google Account that uses
two-factor authentication with FIDO u2f security key. First we need to enter
Google ID and password and press ‘sign in’. We can also tick options to seve
credentials for future use or use tokens instead of password, if any are available. Since two factor authentication is
enabled, our program asks to provide a second security factor, in our case we
are going to use FIDO security key. Now we have successfully passed out
authorization. We can select data categories, we’d like to download.
Let’s choose ‘user info’. You’re welcome to download test version of ElcomSoft Cloud Explorer and try these features on your own! Thanks for watching!

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  • The new Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.0 expands support for Google’s Two-Factor Authentication by adding Google Prompt and FIDO Keys, including Yubico, to the list of supported authentication methods. In addition, a new Mac edition of Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer is now available for macOS users. Read more at our website:

  • wait … does this mean that knowledge of the target username's password and 2FA is required?

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