Google Mobile App for iPhone

name’s Robert Hamilton, and I’m a Product Manager on
the Google Mobile Team. Today I’m going to show you the
latest version of a great new search tool. Google Mobile App is a free
application that gives you instant access to Google Search
on your iPhone or iPod touch, and helps you
get to other apps like Gmail and GOOG-411. Let me show you how Google
Mobile App makes searching the web easier than ever. When you start typing a search,
for example for baseball, you’ll get search
suggestions to help you find what you need quickly. If you’re looking for a specific
website, just start typing the name or
the web address. Once the URL appears in the list
of suggestions, you can tap to go directly
to the site. Search history lets you
search again from your previous queries. You can scroll through to
see relevant entries. You can also search through the
contacts on your phone. For those you call or text
regularly, Google Mobile App lets you quickly contact
them again. Just click on the phone
icon next to the name. Search with My Location makes
finding local businesses easier than ever. It automatically detects your
approximate location, and then displays search results
for nearby businesses in Google Maps. You can easily launch other
Google Mobile products like Gmail, News, and Maps from
the Explore page. Google Mobile App helps you get
more from the mobile web. To get started, visit the App
Store from your iPhone and search for Google Mobile App.

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