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Hello everyone, today would be a good day to make a video , but tomorrow I have a question of history and I have to talk about a city at will , I chose to talk about this city , whose name is Noto with precision , in fact I was reading this book i’ve got an idea , why do not we go to visit Noto personally ??? I decided to make a video reviewing the history , … how about you let’s go …. We arrived at the Porta Reale it marks the entrance into the heart of the city as well as the beginning of the main street. It was built on the extreme we arrived at the stern side of the public garden, to welcome the visit to Noto of the king Fedinand II of Bourbon in 1838. Now listen to what the guide has to say Now we are in Corso Vittorio Emanuele , where we will arrive at the Church of S. Francesco all’Immacolata It rises over a small building space together with two other buildings; the monastery of S. Chiara and the monastery of SS. Salvatore. The Church stands at the top of a solemn and magnificent staircase made up of three flights of steps; the one closest to the road were added at a later stage when, in 1840, the level of the road was lowered of about two metres. Now let’s listen to our guide of what he has to say , but did he study good?? well, well , then our guide studied We arrived at the Church of S. Chiara, the architect of this Church was Rosario Gagliardi, between the 1688 and 1762. Externally, one may see, on the window which is situated on the northern side of the church, some baroque decorations which do seem to be quite in harmony with the bass-reliefs of the tower. We arrived at the Cathedral was built at the centre of the city, and it rise at the top of a grand, three-flighted, staircase. The staircase seems to drive the main square into two large semi-circular spaces. The costruction of the building started immediately after the earthquake of 1693, and was completed in 1770. well, now let’s listen to our guide of what he has to say We arrived at Palace DUCEZIO it is the seat of the Municipality and it is situated in front of the Cathedral so to signify the connection between the two powers; the of the state, and that of the Church. Here we are at war memorial behind it we have the College Church it is named so becaused after the former College of the Jesuits which is next to it. In reality, it should be called the Church of S. Carlo Borromeo, The Church stands on the main street and was built between 1736 and 1746, for some it was built by Vincenzo Sinatra and others from Rosario Gagliardi. We arrived in Nicolaci Street, every year at the third Sunday of May, there is the famous INFIORATA , for three days the Nicolaci Street becomes a wonderful scenery a triumph of flowers of lively colours a polychrome carpet that represent year after year scenes inspired by different themes: religion, mythology, culture, cinema etc etc. here we are at the Nicolaci Palace, plan is by Rosario Gagliardi but Vincenzo Sinatra also took part in the works as a sculptor. It is situated on the road which bears the same name and which is the most evocative in Noto because, besides being embellished by marvellous corbels which are allegorically sculptured, and which support the six balconies whith thick iron grating, it is also embellished by the Church of Montevergine We are at the Montevergine Church The architect of this work was Vincenzo Sinatra from Noto. The construction commenced towards1695 but the Church was not open to the public until 1762 July 3, as inscribed on the entrance porch. We arrived at the lodge of the market it is located at the street behind the building Rocco Pirri Nicolaci Villa D’orata and housed in a large open space square here there was the seat of the a beautiful ancient market Netino meat and fish shops fishmongers and butchers were located in 12 small rooms covered by wrought iron balcony in the middle of the open space of the loggia paved with river stones there is a small stone fountain white iblea to lodge the market every year we organize art exhibitions and cultural festivals and small concerts according to the event in question We arrived at the S. Domenico Church, Built on a plan by architect Rosario Gagliardi, between 1700 and 1730, it is the pure manifestation of Noto’s baroque, the Church is situated on the highest part of Square XVI Maggio, thus dominating the whole scene however this is the theater of wonders As we can see here at the centre of the gardens, between two very tall fir-trees, one may see a characteristic pond with a fountain, upon which, towards 1790, a statue of Hercules was placed. It represents the hero, resting after having killed the lion Nemeo, But for citizens of Noto is the power. This is the old Cathedral of Noto The old intelligence collected water with tiles This is ex monastery of S. Tommaso of 1720 where here it was filmed a scene of ” Montalbano ” This is the palace of the family Impellizzeri of St. James this trip ends here I hope you enjoyed this video, leave a like, share my videos and then enroll your friends, a kiss and see each other on my next video Well I hope that I’m prepared well for the interrogation of tomorrow , and I recommend you to go personally to visit the city of Noto because it will wrap you with it’s monumental and will involve you in the history of the world , a kiss Noto and we’ll see each other on my next video.

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