Giving Life to Cities: Digital History and the Rebuilding of Munich

Hey Hayden. What’s up? Oh hey. Come here. I’m just researching how and in what ways
German architects, citizens, and urban planners re-built the beautiful city of Munich. Re-built? Yeah, come check it out. Munich was bombed in the Second World War. In fact, much of it lay in ruins. Therefore, it had to be re-built. It is an important case study, since so much
local history was devastated, while many citizens were left without their homes and businesses. This is a phenomenon that unfortunately continues
around the world today. I also think it is important to see how cities
morph and evolve just like biological organisms. Cities really can take on a life of their
own. How are you going to do the research? Well, as a historian I can expect to spend
many long hours in the archives. In this case, looking up blueprints of Munich
city blocks, and newspaper articles. Perhaps more exciting, I’ll be using technology
like ArcGIS and Google Earth Pro to visualize and map how Munich re-built. Cool. With this project, I’ll contribute a key
piece of research on how cities evolve and adapt. Did I mention I’ll be spending my spring
and summer in Munich? Prost!

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