Give Up Your Search History or Give Up Your Rights! – The Legal Brief

Welcome back to The Legal Brief, the show
where we CRUSH the various legal myths and misinformation surrounding various areas of
the gun world. I’m your host Adam Kraut and today we’re going
into private browsing mode, because we don’t want New York to know what we’re looking at! Last month, New York State Senator Kevin Parker
introduced legislation that would add more government to the already over governed New
York gun owner. His proposed law would require social media
and search engine reviews prior to the approval of an application or renewal of a license
to carry or possess a pistol or revolver. Yea, you heard me right. If we weren’t living in 1984 we’re running
at it full speed. The bill would alter the current application
for a license to carry or possess a pistol or revolver. In short, it would add a provision that the
applicant consents to have his or her social media accounts and search engine history reviewed. So that begs the all important question, what
does this “review” entail? The investigating officer will be authorized
to search the applicant’s social media for the previous three years and search engine
history for the previous year. They’ll be able to look for posts or searches
related to 1) commonly known profane slurs or biased language use to describe the race,
color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability
or sexual orientation of a person, 2) anything related to the threat of the health or safety
of another person, 3) acts of terrorism, or 4) and this is the scary one, any other issue
deemed necessary by the investigating officer for the purposes of the law. That one is pretty much carte blanche. Senator Parker defined social media accounts
to mean facebook, snapchat, twitter and instagram. He only included google, yahoo and bing when
defining what a search engine was. So if you use Duckduckgo, you’re in luck! Clearly this proposed bill poses a number
of concerns in relation to an individual’s first and second amendment rights. And that’s ignoring some potential fifth and
fourteenth amendment issues. As I mentioned before, the ability of the
investigating officer to look for “any other issued deemed necessary” is not only scary,
but completely ambiguous. So to recap, there is a Senator in New York
who thinks it should be required that you turn over your social media and search engine
history to purchase or carry a firearm. Better lay off those memes. Currently, this is sitting in committee with
no vote scheduled. While a lot of nonsense does make its way
through the legislature in New York, it’s hard to guess as to whether this will grow
legs or simply die. That’s it for this episode, if you have learned
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  • Tell nypd to go get f*cked !

  • Rights aren't given up…They either Voted away or Taken/ One Question I must ask, Is the very moment any officer attempts to confiscate your legal firearm (I.E)
    door to door searches, are they police any longer or something else? Serious question.

  • They better not read my Youtube comments…

  • Woah…unbelievable.

  • …as of now in trying to get it passed the say a 3 year history…who doesn’t know that if passed that background search would almost instantly Change to ALL search history as far back as possible…?

  • Shared on Twitter and Parler News.

  • Lol, out founding fathers would have hung most of congress. – Bet that qualifies me for hate speech.🙄 How do they sleep at night knowing they underminded our founders? Betrayed the people and their oaths?

  • I wonder how many of the people who compare our society to 1984 have actually read it.

    In 1984 it was only the Outer Party, comprising about 13% of the population that was under constant surveillance.
    In our world, the SJWs and social media would be the Outer Party. Constantly monitoring society for any behavior or expression that violates the party doctrine. And being under constant surveillance themselves for any transgressions.

    The majority of the population, The Proles, were by the standards of their society, relatively free. They weren’t under constant surveillance. They were of course monitored to ensure they didn’t pose a threat to the party, but they were too docile and content with their lot to ever rise up and overthrow the system.

    The majority of our population are Proles. They’re fat and happy, content with their high-tech toys and easy lives. To them rights are intangible things, ideas that don’t really matter and they won’t miss them when they’re gone. And while the Proles weren’t surveilled, most Americans don’t need to be as they voluntarily give away a great deal of information through social media. Spying on us is redundant.

    In 1984 it was Big Brother that gathered information on the people, but we have a lot of Little Brothers doing the same thing: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft etc. And we aid and abet them.

    Unlike Oceania, the United States has a significant minority that aren’t complacent cattle and they do pose a threat to authoritarianism. That minority is well armed with guns but not so much with knowledge.

  • 4th Amendment: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

  • What septic tank do these anti gun freaks keep slithering out of?

  • So at least in NY no one could call me a “tranny gimp”?! I really am trans, and a paraplegic due to a HALO parachute jump when I was in Special Forces.

