Google Chrome: How To Fully Clear History

welcome to a tutorial on completely clearing your google chrome search and browsing history! lets begin. when your chrome is open, click on the menu button on the top right hand corner of the screen and then choose settings. in the settings window, click on advanced. in the advanced settings, scroll down until you see the privacy and security tab and the bottom of this tab you should see the option to clear browsing data. on the clear browsing data page, click on the drop down button and choose “the beginning of time” , this will delete all history since you started using chrome. now go down through the check marks and make sure that every mark is checked. when that is done click clear browsing data. it might take a minute or two to finish if you have a large history. once that is done all of your browsing history, searches, downloads and everything else will be deleted from chrome. if you found this tutorial helpful, please like the video, and subscribe for more tutorials!

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