God of War: The Lost Pages of Norse Myth – All Pages from Myths and Legends Podcast with Subtitles

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  • 22nd February 2019 – Update: Good News! You have the ability to position the YouTube subtitles yourself. You can do this by dragging the subtitles to your preferred position via mouse or touchpad.

    26th August 2018 – Update: I have modified the English subtitles in this video. To get the updated version of the subtitles, go to Settings, then Subtitles and select "English – Version 2.1". I wish there was a way to position the updated subtitles, but unfortunately I do not know whether that can be done.

    Just writing to provide an update with regards to the subtitles. As mentioned at the beginning of this video, the subtitles are not 100% accurate.

    However, I would like to make sure that the subtitles can be at its best. While I cannot update and make ammendments on the subtitles of this video, I have implemented a new form of subtitles, using the YouTube subtitles functionality to resolve this matter. The subtitles are now available on the YouTube video settings.

    I have called the subtitles, "English V2", and I will continue to make updates on the subtitles until I believe it is all good. If anyone notices any mistakes or was able to identify uncertain words, please let me know and I can make the immediate changes to the subtitles. Thank you.

    Also, another update in terms of other languages that are being used in this video.

    While I have the subtitles in English, I do plan on bringing subtitles in different languages to this video as well. Please keep in mind that the translations are massively broken, so this is not the best translation I could provide to you.

    I only did this to provide more language options to other non-English speaking viewers and I hope you are able to understand the broken translations as well as enjoy this video.

    Languages added for the subtitles thus far:

    26th August 2018
    * English – Version 2.1
    * Arabic (Broken)
    * Filipino (Broken)
    * Finnish (Broken)
    * French (Broken)
    * Gujarati (Broken)
    * Hindi (Broken)
    * Icelandic (Broken)
    * Italian (Broken)
    * Polish (Broken)
    * Portuguese (Broken)
    * Punjabi (Broken)
    * Russian (Broken)
    * Tamil (Broken)
    * Telugu (Broken)

    30th July 2018 – Original Comment
    In this video, all episodes of the God of War Myths and Legends podcast will be shown with subtitles. Please make sure to read the important message at the beginning of this video, before proceeding further.

    Here is the link and timeframes for all the Lost Pages of Norse Myth:

    https://youtu.be/cA6oqhnr-Cg – First Lost Page: A Saga Borne of Ash

    00:31 – Second Lost Page: Odin and the Knowledge Keeper

    07:38 – Third Lost Page: And Only Rage Remained

    16:44 – Fourth Lost Page: The Dead Stone Mason

    28:26 – Fifth Lost Page: The Forging of Leviathan

    43:40 – Sixth Lost Page: A Call from the Wilds

    1:00:00 – Seventh Lost Page: The Sundering of Jötunheim

    1:11:17 – Eighth Lost Page: The First Great War

    1:24:58 – Ninth Lost Page: An Eye for an Eye

    With the First Lost Page having no narrations, I would like to hear your take on this Lost Page. Please drop a comment to provide your perspective on this Lost Page.

    In addition to this, what was your favourite Lost Page of Norse Myth that you have listened to in the Myths and Legends Podcast?

    I look forward to hearing from you 😀

  • So Odin is pretty much like Zeus and fears a prophecy that he is going to be killed so he killed his son Tyr. Same way zeus beat up Hephaestus and sent him to the underworld and also killed Kratos in gow2. Both are driven by fear

  • Thank you for this. Smite made me interested in Norse mythology, and God of War pushed it even further. This hard work of yours is a gem for me. You've earned a subscriber 🙂



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