    But honestly, this is NUTS, no pun intended. Isn’t this a violation of the 4th Amendment and possibly 1st Amendment right to free speech? Not to mention the obvious 2nd Amendment and probably a few others.


  • Yes NY I beat my meat like it owes me money. Did you really need a law to discover that? If you want to pass a law how about this one. Lets make it mandatory for a politician to sit through a year long class covering an analysis of the exact words, their meanings and history of the US constitution. That is provided you have the ability to read and know what a dictionary and real encyclopedia is.

  • DemoRats will never stop trying to find ways to erode our Constitution!

  • This violates several other amendments not just the second holy shit 🤨

  • Another city asshat " protecting" the people. I would want the password of the officer investigating and the judge that will issue the permit. And by the way, the judge of his county doesn't issue conceled carry. So the cards are stacked against you, and seeing the NRA doesn't do shit , I won't get my permit. We need ya, Adam.

  • That sounds like a BIG VIOLATION of the U.S CONSTITUTION, but hey what's one more.  They have walked all over all of them as it is.

  • Glad I live in Florida!

  • DuckDuckGo doesn't record your search history, so yeah, very good for us!

  • Just fuck them, fuck them!!!! In fact fuck that black bastard!!!!! How about that for some search history?????

  • Does anyone have the phone number of the Hillary Clinton hard drive cleaner? Or maybe an email address?

  • Why these tyrannical politicians aren’t dropping dead yet is beyond me. It’s long overdue. The second amendment is worthless if not utilized as intended.

  • So now the government wants you to chose between the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendment and lose the rest.
    Last time I checked I get to have and use all of them by being a lawful tax paying citizen of America.

  • I'm bout to say "fuck it, let's riot harder than France". If they want to fucking hold my fucking language fucking against fuckin me, fuck them and fuck the fucking bill, fuck their laws fuck fuck fuck… fuck. I hope fuck they get fuck the fucking fuck point fuck.
    I'm tired of this nonsense, the worlds gonna end soon anyway, an I'm ready to run towards it with how hard the world leaders want to strip our rights

  • Adam, you forgot the fourth amendment there forced consent foregoing a search warrant! good fucking luck to them i'm only on Google on that list and good luck getting me to tell them anything but fuck off Adolf!!! exactly how are they going to know where to look without you telling them what your on!!!!!

  • Holy shit only one dislike?

  • 1st amendment, 2nd amendment,4th amendment… Shit on… Seems like a great time to remove that guy from office.

  • #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

  • 80% AR-15, 80% Glock, Reloading equipment bought with cash… 😉 If you don't resist you might as well let all your rights disolve.

  • Am I the only one here that thinks racist remarks shouldn't bar you from a gun? I think it's morally wrong sure but that's the 1st amendment and we can't pick and choose what it protects nor should we.

  • Might as well implement chinas social point system. Liberals literally want control to tell you if you can wipe your ass. Liberals like those laws because they have no idea how to wipe their own ass.

  • My question is what if you don't have a socal media account? Or, for some older folks, don't have/use a computer/internet?

  • Greetings from Kentucky: If I hadn't heard of this Orwellian bill from you I would have disregarded it as a complete and total fiction. Coming from you however, makes this a much more serious matter and one to be watched with an eagle eye. Thanks as always for the heads up. Keep up the good fight.

  • Hey, New Yorkers, Murica, here; say the word, we'll be there.

    How's that, gov? Scared yet?

  • But Adam, I couldn't find the shirt you are wearing…..

  • Just close your accounts and erase all of it. Simple.

  • Everyone needs to leave social media anyway.

  • I wonder what Kevin Parker’s definition of “tyranny” or “oppression” is.

  • NY:Uses "Media Snooping"
    NY Resident:Uses Incognito Mode with VPN combo.
    NY:Passes Out

  • BUT Its (Insert Current Year Here)
    and we have to do something!

    Why would people vote for us again if we didn't do something.
    Even writing Bill's for laws we know will never pass committee just to say we did something.We could instead be fixing real problems like corruption,drug abuse,infrastructure,etc but Nope.

  • It will die on the vine.

  • All the more reason for those that live in New York state to get out while you have the freedom to do so!

  • Well, NY, I’m pretty sure that’s called invasion of privacy. Also there’s cool pics of paper called the Constitution, pretty sure they don’t care about the law anyway.

