Google Music Search Feature

>>Music is a big part of our lives.
In fact, two of the top ten queries of all time are music related.
We think it’s time to bring the power of our search to the music industry so that you can
not only find but also discover music. From now on, when you search for an artist,
album, song or even a few lyrics on Google, you can quickly and easily find sites where
you can preview and purchase the songs. For example, suppose I heard a song the other
day with the lyric “Spin that record, babe.” Now, I can just type it in and find the song
I’m looking for– in this case, “Just Dance” by Lady GaGa.
Or, if I search for Green Day, the first result provides me links to Green Day’s most popular
songs. Click one of the links, and instantly a preview
of the song from one of our partners begins to play.
The player also provides links to buy or learn more about the song.
In addition to the streaming links, the new music results provide deep links to a number
of other top online music sites where you can discover new music.
So, for example, if I click on the link for “iMeem” in my current results, I’m taken directly
to iMeem’s page for Green Day. You also see new results if you search for
an album, like “Set This Circus Down” by Tim McGraw, and you can find specific songs by
adding the song name to your search. For example, when I search for Snoop Dogg’s
“Drop It Like It’s Hot,” I get a link to Snoop’s single.
Now you can find music on Google as quickly and easily as you can find everything else;
just search like you normally would. You don’t even need to know the name of the
song. Who knows, you might even discover music when
you least expect it. Happy searching!

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