Google Apps Vault – Search and Export

If your corporation,
school, or small business is using Google Apps,
Vault is the easiest way to give your organization the
tools needed to quickly respond to legal inquiries,
investigations, and requests for records. With Vault, your organization
can retain, search, and export email messages
and on the record chats. Vault also allows you to search
and export Google Drive files. One of the things you’ll
do most often in Vault is search for data. All information related to
an inquiry or investigation is stored in a container
called a matter. A matter keeps information from
one investigation from getting mixed up with another. I’ve already created a
matter called Very Important Investigation, so let’s open
that and search for some email messages. Vault lets you control
exactly how wide or narrow your search will be. You can leave all
settings blank and Vault will retrieve every message
from the Vault archive. But that’s not very useful. So we should refine
the search to find messages that contain just the
information we’re looking for. Vault lets you enter
email addresses or organizational units, a
date range, and search terms. For this search, I’m
concerned that employees are sharing information
about a secret new product. So I will search for
top secret widget. I don’t want to
see draft messages, so I will check Exclude
Drafts and then click the Search button. I know that several
of these employees are working on the new product. So most of these
emails are legit but Angie should not
know about the project. So I will go back and
search just for messages that she has sent. I can bring up the
Quick Search form and enter Angie’s email address. Now I only see messages
that Angie sent or received about our secret product. I can click to open the
message and see my search terms highlighted in the message. This message is exactly
what I’m looking for, so I click the Back button. Here, I’ll click
Save Query, which lets me come back later to
quickly repeat this search. This query is now
saved for whenever I want to come back
to Vault and search for more of Angie’s messages
about the secret product. Now I want to export
the messages from Vault, so that other people
in my organization, like HR, can review this
to see if there’s been a violation of company policy. After I give the
export a name, Vault begins processing the
files for download. Depending on how many
messages you are exporting, this task will take from several
seconds to several hours. Here are the files, ready for
download for further analysis. They contain message
contents, attachments, and the metadata linking
everything back to Angie. Once we’ve exported
Angie’s emails, I want to search
her Drive account to see what else she knows
about our new product. Wow. Not only does she have a copy
of our design specification, she also has a picture
of the new product. What if her laptop was stolen? Tech websites would love
to publish this stuff. Sorry about the pixelation. You didn’t think I was going
to leak our top secret product in this video, did you? I’m going to export
these files and have a talk with our team about
information security. In the meantime, you
can find out more about searching and exporting by
visiting the Vault help center. If you’d like to purchase Vault,
please contact your Google Apps sales representative.

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  • Remember, this is for Orgs, not for just time on your hands to spy on people.. ''Use Vault to manage, retain, search and export your organization's Google Apps data for your eDiscovery, compliance and legal needs. Here we show you how to do a quick search and export for Gmail and Google Drive content.

  • Employees stealing secrets? Surely there are much more typical examples to be used.

    For example, where an employees actions against a customer were in violation of company policy.

    Secrecy's lapses can't be so common that its a typical use case.

    If i could use vault to be able to detect the vast number of incorrect pieces of information presented to me by the various customer service agents surely that would be truly useful…

    Id encourage your team to be more mindful of the perceptions you present.

  • The video approach on the purpose of Vault is a bit childish I think ….

  • haha awesome video and vault seems pretty awesome too

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  • very useful i tested in my Google dev thanks

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