  • Better go back and delete so shit..

  • When are we going to organize an armed march on DC seriously I’m beyond done with this shit it’s time the 2nd amendment community put our foot down. We have surrendered right after right after right and gotten nothing for it a compromise means both parties get something of equal value example I’ll give up bump stocks ONLY in exchange for passing the SHARE act that’s a compromise

  • We live in interesting times. God help us all.

  • The last podcast has yet to be post on TGC surplus.

  • I like that duckduckgo actually shows me what I searched for, and not what some google programmer wanted me to see in relation to what I searched for

  • Amazing, Cuomo would sign that in a nano second!

  • I seen this movie…it's called the minority report…better get the Beretta 2000s

  • This is all based on trust I have a perfectly clean computer that has never ever even had a single titty on it search it all you want…. but my five other tablets old cell phones other electronic devices you don't even know about…

  • I liked having the info but I disliked that any politician would violate our rights so badly. And I’m not talking about gun rights, I’m talking about 1st, 4th, 5th and privacy rights.

  • Mr. Parker is just one tyrant in a long list of tyrants. The word tyrant is starting to be a cliché. When do we perform our civic duty to stop tyranny?

  • Please stop using the phrase “begs the question”. You are using it wrong. It means that you are assuming the thing you are trying to prove. e.g. Only men should be allowed to be bullfighters because all bullfighters have be men in the past.

  • Great video. NYC like many other areas in the U.S is a police state. The local government wants to keep people afraid and dependent on government for everything. Very little freedoms enjoyed by people that empower them as American citizens. Illegal searches, tapped phone calls, internet browsing over sight just to name a few. It's almost like living in Russia. The reason why people stay is because of the jobs and money.

  • The Izzy meme was fantastic 😂

  • Well I guess we’ll just get our American patches ready because this is definitely now nazi America sounds like Americans need to put foot to ass of these political bozos

  • So why do you live in New York?

  • Fuck this

  • Lots of stuff comes up,,very little of it passes,,your more smoke and mirrors with little substance,, throwing out click bait BS,,racism is not nor ever has been a deterrent for anything let alone gun ownership..please, find some important real issues to talk about and stop the crap, find another way to sell dumb t-shirts and gun accessories available everywhere…

  • If you want to live in the beautiful state that is New York, with modest taxes that only take 50% of your gross pay overall, and with a grand per capita income of 19,000 to live this lavish lifestyle, you must concede that you are under the government's protection, and anything Herr Cuomo decides is good for you. And all government is good government. Herr Cuomo knows best for you. We will provide you with anti-overdose drugs and "safe spaces" to do your opiates in because we want you to live a life in bliss. Who needs guns when our government so perfectly meets our needs?

  • So anyone can create a FAKE profile to slip pass that law or worse yet, idiots can just post racist and violent shit on your media pages to get you in trouble from owning your constitutionally protected right to own firearm simply because they don’t agree with it.

  • Holly cow! New York just "one upped'" California & New Jersey! 🙁

  • Someone needs to invent NPC accounts for sale?

  • Is there some kind of "common sense" filter being used in the water being supplied to NY's capital building?? I mean cmon, really?

  • Never forget that right now New York is infringing on Gunnar Hassards right to free speech by charging him with a felony even though he never called for violence or illegal activity.

    Also: Stop paying Israel $38 billion dollars and we could afford several walls, including one around leftist states.

  • Still my favorite channel.

  • You forgot the 4th ammendment?

  • So now my freedom of speech is effected? They’re trying to silence gun owners by having them delete their accounts

  • Search histroy lol mostly pourn.

  • Way past time for citizens of America to unite and use the 2nd Amendment what is was intended for and take back our country by lethal force.

  • Every town and MDA ads are being targeted to your videos FYI

  • I guess I shouldn’t be here 😂

  • Clearly swearing an Oath to uphold the constitution is just a talking point to these tyrants. We The People need to hold these crooks accountable for treason or lose our beloved country and freedoms forever!

  • Cool, I only have a Facebook account for the fact that I have friends whom I can't talk to otherwise. (Overseas)
    I don't have Twitter, Snapchat, and haven't used Instagram in probably 3 years.
    Good luck FINDING 3 years of post history.

  • Let's see the social media history and search history of this senator! See if there's any brown Supremacy in there anything anti-white. You know this law will only be used against white people.

