Global History Lab

Hello I’m Jeremy Adelman and I’m a
professor of history at Princeton University and I’d like to welcome you
to the world’s first Global History Lab This is a course that I’ve been teaching
for many years at Princeton University that examines the history of the world
from 1300 to the present. We’ll be looking at some key themes in the
history of the world such as the forces that integrate the world and divide the
world, interactions around economic cultural and religious dynamics,
to look at, in a sense, the history of globalization. How do we know about the past?
How do we know what events, and processes and history look like to
actors in other places and other times? More than absorbing history, we are going
to ask you to learn by applying historical knowledge to help you apply the craft of history,
we, as a team of graduate students and I, have been working to pull together case study materials that will invite you to examine
specific events, actors and processes in the past. These labs are what is most
innovative about this course. They will ask you to examine, in a collaborative
way, these case studies. Students will be joining individual teams
to work over sets of problems and in the end we will be asking you to answer
challenge questions that will invite you to post your thoughts online for other students
to read and to comment on. One example of a challenge question is to ask you
to analyze the role that disease played in the wake of Columbus’ discovery of the
Americas, and the role that health and infectious diseases play in global
history. This year we are dedicating a new series of case studies to the history of statelessness and refugees How did the formation of empires, states
and warfare create displaced peoples, and what are the historical origins of
our current global refugee crisis? To contribute to our understanding, we will welcome learners from camps in Kenya and Jordan, where teams made of displaced
peoples from South Sudan, Sudan and Somalia, and from Camp Azraq,
and from Amman in Jordan where Syrians have been fleeing
the conflict in their homeland. They will join us to share their historical
lessons and insights.

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