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  • it,s because oh the Apostasy a wakenning

  • AMEN!!!!
    Great Message???
    God bless you Pastor your family Calvery family❤????

  • Thank you! For the encouragement

  • Jesus is Sufficient!

  • I ask why so many whys? We have had many difficulties & tragedy in our family but God's ways are higher than mine & His thoughts higher than mine & He says we can trust Him. If I cannot trust who He is & what He does then what is there to trust? Why is it my puny self needs to question a Holy God why? Who am I to question God. I will trust & not fear or ask why. He is in control.

  • I can not begin to tell you how thankful I am to my Saviour Jesus Christ for leading me to this website. I feel like I have been sitting in a Bible School where the truth is spoken clearly. There’s so much to learn and always something to apply to our lives in order to grow more like Christ. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Pastor Skip, I am always watching you from Brasil.
    I live in a city called Curitiba, and I teach the Bible at the Deaf Ministry. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the Bible with us. Everything that I learn with you I teach to my Deaf friends.
    Well, we live far far away from your church. But I want to meet you in Heaven and give you a big hug as gratitude. God bless you all!

  • New World Order incoming. Anything about that in this study?

  • Hi! I'm from the Philippines! I have a question. Where can I find all the Expound series on all the books of the Bible?

  • Am so grateful to be part of Skip’s flock?❤️

  • If God exists either he can't stop the virus or he chooses not to and watches people suffer and die. Those are the only two choices.

  • I pray you keep bringing such relevant messages for today, God bless you and keep you and your whole family safe and healthy,Amen????❤️

  • Thank you, Precious Brother. Because of you, I love the book of Leviticus. I owe you a hug when I see you in the kingdom. We are so going home soon…..Looking for that BLESSED HOPE. Aloha from Hawaii. JESUS told the church of Philadelphia, “I lay before you an OPEN DOOR”…. Saints, THIS could be, like never before, our OPEN door to witness to others. May GOD’s holy SPIRIT come upon ALL of us to be witnesses of our SAVIOR in word & deed. Even so, come, LORD JESUS.

  • Thank you so much for giving us hope and peace during this time especially my non-believing peers are very negative no matter how faithfully I tried to share the gospel they were very tough and I got discouraged and disappointed by the negativity… need the courage to move forward

  • Watching from India. Greetings. Thank you for your service.

  • Thank you Ptr Heitzig!so blessed and thankful to God for using your life to spread His Word.Keep safe always.God bless you and your family…watching here from Abu Dhabi , UAE

  • God has his purpose for future for all of us through this pandemic. Even though we think that we don't need God because we're technologically advanced but in the sight of God we are far from God.

  • Beautiful explanation from you dear pastor. Hopefully millions of viewers will be benefited from it.

  • THANK YOU Skip, this message was so UPLIFTING!!!!!! I took lots of notes, now I pray to do "my part" as the body of Christ.

  • Shalom Skip,Amen God is in Total Control Amen.

  • AMEN ❤️

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