Google Dashboard

of Google products? Gmail? Maps? YouTube? Google Docs? Haven’t you ever wanted to just
go to one place and get a summary view of each Google
product you use when you’re signed in? Well, now you can with
Google Dashboard. Your Google Dashboard helps you
answer the question what does Google store
in my account. It summarizes data for each
product you use and provides you with direct links
to better control your personal settings. To find the Google Dashboard,
sign in to your Google account with your username
and password. Then go to the settings
menu and select Google Account Settings. Once you are in your Google
accounts page, you will notice a link that says Dashboard,
View data Stored with this account. When you click on the Dashboard
link, you will go to a second sign-in page. We will ask you to verify your
password again to ensure extra protection before we provide a
summary of the data associated with your Google account. Once verified, you’ll see your
Dashboard is organized according to the different
products you use. The Dashboard shows data
associated with your Google account, which means only
information you share with us as a logged-in user
is included. Let’s look at Gmail,
for example. The Dashboard shows you how many
messages you have sent and how many chats you’ve
participated in. And look how easy it is to
manage your personal preferences for Gmail. For example, if you click on
Manage chat history, you can go directly to our personal
settings page for chat history and change the option from Save
chat history to Never save chat history, all from
one central location. Let’s look at YouTube
as another example. For this product, your Dashboard
will show you profile information that you
provided to YouTube such as your username, your gender and
age, and your favorite videos and playlists. All the data in your Dashboard
is considered private and only viewable by you unless noted
by the Shared icon. We know how important it is to
give you control over your data in one place. And that is why we created
the Google Dashboard. Dashboard gives you more
transparency and control. You have options to delete
your data, change your settings, and more easily
control your overall user experience. So what are you waiting for? Try using Google Dashboard

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