  • Okay 1984 CALM THE FUCK DOWN. This is none of their fucking business. New York needs to be evacuated and bulldozed

  • That is not terrifying or anything like that. He needs to be recalled. Vote of no confidence. This bill is insane and he must be removed from power.

  • Oh sheeesh… I'm on a BDSM site .. that'd probably count for something.

  • Totally… insane. Like, Colonel Kurtz exterminate-the-nabobs insane. As in, “Very obviously, New York has gone totally insane.” 😶

  • Furiously searching 'Kevin Parker criminal history'.

  • How do they know if you have the internet or not?

  • Crazy. I'd see more people buying guns there at private sale (government tested and approved or not) if that BS passes. Just not worth all the government hassle, is it?
    Then again, if a gun has spots of blood on it, has the serial scraped off or mixed parts that don't improve function or form, if there's a bag of drugs in the trunk near the gun you're buying, you might want to leave that alone. Further, if the seller is wearing an ironed suit, completely clean and nice-looking polo, T, tank or buttoned up shirt or with khakis, regular fit blue jeans or something that looks like a buzzed or fade haircut and maybe well-trimmed facial hair, if not clean-shaven face, be wary of unlawful police activity. After all, these "gun control laws", if/when enforced, would count as infringement upon the 2nd Amendment right of the people, and therefore the Federal offense of Title 18 US Code Section 242 in most cases.
    A crime is a crime, no matter who commits it. "Citizens arrest" in States that allow it (about 42) might be necessary. Other States and territories? Well, I'm sorry to say you're at your government's and neighbors' mercy unless and until a majority of the States are reformed and pressure the remaining minority of States to follow suit or get criminalized by the Feds.

  • That said, I'd share if they do. Fair's fair. NY won't win if they bring that BS here. I'd buy a gun cheap from the trunk of a sketchy dude's clunker in a dark alley in true Hollywood fashion. 2A all the way. Besides, if you buy guns through criminals anyway, why not buy from 1 who's honest about it, better deals than another group of criminals let you buy?

  • Shame on these politicians and shame on these tech companies for making this a possibility

  • You missed S9197 … take a look into that one, too. Don't be lazy.

  • Pseudonyms, vpn’s are wonderful things

  • They have been chipping away gun rights for years like giving a person a felony and demonize the word so people buy into it you can get a felony just for a cop saying you lied to him now they went from a small hammer to a jack hammer and it's just gonna get worse

  • Ny blows

  • So if you called any of your highschool friends faggots (who didn't?), you can't have any guns?

    We need a concrete all-or-nothing ruling on the First and Second Amendments. The Judiciary is out-of-control.

  • What if you have multiple devices, phone, tablet, computer, as well as a living room computer that multiple people use? Would you be responsible for everyone’s browser history that lives with you?

  • So use sites like A tunnel or the dark web? Go across state lines to buy a laptop? Set up a remote laptop at someone's house across state lines?
    I don't think you should be a bigot or threaten people on principal, but it's none of their business.
    Can you argue your old posts were sarcastic?

  • You can barely buy a rifle or shotgun in new york state this is just another way to take away privacy

  • So I live in NY, and pistol permits are all county based. One of my co workers lives in Colonie the neighboring town to me has a similar law like this. In order to apply for a permit you have to meet with a detective at the police station. And they give you a computer and tells you to log into your Facebook account. My co worker at the time didn’t have a Facebook account and he was belittled by the detective. He felt like he was being interrogated. At the end of it all the detective searched for his name and reviewed everyone that came up. And they went as far to look at each family member to verify that he didn’t have an account. He wished he knew of this because he would have made an account just to appease the detective. He did not pass the “social media” back round. And later moved to county where he could get a pistol permit. What shitty times we live in.

  • The 4th reasoning is a violation of the 4th amendment, and the rest is a violation of privacy.

  • dont worry. big brother would NEVER violate your natural rights. you can trust big brother.

  • The newest law they are trying to pass in NY is a million dollar liability insurance mandate for all gun owners. At the same they work on the side to disrupt or bankrupt any company that would offer that type of insurance.

  • So they want to demolish the 1st and 4th amendments while going after the 2nd, eh? Have I got that about right?!?

  • im gonna use duckduckgo from now on

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